Hell’s Symphony


I said that to myself, as I sat on the red couch in my apartment, gazing at the ceiling and trying to think of something to do. Nothing was coming to me, though.
I ran my fingers through my hair, while contemplating as to why my boyfriend, Kuro, was taking a long time to get here. He was always late, making excuses and whatnot, but this was taking long, even for him. It’s worth the wait, though, he’s a good guy.
My apologies, you may be curious as to who I am. My name is Naomi. I am twenty years old. I have thick violet hair, that is shaved on one side of my head; reddish-brown eyes; pale skin; and I’ve always wore black clothes. I am a pretty good person…once you get to know me. I have a tendency of getting aggressive with annoying people, and ignore anyone else.
Curious about where Kuro was, I pulled out my phone, from the pocket of my withered black jeans, and began texting him.
Where r u?”
After a brief moment, he replied. Not surprising, he always had his phone on him.
Srry, runnin late. I’ll be a while.”
C’mon, I have no internet, I’m dying of boredom.”
“I’m just grabbing something, I’m on my way now.”
I turned off my phone, then put it back in my pocket.
“Grabbing something? What the hell did he mean by that?” I asked myself. I continued to sit there, bored and empty-minded.


Five minutes passed, and Kuro walked through my door, holding a small white box.
“About time!” I called, messing with him.
“I was delayed by some freak in the gas station.” He took a seat on the couch.
“Prostitute or drug dealer?”
“I’m pretty sure it was some guy who got into the marijuana. He just appeared out of nowhere, and forced me to take this box.”
“Great, now you have the marijuana.”
“No, I checked. It’s some video tape.”
“Oh….so it’s p**n.”
“I have no idea. It’s labeled ‘Hell’s Symphony’. Sound’s like some metal band’s music video.”
“How about we find out? Throw it in the video player.”
“Alright, but if some crazy b***h begins crawling out of the screen, I’m blaming you.”
I laughed at the reference from the movie. It was one of my favorites, after all.

Kuro pulled the tape from the box, put it in the video player, then returned to the couch.
The t.v. went static for some moment, then the screen went black.
“Uhhhhhh…is the tape messed up, or something?” I asked.
“Probably. It was handled by a possible drug addict.”
“Wait – do you hear it?”
I suddenly picked up the sound of faint violins. Creating a quiet, melancholy sound.
“What the hell is this?” Kuro asked, confused.
The sound began growing, the tune sending chills down my spine.

The same sad melody grew louder. As the music grew, a picture began fading in on the screen. An orchestra.
The silhouettes of the musicians were blurry. But we could see the movement of them playing their instruments.
“I don’t like this, Kuro, turn it off.” I told him, getting goosebumps.
“Just give it another sec, I want to see where this goes.”
Against my better judgement, I obeyed and continued watching. The melody continued to grow, then the violins grew awfully quiet.
I was about to turn it off, expecting it to be over, but the entire orchestra suddenly kicked in. The basses, violins, drums, cellos, pianos, flutes, even an electric guitar. Every instrument played their part. Only this time, the music went from sad to terrifying. As I listened, I couldn’t stop shaking, and I noticed that Kuro was behaving in the same manor.
“Kuro, turn it….

I wanted to finish the sentence, but my tongue became numb and still. I couldn’t form the words I wanted to say.
I wanted to cover my ears and turn away, but my hands were as motionless as my tongue. It felt like my body was in a coma, but my actual mind was still awake.
It’ll be over soon….It’ll be over soon, right?
I asked that to myself, but the music showed no sign of ending.

Then my mind stopped, and my eyes locked in their position.
The musicians silhouettes weren’t blurry, and I could see what this was.
Skeletons were playing the instruments. Their bony fingers moving nimbly as they played the evil music. If I listened hard, I could hear the small creaking of their skinless joints as they moved. Their eyes were gone, but a small, glowing red dot replaced them, floating within the black holes in their face.
I tried to scream, but my tongue was still locked, and my vocal chords wouldn’t listen to what my brain was telling them to do.

On and on, the music went. The fear wasn’t fading. As a matter of fact, it was getting worse.
My shaking was out of control. My teeth were clenched so tight, I was surprised they weren’t breaking from the pressure. Goosebumps covered my skin, and my eyes were dilated with pure fear. I could tell by his small grunts and tiny movements that Kuro was just as scared as I was.
The skeletal band kept playing, and I could only watch as they continued to torture my mind.

The music grew louder again, and I lost all sense of what was in the real world – I couldn’t even feel Kuro next to me.
I felt like I was falling into the world in which my t.v. had created. The skeletons getting closer, the music emanating from right next to me.
The evil sounds coming from the instruments of hell made my ears bleed. I got even more scared as I felt the trickle of water coming from my eyes – only the taste indicated that it was blood, not tears.
Blood ran out of my ears, eyes, nose, and I began choking on it as the vile liquid filled up my throat.
For f**ks sake, make it stop! Make it stop! Please, please, make it stop!
Continuing to bleed, continuing to hurt. I was suffering in silence as the skeletal orchestra performed their song of death. Kuro was nowhere near and the noise only grew louder.
Louder, and louder, and louder.


The serenity of silence began swarming the space around me. And I could finally use my tongue.
“K-K-Kuro……Kuro can you hear me!? Are you alright?”
I looked down, and noticed my hands.
They were literally nothing but bones.
I screamed and tried to run, only to be stopped by the skeletal composer.
“Where are you going? You’re on next, and the concert has just begun…