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This story will make you questions our existence and see how meaningless we truly are.

We live on Earth, which is in our solar system. The dark, black, cold galaxy that we live in is the Milky Way. It is in a galactic cluster, in a huge black void, called the universe.

Many wonder if we are alone in this vast space of darkness, what if we are? If we aren’t, there are billions of ways it could turn out. We could find a smarter intelligence, discover new technology, or… we could cause our whole race and galaxy to go extinct because of our wondrous minds. After all, curiosity killed the cat.

How would you feel if you went extinct? Well, we cause species to be endangered everyday. We kill, we eat, we destroy things. You are no different, you are just like us. You humans are no different from us, except for one thing… you are inferior to us.

Be prepared for war, we will bring it to you. We will wide your galaxy off of the surface of space, you will be no more. Don’t try to stop us because we see everything, from all angles and sides. We are just as powerful as the gods you worship, maybe even stronger.

We have visited many times and took many test subjects. We don’t bite, we just help keep the universe alive. We turn ruins into planets and stars into suns, we recreate galaxies. We made yours, we made Andromeda, we made our own…

And please, stop calling us Aliens. Call us your friends, or makers, or gods… or your worst nightmare. The question is, will you find us before we reach you? Be prepared to give us a warm welcome, we’ll do the same.

Be expecting to see us within the next thousand years…

  • vEarthling 0.2

    Humans are small compared to the Earth but the Earth is small compared to the sun but the our sun is small compared to IC 1101, but IC 1101 is small compared to our milky way galaxy but our galaxy is small compared to the universe, then compare the universe to yourself