Forest Beast

There were three young adults biking around the neighborhood on a Friday afternoon, they were Bobby, Jacob, and Zac. They stopped and Zac started talking about how he read a creepy story online about summoning a dark monster with intentions to kill. They laughed over it and agreed they would try to reenact what the read. That same night the boys went into the forest that was about half a mile away from their houses. The story said that they had to go to an old, rotting, stump, that looked almost… satanic, and say a certain sentence to the stump while the two others hold two candles. They waited and waited but saw nothing so they rode home. But as they were doing that a monster was emerging from the old stump. At around 7 in the morning the kids heard what sounded like a person screaming from the direction of the woods. The kids started riding as fast as they could to see what happened. At the entrance, they saw what almost look like a trail of blood. They slowing entered the wood following the blood trail until they saw what looking like a shallow hole. They walked over to the hole and saw the body of a hiker. He had a large gash in the calf of his leg. The kids were horrified when they made this discovery.

The three kids screamed at the top of their lungs. They started sprinting as fast as they could to get back to their bikes and get away from the forest. At Zac’s house, they all agreed to never talk about the event ever again and just live their lives.


A week later, Jacob was watching a horror film when he heard something fall in his backyard, He walked down to the kitchen to see what happened when he saw a terrifying monster was digging through his trash. He turned on the light and saw that it was just a racoon. He sighed and walked back upstairs to his bedroom. He noticed an open window, he thought that he already closed it before he went to bed earlier. He had just closed his eyes when a giant monster jumped out from his closet. He immediately jumped from his bed and started running downstairs. He ran and ran and ran until he couldn’t anymore. He noticed that he was at the neighborhood playground. He hid in a little tunnel that he played in as a child. Jacob listened for about five minutes. He looked to his left and saw nothing and looked to his right and saw the monster it lunged at him. Screaming could be heard throughout the neighborhood.


Bobby was about to fall into the hands of slumber when he heard an ear-piercing scream from the playground. He started locking all the doors and windows to make sure nothing could get inside. Just as he fell on his bed he heard his backyard gat open. He remembered that he left the back door unlocked. As Bobby was running down the stairs he grabbed a knife at the kitchen and kept running. He turned the corner and hit something he stabbed it in the shoulder and heard it scream. He turned on the light and saw that it was his little brother, Jack coming from his night job. Bobby picked up the phone and dialed 911 and told the operator what happened. An ambulance came and took both to the hospital. They were at the hospital for 3 hours until they let Jack go. They had dressed his wound to stop the bleeding. Bobby was relived but Jack decided it would be best to stay with his parents for a bit to prevent any more of what had happened. Bobby got home and locked the rest of the doors. He was walking up the stairs and just as he got to the top it kicked him down. Bobby broke his neck during the fall as just laid there… dead.


Zac was too scared to fall asleep. He decided to call Bobby to talk to him for comfort. When he didn’t answer, Zac called Jacob instead and once again got no answer. He decided to walk over to Jacobs house. When he got there, he knocked a couple times but no one came to the door. He looked inside and saw nothing so he went over to Bobby’s house. Once again no one answered. But when he looked inside he saw him, dead at the bottom of the stairs he screamed and called 911 telling the operator that his friend was dead at the bottom of the stairs. The operator told him to stay there and be quiet but Zac was panicking and just ran into the woods. He was running when he tripped on a fallen log. Zac got back up and kept running but this timed he hit something like a wall. Zac looked up and saw the monster that he read about. It was eight feet tall with blood read eyes and claws long as his forearms. The monster slashed at him just as he was screaming. In an old house in a clearing in the woods, a person heard someone scream…

  • Simon

    This was pretty crappy.

  • Kota

    I was honestly slightly confused..

  • Paradoxical Realities

    Is there a second part?