Hello, my name is Jason Smith. I am currently residing in Grievance psychiatric hospital, for the criminally insane. I’ll explain how and why I got here in a bit, but for now, let me just say, I am not like anyone else in here. You see, everyone else in here is insane, however I am not. Now I know how that sounds, you’re probably thinking. “Well of course someone who is crazy would say that they aren’t.” And yes, you would be correct but trust me on this I am not crazy. Because the only reason I am in here is because somebody gave me something that made me do something… horrifying.

It really all started about ten years ago. I was a boxer, however I was not the best by a long shot. I had just lost two fights by knockout and was preparing for another one. I was in the locker room with my boxing robe hanging off my body while I was shadow boxing, and hoping that I win this fight, when suddenly a voice tells me, “It’s time.” As I’m walking to the ring, the crowd was heckling and shouting insults toward me. I ignored them and proceeded to step into the ring and walk to my corner. Suddenly loud heavy metal started to play through the arena as this buff bald man stepped into the ring and started to dance and hop in the middle of the ring as if he had already won the fight. The crowd cheered and cheered for this man until the ref came in and called me to the middle of the ring to join this “giant”.

“I want a clean fight, no low blows, no hits from the back, alright touch gloves.” After we touched gloves we backed into our corners and bell rang. The man advanced toward me fast and swung wildly I ducked under his punches, moved in closer and hit him with two jabs and a left hook. He seemed unaffected by this and hit me with a right hand I stumbled back, dazed and confused I saw him rush me and I quickly evaded him. It was almost as if I was running away from him. He took a big swing at me and I ducked and hit him with the hardest right hook I could throw, he staggered I hit him with two more hooks and an upper cut, he stumbled and almost fell. This is where I got too confident and smiled. He quickly recovered and hit me with a right hook I fell and was out cold.

I was actually contemplating quitting boxing and moving on but while I was taking off my hand wraps in the locker room, however out of the blue some shady looking man walks in and says, “Hey uh, I saw you having a little trouble there in the ring, I could help you out a bit.” So after he says this he tosses me a bottle of this black liquid.

“What the hell is this?” I ask.

“Trust me, you will never lose a fight again with that stuff, but only drink it right before a fight or bad s**t can happen, trust me.”

Before I could respond he stormed off. I just stared at black liquid for a couple seconds before I said, “Screw it, whatever works,” and headed home.


The night of the next fight, I was in the locker room warming up for the fight when I remembered the “elixir” that the shady dude had given me. I chugged like half of the bottle then made my way to the ring. My opponent was at least a foot taller than the last guy I fought, and I thought, “How is this guy even in my weight class?” I was honestly terrified of this guy but I brushed it off as me being nervous. The ref called us both to the middle of the ring, said his speech and sent us right back to our corners. I can’t remember what happened during the fight, but all I know is when I came to I was in full mount on the guy beating his face in. When I realized what I was doing I hopped off of him, he wasn’t even recognizable. Next thing I knew I was getting tased by a security guard in the middle of the ring. Surprisingly I didn’t even feel it. It took four taser’s to bring me down, four.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “This guy was probably on PCP or some s**t,” but that can’t be the case because they did a drug test on me after the fight and they didn’t find anything. All I know is, that guy gave me some messed up stuff.

  • Puddin Tane

    Needs work on the punctuation, but otherwise not a bad story.

  • Tedi Malekian

    Make it longer this was actually starting to sound good. Also there was no fear or horror in this. I wouldnt call this a creepypasta.