For Sale

This happened to me and my cousin. This happened to my cousin when he was eight years old. My cousin was coming over to my house for a playdate since his parents were late hours. He chose to stay at my house. We had a good friendship, so right away I knew that he was going to choose to stay at my house.

At around 3:00 pm or a little bit later, he was at my house. We were playing as usual, until I got a little bit tired and wanted to take a nap. He asked to use my little laptop. Well, it was done charging, so why not? I took my laptop out of its charger, powered it on, and there it went; I gave it to him and he already knew how to work everything. I grabbed some blankets and pillows and decided to relax and watch some TV on the couch.

My cousin was on the other side of the couch looking on the computer and just scrolling and scrolling with the wireless mouse. I then dozed off. When I woke up, it was my cousin, right next to me. I checked my watch, 5:41 p.m. He asked a strange question, “Hey bro!” he said in a high-pitched voice. I talked in a deep voice, a little of bit of envy in my emotions as I woken up from my sleep. “Hey. Want do you want?” I said in a deep voice. “Look at this advertisement!” he said again in a high-pitched voice. He showed me the laptop. He was playing some online games and a advertisements came up in the top right corner. “Get free games just by signing up! at” This seemed very sketchy. “Don’t click it.” I said. I was noe wide awake because of seeing this advertisement. “What happens if I do?” he said. I tried to be as scary as I can. So I tried to scare him. “Umm… A person in a clown costume will kidnap you!” I said trying to be scary. Except of being scared, he starting laughing, not typical laughing, like rolling on the floor laughing. I sighed, he clicked on the ad. I didn’t even care. I started thinking happy thoughts. Maybe, the advertisement could be true and we could all the free games that we wanted! We won’t have to worry about the scarce limit of games we had. We could have infinite! I changed my opinion, I walked to him, and sat next to him, and started helping him.

First, the website asked us what games we wanted. There was such a wide variety of games! I couldn’t pick. Finally, we decided that we would get NBA 2K14, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and Minecraft. (This was in 2014.)

Second, it asked some questions, this scared us quite a bit because they were very, personal. First, they asked us for our name. Me and my cousin decided to use a fake name. We used, “Aaron” Then, it asked us for a last name. We came up with “Bentley” Then, it asked us for less personal questions, like “What is your favorite thing to do?” We actually answered honestly for these questions. Then, these two questions scared not only me, but my cousin as well. The question asked “Are you home alone?” We said “No” because we actually weren’t. The other question asked, “What is your address?” Nobody have ever asked us this question before. We were thinking of what we should do. My cousin got a brillant idea. We could use our neighbor’s address. I remembered the address since his house was right next to ours. Finally, there was a big green button at the bottom of the page, “Deliver” I wanted to ask my mom about this, but I wasn’t sure. My little cousin is a hardhead, he just kept saying “Click it! “Click it!” Until he finally grabbed the mouse out of my hand and clicked it. The website said “Great! We have your games delivered to you in no time!” All my tabs closed after that message came up. It was kind of weird, but we ignored it.

Days after looking out my window to see some kind of delivery truck deliver something to the neighbors, I just started ignoring it and told my cousin at school that it probably was just a joke that probably amused the person who made the website. That was, until I was playing outside with a couple of friends until I noticed a small box on my neighbor’s driveway. It had no packaging, it just had tape over it and some paper saying “Something for the children” I just ignored this message and tore through the tape, and there it was. The three games. In the case and everything. I told my friends hold on. I almost was at my door of my house, until I dropped the games. I saw a “For Sale” sign at the house.

I grabbed the games and opened the cases. Notes. In the NBA 2K14 case, it said “Look at” Then, in the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare case, it said “the neighbor’s” Finally, in the Minecraft case, it said “window.” I dropped the games and ran to my neighbor’s house, I was shocked. I looked through the window. I saw what was a modern, beautiful, home to a trashed, dirty, ugly, home. Decorations were thrown. Vases were tossed and broken. Plants were moldy and dirty. Electronics were cracked. With the cherry on top, it was also almost flooded. On the door, it read, “For Sale” I was almost to tears after this.

My good friend, Eddy and his brother, David were one of the people who would hang out at the block. That only that, his family too. I went to the backyard of the house. No spot of anyone. The next day, police was already there because an old lady reporting a “strange man” around the house. Police investigating the house and they found nothing, except the features I explained in the house. I never told my cousin this. Everytime he asked me, I just said “We never got it.” I just think that “For Sale” sign was a cheap way to cover up the “thing” that happened in the house. I still don’t know if they found and arrested the guy, but I hope they did. I also did some research about this, and I searched easyfreegames and found absolutely nothing. Now, I have new neighbors, but no one can replace Eddy. I’m still wondering what happened to him and his family. Now, that I’m older, I kind of forgot about it, but there is one thing I wanna know? If that website isn’t “real” how did we get an advertisement of it?

  • Puddin Tane

    Loads of spelling errors. Looks like you were in a hurry to get this down. Next time, slow down, watch the spelling. 2 stars at best.

  • Ana Lucia Gonzalez

    Creepy if it was real although the but the alarm bells we’re already ringing off when they asked the question ‘Are you alone in the house?’ like way too personal a question for a site to ask.

  • Sydney

    It should have more of a backround to it and it seems rushed. Also imagery is a big thing with scary stories too. I mostly enjoyed it just wish it was scarier

  • Mylifestory

    I found the website but I did nothing in it but it seems to be a true story

  • Kat Lavender