It was a normal day for me. Woke up, took breakfast, went to work, the usual stuff every regular person does. But it was not too long until someone sent me a creepy message on my Facebook account. There was no introduction to the message just a video attachment, senders name was ‘Finding Emotions’.

I started the video out of curiosity and for the first few seconds of the video, there was static and what looked like a woman’s disfigured face. I could notice that the word smile was forming with each transition. Then I heard a voice, but I could not quite figure out what it was saying. I noticed only one word which was ‘dead’. I couldn’t quite figure out what the whole point of the video was so I continued my day how it was.

During the day, I started getting sick, huge pounding headaches and the feeling of a cold draft against my shoulder. Left work cause I wasn’t feeling myself anymore, the images of the woman’s face kept flashing in my head. “That video did something to me,” I said to myself. Then it happened. I started smiling. Not in a funny way, but more in a terrifying life or death way. I couldn’t stop smiling and I could feel the skin around my cheeks stretching and stretching. I couldn’t scream cause I was constantly smiling. My face, my mouth, I was not in control. Then it stopped. Everything came to normal. I received another message from the Facebook account ‘Finding Emotions’. The message was this:

“She did not smile, she did not laugh, No Emotion… No Emotion. So I teach her… all emotions… First we smile. Then we cry. Don’t be sad. And don’t you get mad. Your emotion… your emotion that is why I teach trough this motion. Learn your lesson and learn it well for you will suffer all my emotions.”