I awoke to scratching. Then.

It told me to give it a name. My reply is how? I hear it shuffle around my room with no clear footsteps or clicking of shoes.

“I want a name,” it hisses this time. It sounded as if it was above me. I laid in my bed shaking and slowly sat up Looking for a silhouette in the pitch black hoping the light from the street, will illuminate the room enough, but there’s nothing.

I finally found the courage to speak. “If I can’t see you, how am I supposed to give you a name?” The swooshing and shuffling stopped. Then the chair across my bed squeaked as if it sat in it. I reached for my lamp. “Do not turn on the light! I just want a name.” I retracted my arm back to my blanket, it spoke and it’s voice cracked from male to female but with a consistent growl.

My heart starts racing trying to think of an appropriate name of what has woken me up and made me a prisoner of my own bed. My voice squeaked as I spoke this time shaking.

“A-are you going to hurt me? I’m trying. I just want to give you an appropriate name. What do you look like?” This time as it moves it sounded as if it was jabbing through my floor as it came towards my bed and I slide under the covers and put my pillow over my face for protection.

“Are you scared?” It says with its face pressed up against my pillow. I could hear it breathing and its saliva as it opened it mouth and spoke against my pillow along with the warmth of its breath.

“Y-yes.” It reeled back and stopped and rested at the foot of my bed. As it fully relaxed, it feels as though it has a human shape now. My heart is wrapping against my chest as I try to figure out what or who this thing is. All the noises from once I woke up to, then the voice change, now this.

I muster all the courage I have left.

“What are you?”

Awful gargling cackling noises come out of it.

“It’s what I’m here for.”

  • Psynderis

    I’m sorry, but I don’t understand the end of this.

    • Brandy88

      I don’t understand either, even after rereading the title and story.