I am Chicksaw

Hi so this is my story, true but I really don’t have to prove it to you. Believe it if you want to.

So my family on my dad’s side is Indian. Chicksaw to be exact. I’m 25% and apparently that’s enough. We all have dark senses of humor and get a lot of stuff we shouldn’t at a younger age. Anyway, supposedly we all have this kinda not ghost but spiritual thing about us. So far I’m the only one that saw it clear enough to draw it. I’m not really artistic but I drew the picture very well. It depicts an Indian walking through a field. I am also very good with animals…

Bear with me, this seems useless but I believe it has something to do with the Indian. Other members of my family, well really only one has experienced poltergeist activity. Her dresser slid across the floor hit her bed and the drawers started opening and closing. My grandpa not knowing what to do called his friend that is Mexican and said, “Take a single egg and crack it under the bed, immediately go to sleep after.” My grandpa did this and it stopped. But this girl could tell animals to lay down so she could get on them and they would. She knew everything about animals. But I have only once experienced this activity a light bulb randomly flew across the room and shattered hitting me in the face with glass.

I am not scared of ghosts but I am scared of what I can’t see. I recently learned the Indian that I thought was doing this stuff is actually doing the opposite. It is a protection for me and my dad’s side of the family. I do not pray or believe in God. I am not atheist but not religious either. I will soon find this attachment to my family and hopefully release the loooonnnnggg train of mystery. I am being watched all the time though. It follows us, this dark spirit. But I will not let it get to me. I can fight it… I always feel it watching me.

If I were to have kids, the boy would have it. I would never put that burden on someone. I feel I might be getting more tolerant to it. Last night I tried to make contact. I was able to reach a deep trance but not to understand what it said. All I know is that it was calm about it. It’s almost like it wants to warn me but doesn’t want to tell me. There is something that evil, demonic in fact following me. It scares and rattles me to the bones. It tore my parents apart. It picks on me every day because of it. But I no longer listen. I attended a mental hospital because of my “emo phase” and I was suicidal. I now attend counseling but I no longer need it. For I am strong. I am brave. I am Chicksaw.

  • Jbizzle

    This tells me you have someone from your bloodline protecting you always and watching over you. Talk to them and thank them and tell them you know they are always with you. Stay strong.