Hooded Man – 3 AM Challenge

Games are the best recreational activities. But, do you know that there are games which can transfer you to another world? Yes, another world or the world of paranormal. This is the world where science has nothing to do in it.

This post unveils a game called Hooded Man ritual which can take you to explore a supernatural dimension. Just to mention clearly, this game lets you enter a ride with a demon. This is going to be the most challenging game of your lifetime. Just a warning though, Faint-hearted people please stay away from this game.

The Hooded Man ritual is a game or ritual that can transfer you to the world different from ours. In this sense, this ritual is quite similar to the Elevator ritual. In elevator ritual, you need an elevator which transfers you to another world. But, here you need a telephone. You have to call a cab whose driver is a hooded man demon and the cab will take you to enter a ride to visit the world of paranormal. It can be real because the internet is full of experiences of people who have tried it.

Warning – Hooded man ritual should NOT be attempted in a state of fear, nervousness, or agitation. You must perform a cleansing ritual before starting the game and after completing the game as a precaution to save your home from negative energies. Do NOT talk with other passengers that the cab may pick up during the ride. Please follow all the instructions written in the post before attempting this game. Play at your own risk.


1.) An old-fashioned rotary phone or a modern touch tone corded phone.
2.) Two black cords or ropes measuring half a meter in length each.
3.) Matches or a lighter.
4.) A watch.
5.) A sage-smudge stick.

How to perform it?

As I mentioned in the warning section, you must perform a cleansing ritual before you can actually attempt this ritual.

Cleansing ritual steps

Open all the windows and gates.
1.) Burn a sage-smudge stick and move with it so that its smoke enters all the rooms.
2.) When the stick extinguishes flush it in a toilet.
3.) Now, spread salt or ash before the front door.
4.) Now, you can perform the hooded man ritual. Follow the steps as written below

Steps to perform Hooded man ritual

1.)Begin at night. Shut all the doors, all the windows, draw all the curtains, turn off the lights, as well as all electronic devices.
2.) You must not carry anything except a watch. Carrying anything of power or protection is prohibited in this game.
3.) Count to the number 13 and sit down before the telephone. Then, dial the following number: 20496888.
4.) Now, Tie one black cord to the telephone’s handset and then again dial the following number: 25515823.
5.) Again count to 13 and speak the following words into the receiver: “Hello? I need a cab.”
6.) Now, replace the first black cord from the handset with the second one and burn the first cord immediately before completing the ritual.
7.) Look outside from your window. You will see a black taxi cab parked outside your home.
8.) Exit the building but don’t forget to lock the door behind you and sit into the back seat of the cab.

Inside the cab

1.) Now, lock the cab door with the key given in the cab and go to sleep.
2.) Woke up after sometime and check time via your watch.
3.) If your watch reads anytime other than 3:30am. Exit the cab, reenter your home within two minutes and proceed to “End the ritual – Step 1.”
4.) If your watch reads 3:30am. Go back to sleep.
5.) Now, when you woke up for the second time, you will find the cab to be driving on a highway of another world with a paranormal man wearing a hood. Do NOT fear and attempt to get out of the cab while it is moving.
6.) End your ride as soon as possible by leaning close to the hooded man’s ear and recite the following words “I have reached my destination.” Now, fall asleep one last time; when you woke up, you will have returned to your home.

End the ritual:

1.) Once you have returned to your home, dial the following number: 200082 and say the following words into the receiver: “Thank you for the ride.”
2.) Now, untie the black cord from the handset and burn it like the first one; then bury the ashes of both the cords in the ground. Scatter some salt over the top of the burial site.
3.) Now again perform a cleansing ritual.