Dead Tales: The 5th Part of The Curse

Author’s Note: The following stories in 123KidZ Short Stories Volume 1 contains frightening/intense scenes, paranormal activity, and some moments that may not be appropriate for children under the age of 12.

In this volume we introduce 5 short stories all about creepiness. This is the 5th story. May the viewers discretion be advised.

It’s happening, I can’t believe he did it…

Jerry Brown ditched school for the first time, in 8th grade. But what he made was an unbreakable promise that he just broke, his promise to his mother to never leave school for something stupid. His parents died both at a hospital bed months earlier and I can’t believe he’s done it so early.

When he came back to school  the next day a shift in air temperature made it unbearably cold, and it was Spring! Second the corridors of the hallways seemed longer and it’d take him 10 minutes to get to class. The third thing that happened started a week later, hallucinations of his mother’s shadow casted over his and he’d always feel searing hot breathing on his neck at night as if the devil himself was right before him. The fourth thing happened just 3 days later, a storm casted along his orphanage’s building and the power went out, resulting in the feelings he’s being touched or punched on the arms. He had to live through this, if he could.

Then it all stopped, or so it seemed. Everything was normal. Then that’s when he realized the 5th thing that happened was him, he was the monster to cause this curse and he had to live with it. Self tormented in guilt, he now lies in the orphanage, 20 years later, cowering in fear.

A Heroes With Hood’s Story:

Dead Tales