There once was an old woman who loved flowers. She had a massive garden which she took good care of. She loved flowers so much, she worked at a flower shop. She was on time every day and met and befriended many people. But one day on her way to the flower shop, she was cut off by a car and got in an accident. She stayed at the hospital for a few days before they let her go. She then decided that she should retire and settle down. She found a small house in a quiet neighborhood.

Every year, people she’s known would visit her and give her exotic flowers from all across the world. They would leave them on her doorstep because they didn’t want to disturb her while she napped. One day the old lady decided to greet the grateful people and thank them for their good deeds. She napped early and waited for them to arrive. When she heard them coming, she hurried up from her chair and rushed out her door to greet them. She approached them and started thanking them for all the amazing flowers they have given to her.

They didn’t reply. She thought they didn’t hear her so she thanked them a little louder and they didn’t reply again. She looked a little closer at them and she noticed that they all seemed a little sad. She then reached out to touch the shoulder of the young man holding flowers and her hand went right through him. In shock, she reached out again and her hand went through him again. She started to panic. The young man started to walk to her front door and she turned around and saw that her house was just small tombstone with her name on it. She started to burst into tears. She fell to her knees and started crying. She didn’t know what to do. She was frozen. She was dead.

  • Rebecca

    Very well done, u need to continue to write stories as this one really intrigued me