Exmortus: The Price of Power 1

Hello my loves, this is a little authors note. I haven’t been posting because I’ve been working on my novel that should be published on amazon in the next few months. I’m going to give you guys the first two, maybe three chapters as a teaser. I’ve found and editor, and I’m currently busting my but trying to get this published. Now, this is a warning. This story is rated M; later down the road it has s*x, cursing, blood, and violence. The cover photo is not, and will not be the front cover of the story either. This is just a place holder, and the artist is Nan Fae. This story is about a young grand grey witch who had lost her mother, father and coven to witch hunters. Her brother raised her the last ten years, which he takes off. She, follows suit trying to find him. She comes to realization that there is more to her, and her birthright then she had ever been told about. This story had romance, death, s*x, blood and gore. Please, enjoy and stay creepy my dears.



By: Vivian Moira VanDam

Night of

I slammed my car door shut, stepping out of the warm interior and out in the fall air. It was still just barely warm enough to wear short sleeves. The warmth that radiated from my clavicle had told me, this was the way my brother had went. There was no other say so about it. As I looked at the looming trees, something called to me…something, had pulled me forward. I grasped my torch, and flicked it on. Night was approaching, and approaching fast. Off in the distance, I could…just faintly hear soft music playing. I had shaken my head.

“Nothing more, then sound matrixing. There’s nothing out here in this forest. You’ve looked over the maps, and there was nothing.” I took a deep breath, and gave myself a reassuring nod.

This was the last place, my brother had to have gone, there was nowhere else, I was at the very edge of earth. And here, was his car, covered in a thick layer of leaves, and rust; the shadows that crept out of the forest touched my shoes, the red sky screamed of darkness, but I, I still had to find my brother. I had to know he was okay. I swallowed back my fear, and I walked through.

The forest was dense, and hasn’t been traveled on in so long…I kept looking back and forth, trying to find, something, anything.

“SYLAS!” Cupping my hand over my mouth, I bellowed.

My echo came back, and that was it.

“SYLAS!” I howled. My hope was dwindling.

“You just got here, keep trying.” I gave myself a nod.

The darkness had approached, it consumed the forest, and myself. What I had thought was music before, started to play once more. It was an enchanting melody. Soft, beautiful…hauntingly sad. I squinted my eyes, trying to peer over the short range of my torch. But, all I saw was greenery, and bark of trees.

“Sylas? Hello?” I said, stepping over a large burnt out husk of a tree.

Something snapped, I turned myself, and my torch to the left. Whatever, made the noise, was gone. A deep uneasiness, crept up my stomach. I took a second, to step back, and breathe, the soft scent of moss, and pine relaxed my muscles. I looked over my shoulder, I could just barely see my car’s headlights. I knew, my brother had come this way, he had to have…why else would his car be here? I chewed the inside of my mouth, the deep uneasiness crept back up, and I shuddered.

“Somethings not right…something feels…so bad…” I wanted to go back, but…but…

“Stella?” Sylas, called from inside the forest, I turned, and I only saw him for a second, just a split second before he was gone once again.

“Sylas?!” I screeched. I was off at a trot, ducking underneath branches, jumping over large roots climbing up from underneath the ground.

“Sylas!!” I screamed; my torch lit something up, and I saw his eyes, his burnt face, those scars…my heart was reaching out.

“Sylas…” I breathed out, his eyes had filled with sudden anger.

“You should’ve turned around…you still can, please, run…before she makes me do something, I’ll regret!” He growled out. I was shaking, my bladder had turned into the size of a walnut. I watched him look over his shoulder, and then back at me. He shook his head.

“You shouldn’t have come here! LEAVE!” He snapped, knitting my brows together, I tilted my head in confusion.

“What are you talking about? I came here to find you!” I snapped back, when I reached for his hand, he recoiled, and kept shaking his head.

“It’s too late Stella, it’s too late!” He started to step away from me, and I cried out, reaching for him, I just barely felt the fabric of his silk clothing. He turned around, and growled.

“She knows you’re here…she’s going to find you, and she’s going to kill you!” He gave a solid push, and I had fallen back.

“She will try everything she can to have you! I came here, so you wouldn’t be found!” He screamed again, within his beautiful teal eyes, I saw regret, I saw the pain.

“Why did you have to seek me out Stella…? Why?” He reached up, covering his face. I was, so confused.

“What the f**k are you talking about?” I asked, he once more looked at me. He reached to the locket, and he gave it a squeeze.

“I’m sorry Stells…you should’ve stayed home…” He was bending down for something, and I felt, the sudden urge to run. My legs, were frozen, my heart was running in fear. He was standing up straight, his eyes, had grown cold…I watched his face become lax. He was stepping up to me, holding a large piece of wood.

“S….Sylas? S…stop!” He wasn’t stopping, he kept walking up to me, both hands grasping the large wood. Within his eyes, I could see tears rising.

“I’m happy you came for me, but this means death for you…” He rose the branch, and my head, split with pain. A sudden brightness filled behind my eyes.

“Hello my little Starlight, it’s been a long time. Your brother had said so much about you.” His voice, was sweet, baritone…I had turned over, my vision had started to double, the sky was lit with red, and he stood above me, his arms at his side, his smile wide, lips tinged purple, and his eyes were…the most I don’t know. I was stunned, and my head was killing me. He had reached out, his hand was large, calloused, with a ring on his pointer finger, that came out to a sharp talon. His face, was masculine, very sharp, and his nose aristocratic. I was stunned within his radiant glory, he helped me too my feet.

“Easy Starlight, you’ve got quite a knock on your head.” His smile, was capturing me. His fingers, ran over my skin, and my body had reacted, erupting in a sudden heat flash; my eyes closed, his lips leaned down, running over my neck.

“I can show you the world Stella, let me show you, what power, and money can give you. I can show you, what true love, can bring you…” Arms wrapped around my waist, and I was spinning.

“Open your beautiful eyes, my dear love…” He purred.

I obeyed. Golds, silvers, reds, greens, and beautiful copper filled my eyes. The scent of roasting meats, and beautiful red wines, I had felt my lips turn up in a smile, a beautiful song had poured from the front of the room. The warmth, was seeping deep into my bones.

“What’s the one thing, you’ve always wanted, my beautiful star?” He asked, I had turned to him, I couldn’t answer; his placed his finger underneath my chin, and lifted my face to meet his eyes.

“All you wanted, was your life, your brother…and the power to control life…I can give you, almost anything in the world…but your brother, has already made his choice. And your life, is what you deem it to be…” His hand went into my hair, running through it.

“Think of the most beautiful dress, and I shall give it to you…” His lips, pressed against my ear; my eyes closed, and I saw what I had wanted. His smile, was hard to miss.

“Granted…” He purred.

I felt him leave me, his hands holding mine, and I had looked at myself, before I had looked at him. Green was of emerald, the fabric was of the purest of silk, the corset, was of the purest of leather, and the color of copper. My tennis shoes, had been replaced, by the most beautiful lace up boots. The heels, had made me reach to this man’s chest. Although a bit hard to walk in, I had managed with his help. The dress had stopped at my knees, the silk collar around my neck, was the same emerald color. And my lips, were painted red, eyes darker then midnight. I had melted into his arms; his chest was pressed against mine. He had smelt of soot, and firewood. He wore the clothes of a nobleman. And his hair, was the color of a silver pence. His eyes, were the color of violet, and his lips, were a tinge of purple…and his face, was of porcelain. The colors of his silks, were darker then that around him, but I had paid no attention to it. I held his hands, as he carried me about the dancefloor doing the waltz. Masked faces, danced around us, I had felt comfortable within his presence.

“There is so much more, that I can show you. If you would allow me in…” He let go of my hands, reached my waist, and he dipped me. My hair touched the floor, my eyes were closed, yet I felt him grow near, his lips against my clavicle.

“There’s so much burning power, so much will within your heart…” He pressed a cool kiss against my skin, and I had felt that flush of heat once more.

“Stella Evelyn, please be my queen…” He whispered, my brows knotted together, my hands reached up, and pressed against his chest. He lifted me up, as I opened my eyes and I looked at him. At once, I saw his smile die; pain, sorrow and regret had filled his eyes.

“Sir, I cannot. I must find my brother. He’s out in the woods somewhere, lost!” I took a moment, and I stepped back. I touched the silk clothing, and he reached out, his entire hand, could have wrapped around my wrist, twice. It wasn’t painful, but it was urgent, and I saw the tears appear within his eyes.

“Please Starlight…don’t break my heart…I promise you. You’ll have everything you’ll ever need. I know you love singing, I know how much you love writing, playing the piano…ask for it, and I’ll give it to you!” He was pulling me, gently. And I pulled my hand away.

“What I want…you can’t give me sir…I’m sorry…” I was pulling away again, and around him, I saw the darkness creeping from his soul.

“Why do you deny me? I give you silk, I give you music…I give you life…my life…” He closed his eyes, the tears had slipped from him. I watched his chin tremble.

“Do you have, any idea…how long I have waited for you to return to me?” The sorrow within his voice, was real…I had wanted to walk back to him, apologize, lay within his arms…be with him, but I couldn’t.

“I’m sorry milord, but I have to leave. My brother needs me…” I had turned from him, I had showed him my back…he reached out, his fingers running down my spine.

“You’re truly sure, this is what you wish to seek out?” He asked, I had nodded.

“Be prepared little Starlight, not all truth, is worth seeking.” He replied.

“Put me to the test…I’ll prove that I’m strong…” I looked over my shoulder, his face contorted in anger.

“I’m a warrior. I have been for years, I’ve fought with my brother, against my brother, I been through that rebellious teen years…and now, I’m ready to find my family, and be with him again.” I closed my eyes, held the hem of my dress.

“Why aren’t you afraid of me?” He asked, and that time, I had smiled. I truly smiled.

“We all have monsters inside us sir. And sometimes, those monsters win, and sometimes, those monsters, don’t. You still have fight in you, you could still win.” The door was right there, he sobbed.

“I don’t want to be alone anymore…” The walls, crumbled, the lights had fallen, the darkness surrounded me, and the red skies waited for me. He fell to his knees. The rumble underneath my feet, the pain within my head. Music had ceased, the dress had turned to tattered nothingness…I had looked to him, my heart went out to him; he looked up at me, I saw the violet eye, and the blind eye. His lips were parted, and I saw the sharp teeth, his skin was much more pale then before. He was drained, I had reached out, and gently cupped his face within the palm of my hands. I dropped to my knees, I was face to face with him, and his eyes had captivated me.

“I’m not the cold-hearted monster, everyone plays me out to be…I’m not some cruel power hungry god wanna be…” He touched my hands, and I felt his cold skin.

“I just wanted my former wife, to be happy.” He leaned forward, pressing his forehead against mine.

“And because I wanted what she had wanted, I had lost her…” I was feeling this gentlemen’s pain, I was feeling…his sorrow. I saw deep within his eyes the loss, he mourning he went through, my heart had gone out to him.

“I promise, I’ll find you again. I promise, you’ll never be alone, ever again…”

  • thirteenlilsykos

    It will be interesting to see where the story goes from here. There’s definitely grammar issues but nothing that made it unreadable Is this supposed to be the first chapter of your book or something else? I’m just curious.

    • Shannon Williams

      This is the unedited version. This is also the prologue to the first chapter. Im currently editing now.

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    Post the next part soon. I almost cryed when I reached the end. I’ll be waiting until next time.

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    Wow, this start of your book is quite a page turner. Can’t wait for the next part

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