Once there was a girl named Artemis. She had hair that was the color of the moon, she had blue eyes and fair skin. When she was 12 she was given a hunting knife by her father.

One day she decided to travel into the woods and practice with her knife. Then she came across a drunken man that started swinging at her and punched her after multiple tries. She slice his arm is self-defense. He screamed in anger and pain, then the cops heard and came running. The drunk man was the first too speak he said “Help this crazy girl¬† is trying to kill me!” Her parents arrived at the scene and ran towards the cops and asked, “What’s the problem?” Then the officers explained what the drunk man said.

Artemis and her parents were sent back home to discuss with their daughter. Artemis explained what really happened to her parents but, her parents didn’t believe or care for what she had to say. Her parents decided to send her to a mental asylum.

Artemis was there for four years, where she then turned insane. And on her 16th birthday there was an explosion in the asylum. She was able to escape into where they keep the weapons and took a silver bow from the weapon rack and a hunting knife. The next day in the newspaper out said “Local mental asylum bombed sacred bow and a hunting knife missing suspected to be taken by escaped person Artemis Fawn.”

The day after someone had burned down the home of Artemis Fawn killing both of her parents. The only clue left was a single long strand of silver hair. Some people are saying that they saw Artemis lurking in the woods to this day. She was watching them with her boys dawn waiting for the perfect moment to strike. If you ever hear the words “The hunt is on.” RUN

  • Puddin Tane

    I’ve written better stuff in 3rd grade.

  • Alice150

    I’m confused on the whole concept of her getting a bow from the mental asylum…

  • Rising darkness

    Why would someone use Greek mythology in a creepypasta

    • Advice from a pizza

      Creepypasta isn’t limited to what it can include. Anything can be used in a story — it’s the writer NOT the topic that determines if it’s good or not. The Dryad of the Woods managed to use Greek mythology.

  • Advice from a pizza

    There are quite a few things aside from just the “weapons rack” that others have pointed out. Another issue is the cops taking only the word of a drunken man without hearing out the 12 year old girl. There’s no way they wouldn’t at least hear her out. Her parents seemed to give up on her defense too easily as well. The entire story was rushed, leaving little time for us to care for the character or her resolve.