Arbatian Mental Institution 2 Ch.3 Lust

“What the hell is wrong with you?” the guard Melanie stands in the doorway.

Kelly pulls the blanket off to see no clown doll, but a guard who clearly seemed upset.

“Didn’t you hear it?” Kelly asks with red eyes.

Melanie twists her lips and snarls “The only thing I’m gonna hear is this night stick beating your a*s if you don’t shut the f**k up, now go to bed. And quit crying already.”

She turns and slams the door shut, Kelly looks around the room as darkness spills into every corner and crevice, so many hiding spots, what if it snuck in when the door opened?

She pulls herself back against the corner of the bed, wrapping the blanket around she awaits daylight to show it’s face once more.

In wing E, Jillian giggles and sits up on her knees, her eyes widen with pupils dilating from pure excitement, her second night in isolation and yet not a drop of regret filled her body. For the second night in a row, her lover appeared.

The being removes the darkness from the room and fills it with a soft white glow, settling down before her she gets a better look at it.

Transparent but at the same time, able to make out the features of what looked like a once very handsome man, but as time does best, it would seem it had been hard on him. Part of his skull was exposed, both eyes were in tact although one seemed to being turning into a spoiled grape, his clothes were haggard and out dated.

He wraps his arms around her while vibrations trickle throughout her body, his rotting head rest on her shoulder while his feet remain non existent disappearing into the floor, a translucent apparition she was in love with.

“My love you’ve come to see me.” he kisses her neck with what remained of his lips.

“Of course I did Ricardo, I had to.” leaning back she smiles “I couldn’t wait to see you again, I’m sorry it took so long, I had to cause a scene with the right guard. The wrong one could of ended in a completely different scenario.”

Wrapping his cold hands around hers “I wish you wouldn’t put yourself in such situations, but I am grateful to see you. When do you go back?”

“Tomorrow morning I’m sure, let’s take advantage of our last night shall we, I will come see you again though.” she smiles while leaning back. The ghost lays beside her stretching its cracked arm across her small belly. Entwined spirits rest for the remainder of the night, gazing into each others eyes.

The next day at dinner, Cole comes out into the dining room. Trixie makes an attempt to rub his arm (Cole was rather heavy set but also muscular) as he walks by, he pulls away and continues to walk while shuddering. Trixie catches up to him “Why won’t you let me take care of you? We’re all lonely here baby.”

She brushes her hair back revealing the empty hole on her face, she smiles exposing part of a complete one, four teeth were missing causing a gap between her scarred lips.

“Sorry Trixie, I’m not interested.” he replies stern but kindly.

“Whatever fido, wasn’t interested anyways, I just felt sorry for you.” she walks off to flirt with another resident. Sitting down at a table he sits in silence and waits for dinner. A small bowl of green mush blended with stale bread is placed before him. He digs in with his hand and looks up to catch a man with black hair and a chubby girl glancing at him, they turn away upon being caught. He shrugs it off and continues to force the food down his throat.

“Hey bro.”

Jillian takes a seat across from him with a bowl already in her hand, picking small handfuls she pinches her nose and swallows some.

“Hey you’re back, how was it?”

Swallowing the hard lump she coughs and pats her chest before answering “It was good, got to see him again. I’m gonna give it a couple more weeks then I’ll act up and go see him again. I mean, I know necrophilia is looked down upon, but I can’t help it. And technically it’s different this time, he’s dead but not entirely.”

“Why does he stay only in E wing?”

“It’s where he passed away he says, he can leave but he wants to stay with me. I still remember when we met, it was so cute he thought he scared me but I was just so fascinated by him, soon our relationship blossomed.”

Cole nods his head “That’s good, I’m happy you found comfort in this s**t hole.”

“What about you, hey when is your dosage due? It’s gotta be coming up?”

“Pretty soon, I’ll be okay. Nurse Penny is gonna end up f*****g dead if she keeps neglecting me, she thinks I’m doing this for me, it’s for all of them.”

“They’re all idiots dude, hey you catch a glimpse of that new girl? I think she has a thing for Lenny, overheard them down the hall talking to the nurse, apparently he was attacked by that little cannibal kid and she saved him.”

“That’s interesting, glad he’s okay though.”

They continue to talk about random subjects over the course of dinner.

Mark sighs “Did you get any sleep kid?”

Kelly shakes her head slowly, her eyes burn like they were washed in bleach, stress and fear take turns inhabiting her mind. “It found my room last night, it was gone by the time anyone came to check on me though. I stayed up all night, and all day, I don’t know how much longer I can stay up though.”

Mark comforts her with a hug “Take a nap, I got you right now. We’re gonna figure something out soon kid.”

Over the next few weeks, it became routine for Kelly to stay awake all night, then sleep during the day. Lenny and his co worker Diane began to do shifts together and started a bond, often seen holding hands when they thought no one was looking. Cole was once again forced to wait for his medicine, Jillian acted out pretending she was hearing voices and fake attempted to hit a guard, she was thrown in isolation once more.

New years had passed and a new year had begun, not that anyone cared, the year was 1987.

Jillian awaited her dark company patiently, excited as a school girl. Quiet pops began to knock on the walls, it slowly grew into a rain of fire with what sounded like gun blasts against the ceiling and walls. Patients and guards alike were startled, a massive hail storm had made its way over the asylum.

The ceiling of Wing E began to cave under the pressure, parts of the walls began to crack, puddles formed on the hallway floor. The rest of the building seemed fine, all except for this wing. Lenny comes up with Diane near the nurse’s station and stares into the awaiting disaster “We have to get the clients out of there!”

Nurse Penny pulls him back “Are you crazy? You can’t save them, the hell with them it’s what they get, let them get whats coming.”

Lenny pushes her hands off and runs into the hallway, despite their cries for him to stop, the ceiling then breaks apart closing the entrance behind him.

  • Patrick Johnson

    Yesss, more 🙂 love this series.

    • Patrick Johnson

      You still haven’t gotten me to like Lenny, it will be a very conflicted day if you do. *sigh*

      • Ray Ramirez

        I’ll always hate Lenny, but I wanted to show his back story of what made him so messed up ya know? Just to show at one point he was a decent human being.

        • Patrick Johnson

          I like it, definately interested to see the twists and turns to come.

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    😀As with other parts of this series, brilliant. 😱 Keeping up the suspense. 🙋 High five, more, more, more!

    • Ray Ramirez

      Thanks buddy! Figured out what to do with Lenny, what the main plot of the story will be, and how to end it. But with it being a prequel this one is gonna be short, possibly like 10 parts long.

  • Amber Izer

    Great. I always wondered what happen to the people in that wing. AMI didn’t really cover that since it wasn’t that important to the story.

    • Ray Ramirez

      I thought id add more backstory to missing pieces from the first one, thank you by the way 🙂