Friends or Lovers? Part 1


I looked up at the clouds as I sat next to my friend Sakura. She was a nice girl, pretty as well. I opened my mouth to tell her something, but I didn’t say what I meant to. Instead, she turned and glared at me.

“Don’t talk. At all,” she told me, and I nodded. What did she mean? Damn it, why can’t I talk? What is happening?! I continued looking at her and tried to scream. Again, no words escaped my mouth. It’s because Sakura cursed me. Damn the little mage. She smiled at me and lay down in the grass. I tried to yell for someone, but nothing happened.

Sakura, what have you done?! She just looked at me as if she knew what I was thinking.

“I put a spell on you. You’re always talking, so I decided that if I shut you up, everyone would be happier!” she smiled again and we linked thoughts.

Why would you do this? We’re friends! I thought, then she replied.

“What? It’s for your own good! If you can’t talk you can’t mess up with words and be hurt. I’m helping you, Hira…”

“What do you mean?! You are NOT helping at all, Sakura. This is a curse, now get it off of me!” She looked at me again and shook her head, then pulled out a saw.

“I’m sorry, Hira. You’re being a little pain now. Goodbye, my friend.” She turned on the saw and was about to slice into my neck when I grabbed her arm and stopped her.

“You don’t have to do this! Stop! Please…” I looked up at her. Tears formed in my eyes, but she just shook her head again.

“I… I’m doing this for you, Hira,” and with that, she put the saw to my neck.

Is death supposed to be like this? The next thing I knew, I was standing beside Sakura. She couldn’t see me… am I a ghost? What is going on? So many questions were flying around that I didn’t notice when Sakura picked up my lifeless body and stared, horrified at what she had done. She just killed me, so why does she look horrified? Then it hit me. Sakura had always had these moments of insanity where her demon side took over, turning her into something that is nothing like her. That was probably what happened, but she did just kill me. I couldn’t decide whether I should forgive her or hate her. I felt so helpless. Sakura just killed me… imagine what she’d do to Daven when he finds out. If he finds out my friend killed me, Sakura will probably go crazy again and kill him too… how am I supposed to pick between my best friend and my boyfriend?!

  • Paige