He’s coming. I can’t stop shaking. My heart is throbbing, it’s pounding so hard I swear he can hear it. He’s walking around down stairs. I can hear his boots clunk on the cold hard tile floor. I grabbed a kitchen knife before running upstairs and hiding in the closet. Thankfully he didn’t see me. “Angela?” He’s saying my name! I put my hand over my mouth to keep myself quiet. I just can’t! “Angela? Where are you?~” I can hear him open the loud door that leads to the garage. Now he KNOWS I’m here, my car is parked in there. S**t, s**t, S**T! Tears trickle down my face. I can’t stay still. I can’t wait, but I have to.  He’s still walking around down stairs.  It feels as if he’s walking in circles.  I’ve been in this closet for about 10 minutes but it feels like I’ve been in here for hours.  “Angela?”  He tries again.  It sounded like a hum.  Is this a game to him?  Does it worry him not knowing where I am?  I brushed a tendril of hair behind my ear and leaned forward in suspense as I could not hear his boots against the floor anymore.  Is he gone?!  No.. the door didn’t open.  I can still hear him lingering down stairs.  He huffed a deep dramatic sigh that sounded closer than it should have. I gripped the knife tightly and held it close to my chest while I wiped away sweat. Each one of my stairs creaked one after another… he’s coming… and he doesn’t know. “Darling?” This overwhelming excitement takes over. The concern in his voice was like ecstasy. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing. “Baby? Where are you?” I could hear the bedroom open. It took everything in me to not. I can’t… not yet. He took his shirt off and the gold wedding band that bonded us together was placed on the nightstand. I look down at mine and frown, pulling it off and holding it in my palm, tight. This cursed object must not ruin the merry time about to take place in our household.. MY household. He looks over at the closet, I can see a faint smile. He still doesn’t understand.. No one does. “Oh I wonder where ever my dear Angela could be.” He said in a singing tone. I can’t control myself, too bad he can’t celebrate his death with me. I don’t have to hold back. The closet door swung open and my beast was released. “I love you baby. Welcome to hell.”