Holder of Greatness

In any city, in any country, go to any mental asylum or any halfway house and ask to visit “The Holder of Greatness”. The worker will lead you into the back room and down a hatch. Keep him or her in your sight until they close the hatch. If you fail to do so, your journey will end there. If the worker smiles at you at any time for any reason, immediately break eye contact, but keep them in your peripheral vision. Say “This is not the way. I am not the plague you search for”. If the worker turns away and proceeds to guide you, resume following them, if they continue staring at you, slowly exit the building. Wait exactly eight hours until continuing. If you successfully make it down the hatch, you will be plunged into darkness. Turn yourself in a circle, and walk the way that feels correct. If you hear a buzzing sound, briskly walk away from the origin of the sound, do not run. If for some reason the sound overwhelms you, all you can do is curl up in a fetal position and pray to whatever god you worship. If you miraculously survive, then continue walking. If you succeed in finding the right path, then you shall be judged. If you are deemed worthy to continue, you be find yourself in front of a statue. If the statue is bronze, pray for a quick demise, if it is silver, turn around and look up toward the ceiling. If it is golden, ask “Why was Alex?”. Your vision will briefly be stolen from you, and you will wake up outside the mental asylum or halfway house with the statue.

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  • kory koon

    this is really deep but i wonder if it actaully works

    • JustAnotherSoul

      Thanks, I’m new here and I read some stories from the Holder series, this is fan made and for the most part incomplete 😉