It Came From The Roof

This is part of a journal entry belonging to Emilia Werthington. Her current whereabouts are unknown, and police encourage anyone to call if they have more information.
I’ve always been a believer in the supernatural and the theory that things go bump in the night. I was 19, naive and believed I was safe from these things however. Except for one fear: the dark.

You must understand dear reader, that I had never outgrown my fear, and it became my largest phobia. Endless nights were spent tossing and turning, my eyes always focused on the warm glow of my nightlight. It was during this nightly ritual that I first heard the sounds.

Tap, tap, tap, tap...

It pulled me fully awake, my eyes scanning the darkness. It seemed to have come from my window, but what could it be? Neighborhood kids having a late night joke? I shushed my senses and went back to sleep, thinking nothing more of the incident.

The next day I went about my usual chores and homely errands. But when I entered my kitchen to prepare dinner for my mom and I, I heard the sounds again.

Tap, tap, tap, tap.

What the hell? I thought. It was coming from the window. I pushed the curtains aside, expecting a tree branch or maybe a bug. There was nothing. At this point, I suspected a kid pulling a prank on me. I had no idea how wrong I was.

I began to frequently check every window in my home, expecting to catch the perpetrator. I never saw a living soul aside from the bustle of my neighbors assuming their daily lives. I didn’t hear the sound for about a week after, and soon forgot about it. I figured whoever it was had grown bored and moved on to other childish things.

As I lay in my bed, tossing and turning as was the usual, I began to hear the sounds again. What was this, I thought to myself, the same kid deciding that I was worth the prank after all? I heard the sound, loud and clear.

Tap tap tap tap…

My blood began to run cold as I remembered it from that week ago. This time, however, I decided to go outside and investigate. I grabbed my flashlight and slowly walked outside. I flipped it on and scanned the perimeter of my house that I could see. There was nothing. I began to walk to the side of my house where my window was located. As the light hit my window I could have sworn to myself that I saw something long and black pull away from the glass. But being half-asleep, I blamed it on that.

I went back inside, pulled the covers over my head and tried to forget about the horrid sound.
The next day proved uneventful, but during lunch with my mom I asked her if she had heard anything strange. She shook her head and replied that she hadn’t, except for a strange tapping noise that seemed to come and go.
This seems only strengthened my fear of the sound as I still had no idea what could have been causing it.

I decided to stay awake that night, perched on the ground outside my window and see what would happen. I did not realize how much of a mistake this would be.
Darkness soon came and I wrapped my blanket tight around my shoulders, my flashlight clutched in both of my hands. It was almost midnight now and I still had not seen nor heard that sound or what might have caused it. It was about half an hour later that the sound reached my ears.

Tap, tap, tap, tap...

I quickly turned my flashlight on, aiming it directly at my window. As I did so, I saw a long black hand with seemingly claws on the end of it quickly pull away from the glass. Perhaps the light has startled it, but its presence startled me much more as I felt my heart drop. I left my blanket and my flashlight, running back into the house hiding under my covers as if they would protect me from whatever horror I had just witnessed.

I know I mentioned the dark was my biggest fear, but this creature now distilled more terror in me than the darkest night in the wilderness.
You may be saying to yourself reader, maybe I hallucinated the entire ordeal! That my lack of sleep is finally catching up to me.
But my next memory, should prove I am not crazy.

It was about three days after I had seen this creature’s claw. My mom and I had decided to make a late lunch as the time was about 3:57 p.m. In our kitchen, you could also find our laundry room. As we sat down to eat we both heard it and looked at each other. There was that unmistakable sound.

Tap, tap, tap...
But this time, the taps were followed by what sounded like nails coming down a chalkboard.
My mom and I got up to investigate, heading towards the source: the laundry room. Here, there was a door that led outside. We opened it, having armed ourselves with some tools we kept back here as well.
At first we did not see anything, but as we went to close the door, a reflection in our neighbors window sent chills up our spines.

There was a massive black creature. Its head held jaws like a jaguars, but the teeth were much longer and sharper.
Its long limbs all ended in a hand shaped form, with massive claws jutting out. It saw us staring, and let out a growl so deep we felt it shake our very being.
Its eyes, seemingly hidden before, now revealed themselves as being similar to a caimans. It began to come down from the roof, and my mom had the sense to slam the door shut, bolting it.

We have called the police now. I am writing this entry in the hopes it will help them in the case we are never found.
I can hear the creature outside the door, hissing words from a language long forgotten by man. It is tapping the windows, seemingly everywhere around the house at once.
In the few seconds of silence, I have managed to look up.

Who left the attic door open?

The remnants of this entry are smeared in blood and the ink is blotted.

  • Michael Younger

    Pretty good!

    • Rowen Kowalski

      Thank you so much! Its actually based on a nightmare I had so it is a bit disorganized. I had to write it before I forgot it haha

  • Fiver

    The whole writing an entry moments before dying thing is really overdone. It has become difficult to do while remaining original, and should probably be avoided in such a short piece unless you can come up with a more reasonable reason for it being written. I just don`t think it is logical for someone to sit down and write that they fear for their life rather than finding help unless they are completely isolated and have reason to give up hope. The entry also feels really off. For something someone is meant to have written in a single sitting it is rather inconsistent in how the character is portrayed and in the character`s opinions. If you are going to have this like it is written in one sitting perhaps say the dark use to be her biggest fear. I also find the part saying she used to be naive does not really fit as she does not act naive or do anything particularly naive to seal her fate. No sensible person would think a monster was knocking on their window, so even when she goes to investigate she isn`t being completely naive. Her reaction to the creature is also a little unrealistic in how it is expressed in her writing.

    The piece also has this really odd way of being read. It`s choppy and does not flow well. It may help to revise or rewrite, reading along as you go, so that the piece develops a flow and it not so awkward. Otherwise the piece is good and relatively enjoyable, all it needs is some tweaking and perhaps a more steady build up.

    • Rowen Kowalski

      I appreciate the feedback. I’m aware its not perfect and currently I’m working on a revised version. I agree with most of your comment, and I aim to change how the story is presented most of all.

  • Ray Ramirez

    Nice! I really liked this one, would love to see what else you can come up with

  • Scott Krotz

    I love it! I need more stories like this in my life, I am however sorry that it was an actual nightmare though.

    • Rowen Kowalski

      Its totally fine haha. If I didn’t have nightmares, I wouldn’t have inspiration for stuff like this. I do have another one in the works currently. Should be up shortly.