It was little Trinity’s birthday, the day her father always came over her mother’s house… always with his pills.

“Walter stop it!” Trinity’s mother yelled.

“Will you shut up for once, Celestia?!” shouted back her father. Trinity’s parents yelled and argued, causing the little girl to wake to all the commotion with a yawn and sat up in her twin sized bed. The little girl heard heavy footsteps coming towards her room and Walter, the girl’s father, opened her door.

“Morning kid,” Walter said, his eyes red and his face shrunken… he didn’t look like the typical father she always saw.

“Morning daddy!” she replied brightly. The girl rubbed her brown tired eyes and put on her glasses.

“Your mother is being a nag. As usual,” Walter growled, “but let’s get you downstairs,” he said as he took her downstairs to the kitchen. Walter mumbled, “She wasn’t like this till you were born…”

Trinity looked up not quite hearing him, “Did you say something daddy?” she asked.

“No,” Walter said with a serious tone. The two soon appeared in the kitchen and each took seats. Trinity’s mom cooked breakfast on the stove top as if the arguing never happened.

“Morning sugar,” Trinity’s mom greeted the little girl.

“Hey mommy,” Trinity smiled and hugged her mom’s leg. As the two embraced, Walter’s smile went into a scowl.

“Eat up pumpkin, Daddy’s taking us somewhere secret for your birthday,” Celestia said smiling. Trinity smiled and nodded, then started eating her eggs and bacon.

“Hey Mom, Dad? Have any of you seen Dakota?” she asked.

“No honey, we haven’t see him…” the girl’s mom replied.

“Yeah. That mut,” Walter spat narrowing his eyes.

“Walter don’t say that!” Celestial growled and Walter just scoffed at her. Trinity finished eating her breakfast and stood up.

“I’m gonna go find-”

“No need for that. Get dressed and let’s go,” Walter said interrupting the girl.

“Uh, okay,” Trinity said as she went to her room and got dressed. Later on when she finished getting dressed, more bickering of her parents was heard. Trinity sighed and looked down hearing them with a frown hoping they would stop soon. The little girl replaced her frown with a fake smile and walked down the steps.

“Ready!” she said which caused the parents to stop arguing.

“Well let’s go to the car,” growled Walter and went to the car with Trinity and her mother following behind him. The family all got in the car and started on their way to an unknown surprise. Walter drove out deep in the forest and pulled his car up to a shabby shed that was the size of a small church.

“Come on, this is our stop,” Walter says as he gets out the car. Trinity and Celestial also get out and hey start to look around. The forest looked… unwelcoming. The bark of the trees were gray and so were some of the leaves, there was an over cast blocking sunlight along with light fog that filled the air, underbrush on the forest ground looked dead. Even the birds and other life forms were almost silent.

“Cool!” Trinity said looking at the house being the happy curious child she was. Her mother looked around skeptical and glaring lightly at the surroundings and hesitantly went inside the shack with her daughter. Walter began talking with tall men that loomed over little trinity like tall thin shadows. The men had strange clothes on, they had doctor mask on as if they were sick. Trinity walked past the men and her mother and looked around in curiosity.

The shack on the inside had cracks in the walls and peep holes she could look through. There was a light whining sound in one of the rooms and Trinity put her small ear up to one of the wooden doors and listened, she heard the whining noise again but also heard a creek of one of the floor boards behind her and turned quickly to look. Nothing was there. Trinity whimpered quietly and decided to go inside the room that whining noises came from. A white and black spotted dog layed on a doctor table. She walked up to the table and the dog tiredly opened it’s sky blue eyes, the little girl recognized the dog and hugged it.

“I wonder why your here…” Trinity said thinking possible reasons why, she was token out of her thought due to a warm liquid dripping on her arm. The girl looked up at the dog she was hugging and noticed blood coming from Dakota’s mouth as the dog panted sounding like short gasps of air. The dog began panting more heavily.

“Dakota?” Trinity said worrily, “y-you okay b-buddy?” she asked the dog gradually getting scared. The dog started breathing heavily but slowly from its mouth and started choking on his own blood.

“Dakota?!” the little girl shouted and tried to stop the blood as much as she could and also comfort Dakota but only managed to get blood in her clothes. Trinity frantically looked around the room and grabbed some bandage wraps and tried to stop the blessing with the somehow. At this point Trinity  began to cry, she wanted to get help from someone but got lost due to her exploring. The girl shouted for help but got no response.

Dakota soon stopped. Her eyes were now a dull blue. She glanced at the little girl and Nuzzled her before slipping into her forever slumber. Trinity tried to wake Dakota up but it was no use. Suddenly the door slammed shut. Trinity looked at the door, then up at the person who slammed the door. Walter.

“Hey birthday girl,” Walter said grinning his usual grin but it was a bit… off. He slowly walked to her as she kept stepping back.

“D-daddy?” the little girl squeaked out. She knew something was off about him and backed in the wall behind her, pinned between Walter and the dirty cracked wall. Walter grabs her and pushed the dog off the bed pinning her down on the bed. Trinity squirmed and yelled. Walter smacked her across the face.

“Shut up! You ungrateful brat!” he yelled. Trinity whimpered as her cheek stung and still red from the harsh slap. The men Walter talked to, walked into the room and grinned behind the mask that his only their mouths. Walter tied the girl down. One of the men picked up the dead dog and started cutting off it’s already bloodied body parts.

“NO STOP!” trinity cried and struggled against the ropes. The men laughed and continued. Walter looked at the other men.

“What should we do to her, Boss?” asked one of he guys.

“Hmm well I think her “mom” should pay her a visit don’t you think?” Walter said grinning, “bring her in boys,” he said as the men walked out the room. The men came back in with a large garage bag that looked very deformed and dumped it on the floor. The body of her moms corpse fell out the bag with a lifeless splat. The girl gasped seeing the corps of her dead mother. Trinity almost gagged at the sight.

“M-mom!” Trinity yelled out hoping this was all a joke of some sort, “you monster!” Trinity yelled at Walter as he just laughed at her.

Walter then stopped and looked at the dog parts and smirked, “Don’t worry at least your favorite animal will always be with you,” he said. The men walked up to Trinity, “l-leave me alone!” she yelled scared

One man got duck tape and duck tapped the little girls mouth. She tried to scream but was only muffled by the tape. Walter whispered something to the guys and they all nodded. one guy got a needle and thread and the other guy grabbed the dog muzzle. The men started to slowly stitch the muzzle onto the little girl. She shook and wiggled and tried to make them stop but sadly couldn’t. After sewing on the muzzle the man ripped off the duck tape making her scream out in pain. Blood bled from the Muzzle and her face and dripped on her shirt, the fumes of her beloved dog’s muzzle made her sick to her stomach. Little Trinity threw up but was forced to swallow the rest.

The men replaced the nails with the dogs claws sewing them in and jamming them inside to fit where her old nails were on Trinity’s fingers. “P-please stop!” she begged, Walter just leaned against the wall watching and laughing at his own daughters pain. The little girl soon went limp as they finished and fainted from exhaustion.

Trinity found herself stuck in a cage, she got up dizzy and went to the cage door and tried to open it but it was tightly locked. She was alone in total darkness All the light she had was from a light bulb that constantly flickered on and off. The little girl looked around more and adjusted her cracked glasses on her face, lightly hissing due to the pain in her face and nails, and looked around the cage. All she saw was darkness all around her and one window that was boarded up. By the light pattering on the window she thought it was raining and  went in the corner of the cage. She then heard a noise of footsteps coming towards her, she looked up at them, it was one of the men that hurt her and she growled in pure hate. “Eat up,” the man said as he gave her some food.

The next fourteen years in her life was hell. The man who helped turn her into this… thing that she was now also taught her how to fight and be stealthy. One morning the man didn’t come the usual time he always comes. Trinity stuck her arm out one of the spaces of the cell and picked the lock. There was a click, and the door swung open. The girl looked around and spotted the guy, she started running at him as her blood boiled.

“N-no! Please don’t kill me!” the man yelled. Trinity laughed and attack him with her claws and teeth. Soon the man stopped breathing. Trinity looked down and her worn gray hoodie and pants and took the mans clothes changing into his turtle neck and lab coat, but she kept the pants she had on. Trinity then began ripping down the boards that hid the window and ran out seeking for her father.

In the forest alone in the gray misty forest masked in darkness, she saw a tall man with no face and paper white. The more she stared the closer the man appeared, she stepped back growling, “Don’t be afraid child. I’ve been watching you for some time. Come with me and I will tale you to a place where you can meet others like you. That have been wronged by humans…” said the man, seeming as if he spoke in her mind. The faceless man said, “I’ll only go if you help me find someone…”

The tall man nodded and took the once innocent child away… deeper, and deeper in the dark quiet woods.

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    I really liked it, but the ending wasn’t really an ending. I hope there’s a part 2 coming. Also, I think more detail in the part where she was killing one of the men would be nice and in the story it said that the man in the white mask told her that he’d only come if she helped him find someone, I think you meant to put that Trinity said that. Loved the build up, though, good job!

  • Maya


  • Rose Morrison

    Great premise, but so many mistakes (“tried to stop the blessing with the somehow”) it detracted from the enjoyment of the read. Also, many sentences ran on and on, making the story appear very rushed. An edit would really improve this piece. I really enjoyed the storyline, I hope you’re going to write more, please do.

  • Jay 🤘💫💞

    It was poorly written in some ways, but it has amazing potential! I love the idea of the story line and I hope there’s a part two soon 🙂

  • Justme410

    This is a great start to what could actually be an amazing story or short book even. I do agree more details in the killing and revenge that sounds like what was going to happen. I do hope to see more! You have great potential in this!!!

  • Brandon Barrett

    Alright I have a serious problem here, simply stitching on a dog muzzle to someone won’t give them control over it, it would just flop around as they tried to do whatever it is they were trying to do it would require alot more complex of a procedure to give her control over, and since the muzzle isn’t connecting to the body with nerves or even veins it would rot, the story made little sense to me and don’t get me started on the infections the Trin wouldve got from having her finger nails ripped off and replaced with dog claws, the artwork you’ve provided is highly inaccurate considering the facts about the muzzle I pointed out all you have us was a furry. Instead of just making it seem like Trin gained control over it magically the muzzle you could’ve gone into detail about how they surgically attached it to her face and that gave her control over it

    • Rose Morrison

      I too wondered how the muzzle was stitched on over the “duck” (duct) tape! Agreed Brandon, more explanation re the transplants would help the story along greatly.

  • Sarita Tinsley King

    I really liked the overall story and picture, but the spelling and grammar here is atrocious. Please work on it it makes parts of the story hard to understand. Also, I agree that you should add more details to her killing the man. Felt very rushed towards the end.

  • Simon

    As soon as the dog was first mentioned, I figured this would go the “Fullmetal Alchemist” route. Except it would be crappier, of course.

  • Alexandros Cubby Doane

    Found it amusing that the mum and daughter had such interesting names like Celestia and Trinity, but the guy has a very common name like Walter. Any reason to that?