As Cammie ran down the street, the man at the bar chased her. Cammie screamed for help, but it was night and no one was awake to hear her. The man was growing near, but so was her house. She used the last of her strength to sprint to her house and lock herself in. She sat on her living room couch and quaked with fear waiting for the man to reach her house; of course her phone was dead right when she needed it.

Just when she started to thin she might have lost him, he started banging on the door. He banged on the door for a while before he eventually gave up. Cammie’s phone was finally charged and she called 911 right away. When the cops showed up, they were glad they found the man that was chasing her, but they were even more worried when they couldn’t find the person who had killed him on her doorstep.