Jenny Voorhees


It was a warm summer night my family had gone on a trip to Crystal lake I herd that a masked murder by the name of Jason Voorhees lived in these woods. I was lost in thought when I saw a tall dark shape about 6ft tall with a machete. I’m dead I thought to my self. But there was something special about this shape it was not one of a man but one of a woman. She looked tall and curvy.I tied to run but I fond my self walking towards her. As I got closer I realized that she had long Brown hair , had a backpack that had the words “Camp Crystal lake” printed on it and a mask identical to Jason’s she looked bloody. Her clothes were ripped. She also looked wet. Before I knew it I was feet away from the masked murder. She looked young in her mid teens. I got closer and closer. She stared to run away. She left a note behind it sed on it I’m Jenny and run. I did as the note sed and ran out of the forest. Some say that if you go into the woods at night you will witness the Jenny Voorhees. Police looked for her and has fond a lot of evidence that just ends but apparently she is the daughter of the masked murder Jason and all murders under the name of Slashers have kids I’m the only one who knows this she often gives me notes maybe one day we will now the past of this teen murder. But for now if you see her run. She attracts others , I’ve herd of many story about this she-devil if she is even that she seems kind and smart. But apparently the teen of the night killed over 30 people in each state. She is really living up to her last name ” Voorhees”. She has defeated many horror charters like when she was ten she battled the Sender man and many other Creepypastas. Along with many Slashers and most recently Alfred Kruger, Freddy Kruger’s son. These new horror charters are called The New generations. Jenny’s full name is Jennifer Austin Voorhees she is joined by her twin brother Justin Austin Voorhees wich is just a short male version of Jenny.  Jenny has been burnt, drowned, stabbed and shot and that doesn’t stop her.She is inhumane but she is kind at hart that is made of stone. I just know she is . She didn’t kill me , Yet. She’s brutal,unkillable, cold but most of her victims has been males raging from there mid teens there  Early  twenties. How she kills them beats me I know. That some times she uses her machete but that is not all ways the case. There has been reports of crushed skulls to there faces just being ripped off. But all we know now is that if you see this killer you better run. But maybe you’ll be lucky like me and be able to tale the tale of Jenny Voorhees.

  • Brooke

    Add my on sc: b_tessmer

  • Alexia Steveson

    This is an ok story but there are several spelling and grammar errors.

  • Triple X ZombiE

    Terrible. Doesn’t make any sense and the grammer and spelling errors are just annoying. Sorry for the harsh comment….

  • Jack

    Be can’t kill slender or any of those you name would be killed by Jeff.

  • Simon

    I love how the story ended halfway through and you just kept rambling on about your “Friday the 13th” Marry Sue OCs. Oh wait, I don’t.

  • Urang Leo

    She’s wet huh

  • Fox

    Worst sorry but slender would have killed her and smile dog would be her master.

    • SnipergirlXL

      Are you sure about that slashers have been over creepypastas for awhile so I would think that a slashers kid would be just as strong

  • mark

    Good idea, but bad englishing XD