Dirty Black Shoes

When I was in 4th grade, my friends and I decided to go to the river near our school. It was lunch time when we went there. Actually, kids like us were not allowed to go there because well…it has some kind of unnatural happenings. Some say that if you go there alone you will have some curse and weeks after it, you are dead for good. Doctors can’t even explain what was the reason yet Psychics still answers the same:

It’s surrounded by evil spirits and you’ve crossed one of them.

Still, we went. Carefully we snack out successfully. Big trees, silent place, full of rocks and few shades of sunlight. That’s the place we went. We heard about these kind of bizarre stories yet we aren’t even scared. We relied by our count. If we are many, they will not cross us, instead, they just hide and wait until we are out of there.

That’s what we thought.

Each of us grabbed some rounded little rocks and practice the “double bounce” on the water. Am I wrong? Sorry I don’t know what it’s exactly called. Particularly in my case, I was called by nature. I left them and got back to the school and answered the call. When I was in the comfort room I can hear whispers and swinging of the other cubicles. When I got out and washed my hands after, I could see a pair of dirty shoes on the last cubicle. Mostly in some schools, black shoes is required but for ours, white shoes are worn. I’m sure it’s not a teacher because they have a separate comfort room. Even staffs on our school wear white shoes.

I was having goosebumps and the feet keep making weird sound like stepping it slowly one by one. I immediately left and while I was on my way back to where my friends are, I heard them calling my name.

“What is it?” I asked.

They are all shocked and one of them finally decided to talk, “Where have you been?”

“School. Answering the call of nature, ” I jokingly answered.

Frowning was the only response I got. I felt weird about their reaction.

“Is there something wrong?”

“Did you go there?” and she pointed to where a big tree was, 6 meters away.

I crunched my eyebrows together and nervously shaking my head. My heart beat was so fast that I couldn’t move when I received another statement…

“Then if you’re not the one that’s behind the tree, who isShe exactly look like you.

“I…I don’t know. I’m sure it’s not me. I went to the comfort room and not there! Stop joking like that! It’s not funny!”

“We’re not! You are the one to stop joking around—!”

We are interfered by a “Psst!”. I know its not the others ’cause I know that I heard it on the other side of the river. We were silent for awhile and was ready to leave the place when we heard a giggling sound. We looked at each other, you know that each one of us is scared and nervous.

We hurriedly left the place and never came back. That was the first and last time we will ever go there. None of us said anything after that and the next day, a girl was found dead in the girls’ comfort room and nobody knows who she is and where she came from. All they recognized was the dirty black shoes.

  • Raymond Goh

    I did understand most of the story, but I guessing some of the words were not quite correct so I didn’t get the full effect of the story. But, keep making more story and I hope that your stories can become better.