It Wasn’t Me

The leaves on the tree blew as the wind begun to take place outside of my apartment. I was in my bedroom, it had blue tinted walls, grey carpet, a large window, and a bed covered in a red stain. The stain that were red was from my wife or what used to be her. There was a person across the bed who had a sharp blade that glimmered from the sun shining ever so brightly outside my window. I know who it was but at the time I could not know.

I was frozen from fear while my stomach felt as if it was twisting and turning. It felt like every passing seconds was hours. Once I gain control and wasn’t frozen anymore it had already moved and now was inches away from the spot I was standing. I dashed towards the door to escape this hellish nightmare that took place in front of me but it has already made it to the door before I had moved and the only other exit was the window.

I was only on the first floor so the only thing stopping me was the window, I ran as quickly as I could and jumped crashing through the window. When I looked back I saw it waving goodbye and on the wall there was writing that said, “I will see you soon.” After that I puked all that I had ate that day and ran as quickly as I could away from the place that use to be my house. It’s been a month since it happened and everyone calls me crazy and that I did it but I know that what I saw wasn’t my imagination tricking me. The person who has done it still hasn’t been found and my wife’s head was missing from her corpse.

It’s been six years and I have almost got over what happened I guess I will just have to wait. I woke up hastily and I saw it but this time it left something behind which stated:

Hello my good old pal! I don’t know if you remember me but I was your friend in high school. Everyone said that I was imaginary and told you I wasn’t real but you still talked to me until you started to date her. You forgot about me which really hurt but I thought when we last met why don’t I prove to your wife that I am real, that I am not just an imaginary friend that you can just forget about because you don’t need me anymore. Hopefully now you see that I am more than real. If you want to see what I am now just go to the old shed we use to play at!

-Charly C.

After reading it I had to go, for her, for revenge. I started to get packed which took longer than expected but I packed a gun, extra ammo, a knife, and money for a bus ticket to get there. The bus dropped me off at the nearest bus stop which was a few blocks down from my parents house. I went to the woods to be greeted with a foul stench which was foreshadowing me to leave but I needed to do this.

The first thing that I spotted was a sign that had written on it “The fun has just started” over the original text. As I pass through the woods I saw three things that made me stumble back and cry but I didn’t. I had to continue on or else I will not be satisfied of my hunger for revenge.

The first thing I saw was my dead cat that I had when I first started high school. His name was chase because he always wanted attention and be chased. He had dark fur and patches of white fur all over him, he always was joyful and happy but died from falling in a nearby river and drowned. The next thing I saw was a picture, the picture was the remains my wife when she was murdered by it. She looked as if she was happy but her throat, wrist, and ankles were all badly cut and her stomach was the worst part. Her insides were all ripped out covering most of her. I wanted more than anything to just kill it.

The last thing I saw was the worst. Sitting on a small wooden desk from school was my wife’s head, but her face looked as if she has been screaming non-stop for the pass six years. The blood also wasn’t dry, as if the head has just been chopped off the body. At this point all I wanted to do was torture it, I want to see the pain on it’s face. I was filled with anger, sadness, revenge, and any other negative feelings.

Once I arrived at the end of the trail I saw an old shed that I use to go to that was abandoned but now looks like as if it was occupied. I slammed the door open shocked at what I saw. There was a glass mirror with which had found me written on it.

  • Bonnie Manz

    It would really help your story along if you can take the time to edit this.

    • Puzzlick

      I did but it probably didn’t help that I was tired and some parts while reading I put words in my head that weren’t in the story so I though I put them there..

    • Puddin Tane

      I highly agree. I couldn’t get through the first paragraph before giving up. It is very frustrating when I have to edit in my head as I am reading. Not worth my time.