Humans Can Lick Too!

Our story starts with poor Miss Wall a little old lady. She was an old lady with very little money She had a charming, hansom beagle, scout with a beautiful Dimond collar her s**k up daughter gave him. She gave scout a Fu**ing dimond collar but couldn’t give her mother money for a heater! He was a good dog because Miss Wall was often scared,Scout looked after her and he licked her hand when ever she was scared. One day Robert Magee escaped prison, he was known to be a mentally ill murderer. He was last seen in her area and Miss Wall was terribly scared possibly terrified but all was well because wonderful scout licked her affectingly. Even though she was not as scared now she closed all the windows and locked them but left one window slightly open to let some air in since she couldn’t afford an air conditioner. Her filthy rich daughter wouldn’t give her a single cent to save her life. Miss Wall went grumbling about her daughter to bed with handsome scout at her side.

Miss wall woke up with a start. She checked the watch her father gave her just before he passed away.. Midnight, the time he died. After quietly weeping and missing him dearly. She tried to go back to sleep put she heard drip..drip..drip she figured it was the sink. Fearing for the water bill because of her evil daughter. She went in the kitchen but there was no leaking just the sound drip..drip..drip. She figured she would make her pathetic daughter Amy, pay the bill. She petted her precious scout he licked her affectionately and in that moment all was well in the country side home.

What is that noise? She checked her watch a quarter to one. Drip..drip..drip she checked the bathroom sink.. nothing she figured she would call her son a plumber tomorrow luckily for free! She went back to bed feeling reassured after she reached under the bed and Scout licked her prune like hand

“I must be going crazy” she thought. It was 3:00 am and she heard Drip..drip..drip she thought it was the shower so she slowly opened the curtain and to her surprise there was her loving scout…dead. The poor dog had its intestines hanging out, beaten to death, gushing with the bathtub stained in blood. She found the noise… scout wonderful scout dripping with blood. She thought about her daughter.. Not even her the penny pincer Amy Wall could do this. Next to poor scout scrawled in his blood HUMANS CAN LICK TOO! She turned around and fainted. She woke up her head really hurt. She got up of the floor… what happened to me? she slowly turned and saw Robert Magee was leaning against the plaster wall licking blood off his knife. It all rushed back to her… Poor Scout! “Your turn” he said with a devilish grin. He slowly aimed his knife at her..everything went dark. That was the last time anyone ever saw poor Miss Wall ever again.

  • AnneAuthor

    I read a story really really close to this on Wattpad recently. Even had the same title. Great minds think alike. I love the differences! 😀

    • Emso

      That’s because it’s an old Urban legend of the same title.

      • AnneAuthor


  • Mr. Phase

    Well, it was a nice concept and story in general, but I say it could still have been written a bit better. Other than that, pretty good job.

  • Mac cobb

    Thank you for our feedback for the classic story humans can lick too with a little twist