Don’t L3t Me Down (Part-1 New Message)

In the beginning if she asked me to do it I wouldn’t. It started so simple but no what I’ve done can’t be forgiven nor forgotten. I am sorry to the people I’ve harmed and truly sorry to their families I’ve caused so much pain. I’m not sorry I let her down, a girl online with the username Kitten. I’m getting ahead of myself we’ll start at the very start of this horrible nightmare of love.

Exactly a year ago today I received a message from a girl named Kitten. The message read “Hey I really like the way you look in your profile pictures! let’s chat”, I was very happy over the message and messaged right back. I was a lonely guy who always did his best for friends but was always taken advantage of. “Hay I like your pictures too! Where are you from?” I quickly typed. “I’m actually down the street from you and would love to meet up sometime but for now let’s video chat” she messaged.

I clicked on the camera button and the screen showed her face painted like a skull. I asked why her face was painted and when she said it was just for fun I believed it, after all she could be an artist like me. We talked about certain things in life, movies, books, art and finally the questioned was asked that started a terrible nightmare. “If you had to kill for me would you?” she said looking down smiling and biting her finger.

“Yea, I mean if it was very serious do or die situation” I said with a nervous voice. “Oh trust me it is a do or die situation” she said just looking down. A scream shot out in her house and her eyes went wide as she said her grandfather would have fits that reminded him of the war as she signed off quickly. I sat back and thought of the scream I heard but something wasn’t right, the voice sounded strong not weak. A few days went by and I shrugged everything off and just thought she must be busy until I heard a “Ba Ding!”.

I checked my computer and the screen said there was a new message from Kitten. I opened the message and it said I missed a video call from her so I video called her right back. When I saw her I noticed a mark on her shoulder that looked deep but she said it was just a new special effects thing she was working on. We made plans to meet up on the weekend and to take a stranger to dinner at her house just as an experiment. The day after I asked lots of random people if they wanted to go to dinner but was turned down every time since it was kinda strange.

I walked by a homeless man and asked him if he wanted to go to dinner with me and he smiled, he said he hasn’t had a hot dinner in some time. We talked on the way over to her house and he explained how he had two daughters and a son that he lost contact with. The homeless man told me his story of a young business man who had it all but when a man came in and made a business deal with him the man took everything he had. The homeless man sent his kids to live with their mother and gave them the rest of the cash he had.

We arrived at a mansion that looked old but clean, I didn’t believe it at first but I rang the door bell and Kitten was on the other side with a smile. We followed her through giant rooms into a dinning room with a long wooden table. I asked why she still had the face paint on and she looked down and said “Let’s have dinner”. We sat at the table waiting for dinner but when I looked at the homeless man his eyes were wide and lifeless as he fell forward with a clever in his back and Kitten behind him.

I tried to run to the front door but she ran in front of me sliding on the waxed floors. She asked me where I was going and how it be pointless because I would be a connection to the murder and go down with her. She walked close to me and grabbed my hand and explained in my ear that the do or die situation was right now. If I didn’t kill someone for her she would kill me slowly. She told me I’d be screaming for days but she didn’t want to do that because she loved me then she kissed me. Looking into her eyes I saw a heart and from that moment I wanted to protect it.


  • Group squad

    The last line’ Looking into her eyes I saw a heart and from that moment I wanted to protect it.’ that was so so romantic the way you hooked me I really want to read some more of your work because you’re an amazing offer and I think you can go places

  • Jackson Snooks

    Thank You! I try to write a story with all the emotions that would be felt, love, sadness, anger, and fear

  • Supernatural lover

    Great story i really like it the tention the love and the details omg amazing work