Camp North Star

Claire Halsey is a 17-year-old girl this summer she has been forced to work at a summer camp in a small town. She thought it would be a good idea to bring her boyfriend Harris Parks.

When Claire arrived she told Harris, “I wish I had a normal family why would they send me here.” Harris joked, “Maybe they want you to leave to so they could f**k in peace.” While Claire did not find it funny she stared at him with anger in her eyes.

Claire and Harris found out they have to sleep in different cabins. Harris yelled at the person who told them and said, “Why the f**k do we have to sleep in different cabins?” The boy replied, “I’m sorry it is just the rules no different genders in the same cabin.” Then quickly speed walked away.

The next day the couple decided that they would meet at the lake that very night. Claire was surprised that they actually had fun helping at the camp while Harris was stuck on toilet duty.

That night, Claire and Harris meet at the lake and were making out. Harris tried to take Claire’s clothes off but she kept pushing him away. Then Claire said, ” I’m not ready yet.” Harris replied, “When are you going to be we have been dating for 1 year and your never ready.” He grabbed her pinned her down and ripped her shirt off. She screamed, “STOP!” but then he said, “I’m ready and sick of waiting.” He started to unbutton her pants then a man with a black cloth covering his face holding a chainsaw. Claire pushed Harris and ran she finally reached her cabin ran in and locked herself in she tried to call the police then she realized something there was no phone service where she was she hid in the bathroom and slept in the tub.

The next day she tried to tell the adults but nobody believed her she had no proof about any of it. The next day she went into the forest with her pepper spray and pocket knife. After an hour she realized she was lost and it was getting dark. Then she heard a bush and she said, “Hello who’s there?” A raspy voice replied, “Hi I’m here. Aren’t you going to say thank you?” Claire Replied, “Why would I thank you?” The voice replied, “I killed him.” Claire said, “Why? I loved him!” she ran in one direction until she reached the camp.

Two weeks later…

Claire just acted normal so no one would suspect her for the missing boy friend. While she was doing the camp work she had to take the swimming suit to the lake. Then a man came out with a chainsaw and said with a raspy voice, “Now it’s your turn to die!”

Claire ran then she tripped over a root the man came to her and said, “Should have said thank you,” then uses the chain to cut her body in half and left her body near the lake. The next week her parents went to help find her and they found her next to the lake. Everyone assumed it was Harris but they did not know why with a chainsaw. Everyone was confused about the chainsaw except the head camp owner to him the chainsaw was proof his brother was still alive and killing more people again.

  • Sarita Tinsley King

    Omg. Punctuation!!!!

  • Jed

    0/5 No comment.

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    Definitely not the worst story I’ve read. I like the concept, just make sure to add some details and proof read. Great effort, keep practicing!

  • Lop mop

    The punctuation and grammar skills are really bad, I genuinely think the person who wrote this was either ten years old, or this took them ten minutes to write. Gave it two stars because I felt generous.

  • IronMosquito