Got Locked

I was twelve years old in 7th grade during the most frightening moments in my life. This happened when I was at school when there was a lockdown.

Me and my friend Zaire were in the bathroom just messing around when eventually, the school alarm went off that there had been a lockdown.

At the time I was 99% Coward and 1% brave, but Zaire on the other hand, was the most brave 7th grader in the entire school. So he went to check in the hallways. All the lights were off and the classroom doors were closed.

Then Zaire did the stupidest thing you could ever think of.

“Is anyone there?” he said. I hit him in the back off the head and told him to shut the flip up. Then, we heard footsteps. I was the smarter one so he put the pressure on me. I decided we should get in the stalls and stand on the toilet, and that’s what we did.

My heart dropped when I heard the bathroom door open. I heard really loud footsteps and probably the most frightening footsteps ever.

He was breathing so loud. But thankfully he didn’t see me or Zaire. When he left, we cracked open the door and saw him staring at us from about 20 feet away.

We were both fast, so we ran for it screaming. We banged on our class door so hard that it left a small indent on the wood door.

Thankfully though, The teacher let us in when she saw who it was (Me and Zaire). Eventually the police came and I assume they arrested the man and school was cancelled for the day. But for that split second we saw him, I saw that he didn’t even look human. His face was as white as paper and looked very deformed. I’m not trying to offend anyone with deformations, but it just made the mood just way more scary.

Me and Zaire are still friends, and still remember this moment, but wish we could forget it.