Dead Tales: I Had Once Seen Them

Author’s Note: The following stories in 123KidZ Short Stories Volume 1 contains frightening/intense scenes, paranormal activity, and some moments that may not be appropriate for children under the age of 12.

In this volume we introduce 5 short stories all about creepiness. This is the 2nd story. May the viewers discretion be advised.

I can’t recall much but it started when I was in kindergarten. My parents were poor folks from the east side of town. They had no cars so I had to walk every day to my house. Wester’s Lane to Pepper Field Grove was the route I took, the short cuts for me took about an hour or so. By the time I’d get to my house they’d already be cooking pot roasted beef from the local super market. Everyday when I walked to the house there would always be something mysterious about the shortcut routes I’d take.

On Albany 4th Street where I turned a corner a sudden feeling of empty dread and happiness would fill me, the hairs on my legs and arms would rise up, and my chest would start to burn as if I was drowning. Then on 5th Street an indescribable feeling would hit me, a mix of all emotions at once. And that’s when we get to 6th street, my friends. They hide in the shadows and in that seemingly abandoned house you pass by everyday. They show up now and then, screaming in pain and agony not knowing they are dead.

Their moans fill my head with pain. I talk to them and they talk back, they show up in the empty spaces of the rooms and tell me about death. Sometimes they even hide under my bed, trying to claw at my feet, trying to play with me.

One day I walked on the sidewalk of 6th street, across I saw one of my friends in the doorway by where the movers were at. I waved and crossed the street not thinking. A car beeped and I turned to look, headlights blocking my vision.

Ever since that day they stopped talking to me, I can only catch glimpses and even those glimpses could be easily mistaken for paranoia. I had once seen them, among us they march quietly, we can’t see because we don’t believe. They’re everywhere when you are alone, can you see what I see?

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Dead Tales

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