Cold Blood

A happy family. That’s what you call fake families, right? They just put on a little act like everything is fine, then once you leave… Oh, once you’re out the door it all turns to hell. Most people might pity a single mother, but I don’t pity her. She put this upon herself. So now, she takes out all her hate on me and praises her only two actual kids. Why do I say that? Because she’s not my real mother. My real mother is in a mental institution far, far away from here. And my father? He abandoned me years ago. I have nobody to call family. I hate them all. So, now that you’re here, I might as well tell you the story.

It was a normal rainy day Friday. Well, not exactly. Today I would be different. The day I realized my true intentions.

“Auntie, why don’t you like me?” It was the same question she’d ask every day. Her Aunt just looked at her, the same hate and disgust in her eyes as usual when she looked at the sad girl.

“I just see those idiotic parents of yours when I look at you.” She spat harshly and turned away. “Why can’t you just be useful or something instead of being a waist of my money? Tsk, come on, you gonna talk or what?” She just stood there, silent.

“Nothing to say hm? Useless as always.” The aunt left the room. Watching her go, the sad girl just kept standing there silently. Then walked to her room. “You call me useless, a waist of your money, I know I’m nothing to you. But that will change.”

Later that night, her aunt called for her. “ALEX! CLEAN THE HOUSE!” She yelled like a banshee. “Yes auntie…” Walking to the kitchen, she grabbed a broom, keeping eye contact the entire time.

“Do you have a problem? Quit staring, freak.” She hissed. Alex said nothing as usual. As time passed by, the aunt was passed out on the couch, the TV left on. There was a report of a murder near where they lived. “A… Murder…?” She looked at the screen for a bit longer. The word of death never bothered her. She was far too use to the sight of death.


“Auntie stop!” Alex yelled out suddenly. The car skidded to a halt. “WHAT THE F**K IS WRONG WITH YOU?! ARE YOU TRYING TO GET US KILLED?” She yelled at her. Alex pointed out the window. “The road… something is dead.”

“Well, go see what it is then! Just don’t touch anything when you get back.” Stepping out of the car, Alex approached the dead creature. It was a sad and bloody sight. “Oh, It’s just a groundhog…” Alex kept staring, then, began to laugh. As expected from this, people began to stare. Mothers led their children away, other bypassers slowly backed away and avoided the scene. She just kept laughing. Then stopped, and walked back to the car.

“Well?” her aunt glared daggers at her. “What was it?’

Pulling up her blue and gray hoodie, Alex smiled. “I saw you.” She said in a sweet and innocent tone. Her aunt just gave a look that anyone would have at this sentence. They drove back home in silence.


Once everyone in the house was asleep. Both cousins in bed, Aunt passed out on the couch just as before. Alex stepped from her room, silent as death itself. Step by step, she approached the kitchen. Walking to the drawer, she took out a kitchen knife. The one she had always kept saying was her favorite of all the knives. Carefully closing the drawer, she head for the living room.

“I saw you,” she repeated the same words from a month ago. Raising the blade, she plunged it into her aunts throat. “Useless as always,” she giggled.

She did the same to everyone else in the house.

All in cold blood.

  • Abomination

    Oh….. Boy…

  • Kayla Grant

    Wait… What?

  • Laughing Jack

    This story Kinda reminds me of Ticci Toby’s story.I loved it.🖤🖤