I Tried to Make a Drug that Helped You Not Sleep

My father was a scientist, and so was his father. I followed in their footsteps. My father died last week and I realized I need to finish his research. His research was trying to make a drug that stopped sleeping. See, my father hated how much time we lost to sleeping, so with my help we tried to make a drug that makes you never sleep.

We were so close, and then I completed the equation. We offered a $800,000 reward for anyone he chose to participate. A man with PTSD from times as a marine came in. He told us he had horrible nightmares, so we helped him. We gave him the drug and waited. Nothing happened, and then on the fourth day, he complained of aching around his entire body. We took him to the doctor and he asked him what he thinks he did, after no tests showed disease. We checked the cameras and he worked out all day.

Non stop. Never tired, never needing rest, he just kept going.

We took him to a maze we built and he finished it in five minutes. It would have taken most people twenty. Then nothing much happened until the tenth day. He started biting his wrists. We asked why and he simply said, “I’m tired. I want to rest.” His eyes were bloodshot and almost completely red. We shackled his arms behind his back and let him go. He would run into the walls and try to kill himself. We out him in a padded room. He would then scream as loud as he could.


That’s all he did until his voice became lost. Then I had a thought. I had a level five access card, allowing me to get into the control room for the cell. There was an “exterminate” option. The guards rush in, and kill the cell’s occupant. I press the button and came with the guards.

“Guard give me the pistol. I made him like this I should have to kill him. That’s my burden.” The guards looked at each other. I’m practically the boss anyway. I pointed it at the man, and he cried. He cried of happiness. I put the gun to his head, then turned and shot the guards. The blood from their head splattered on the white padding. I gagged and tied the man up. I dragged him to the basement of the facility. I put him in handcuffs and out him in the basement. No one went down there anyway. I busted the card scanner. And left him down there. My research must be complete.