It Just Kept Snowing

It rarely snows here in England. But a few weeks ago, there was a massive blizzard. Roads were blocked, tube stations were blocked, no one could go anywhere. So school was closed. To say I was delighted would be an understatement, I was exhilarated. I had a lot of free time on my hands. My parents were going to be out of town as well.

The first day I was home alone, I did nothing all day. Just played my Playstation a bit and looked out from my bedroom window. Something felt odd about my neighbourhood. Yes, there was snow; that made everything look different. However, the streets were empty. Maybe it’s because of the snow. Yes, thats it! It’s because of the snow!

A quick description of my neighbourhood. A road splits two rows of houses. The street is usually pretty lively. People walking down the pavement from left and right. Cars driving down the road.

Now it’s been a week. Still, my neighbourhood looks empty. And it feels empty.
I decided to go to the shops for some snacks. The shops are right around the corner of the street. As I was walking down the pavement, I saw something. Very far away from the shops, near a small park where I go with my friends every summer, was a humanoid looking figure. I walked towards the park, as haven’t seen any human life since my parents left. However, as I got closer to the park, the humanoid figure didn’t really look human anymore. The creature was as white as the snow, kind of camouflaging It. Its “hands” were bigger than Its legs. Though Its hands looked like sticks protruding out of Its arms. Its legs were the same as Its arms, sticks protruding from legs. Though the legs were so small that the creature had to bend and walk around a bit like a gorilla. It had a body of a human. It looked terrifying. I slowly turned around to walk away, but tripped on something. As I fell onto the snow, I tasted it. The snow tasted like blood. Even though there was no blood. I looked at what I had tripped over. Nothing. The creature was gone as well.

It’s been three days since that incident. My parents should be home by now. Maybe they aren’t home because of the snow. I mean, it’s still snowing. Food is also beginning to run out. I’ve been thinking about the incident. What if I imagined the creature? What if I just imagined about the taste of blood? I don’t even know anymore. I don’t know what to do. And where are my parents? Are they coming home? Are they near the town?

It’s been four weeks since my parents left. Something strange happened as I was talking with my friend over the phone (I did that every day since my parents left, I even told him about the incident) my phone was interrupted by a short broadcast, labelled [EMERGENCY]. The broadcast said this:
‘All residents of Oakerpool are to stay indoors no matter the urgency. Close all blinds and doors and do NOT go outside.’
I did what the person had told me to do. After I did all of that, I called my friend back. I asked him if that had happened to him as well. He responded with
‘Yeah, that was strange. It also happened on my TV.’

It’s been so long since my parents left. It just keeps snowing. I think I can see those creatures walking around the neighbourhood. All power is gone. I don’t know what to do. I can sometimes hear a faint scratching noise outside my backdoor. I can also hear what I think is screaming coming down the road once in a while. My friend is not picking up his phone when I call him. Nor are my parents. I have to get out of here. I can clearly see the creatures now. There are more than a dozen patrolling the neighbourhood. I’ll run to the nearest town. If I don’t write after this, that means I’m probably dead.

I’m still alive! And I made it to the town!

No. No. No. No. No.No.
There are so many of them here. These creatures. I managed to escape to a church. There are at least thirty people with me in the church. They have plenty of food. Thats the good thing. The bad thing is that it still hasn’t stopped snowing. And the creatures have surrounded the chruch. They all look hungrily at us. I got a closer look at their face. Their face has no nose, razor sharp teeth with no lips, and dark, bloody eyes.
I just want these creatures gone. And the “snow.” I want it gone as well.

The creatures are gone. At least we thought they were. We decided to go outside to get supplies. But as we did, they attacked. We were powerless against them. They killed – No, they tortured – many of us. Me and three other people fled to the church. We can hear them, crashing into the door. Soon, they’ll break it down. They’ll torture and kill us. But if I somehow survive, I’ll write. But if I don’t, to whoever will find my Notebook, please get the hell out of England.

  • Alissa Isley

    Thanks now every time it snows imma have trust issues =-=

    • Sierraa

      right. and it’s supposed to snow Wednesday and Thursday and I live in the middle of no where. I’m gona start thinking the coyotes are something else out to get me.

    • Chris

      Lol sameee

  • minty_00

    i like how it’s actually based off of the snowstorm in england and because i can relate because i live there

  • Nooobi

    Cool short story.

  • Aly Greg

    mysteries always gets me.

  • Chris

    Good shirt story u should make a series bout this.