Arbatian Mental Institution 2 Ch.8 Break Down

Christian put up a hell of a fight, breaking an arm on one guard and gouging an eye in another. The guards were able to take him down eventually, with excessive force. The night sticks pounding into his quickly swelling head. Lenny comes in at the last minute and looks at the crowded beating, a guard looks up and yells “Come help us!”

Lenny steps over and sees the man who caused so much disgust and anger in his belly, an escaped reflex swiftly swings his stick down battering the right cheek of the already bleeding man. A soft pop rang in Lenny’s ears, Christian lied still on the floor, a small warm pool of blood encloses around his rugged face. As the guards help him up to drag him to a room, he looks over at Lenny; With a spit glob slowly dribbling from his split lips he smiles revealing a missing tooth, his right eye abnormally bloodshot with red veins scattered across his sclera.

He moves his mouth up and down in even motions then scoffs “Bone’s broke in my cheek, that one was your doing. Hope your sins are washed, cause I’m gonna write my new ones with your blood.”

He then steps into a cell without fighting, not even a shrug. As the guards slam it shut Christian turns to ask “Anyway I can at least finish my meal before you toss her, best meal I’ve had in a while.”

A guard racks his stick across the bars before yelling at him to shut up. Lenny realizes that he should be scared, but his foolish anger casts a heavy shadow over his rational thinking. What could he do behind his door?

A couple days have passed and Mark, Cole and Kelly all join together at an empty table to discuss a new idea.

“F**k, we needed her. What now?” Mark spits.

“Could come up with another plan, or distraction?” Cole replies. His hands clamped tightly on the table as he nervously looks out the window, every so often scratching his neck.

“Maybe we could just run for it? I mean all three of us together, maybe there’s a shot?” Kelly says.

“Doesn’t work that way baby, door is locked tight. It would take some strength to knock them open, and even then it’s flaky.” Mark replies while sliding back into his chair.

He turns and looks at Cole, while trying to be casual during the conversation he still grabs attention by the constant picking and scratching of his neck region.

“You alright there Cole?”

“No man, ain’t had my medicine in a while. It’s coming, no telling what will happen.”

Mark looks backwards to the glowing moon hanging delicately on a dark canvas of sky, he returns his look with a sly grin.

Diane was on watch for Wing D and E for the night, nothing unusual about that as guards occasionally switched wings according to what their schedule said. As she slowly walked down wing E to check on the harder clients, she wanders onto a cell at the end of the hallway. Ruby puddles permanently stain the concrete floor, a grim reminder of who they once called Trixie.

“Well look who got the s**t end of the stick. Fancy seeing you here love.”

Diane turns to meet Christian glaring at her from behind the barred window, his mouth peeled from ear to ear exposing his now gapped smile.

“Not here to entertain you, just doing rounds.” She replies.

As she begins to leave he says “You look somewhat familiar? Have a sister or any children love?”

Diane grits her teeth replying “That’s none of your concern.”

“Oh have I struck a nerve? You do seem familiar though, like we’ve met before. Wait! I’ll be damned if I didn’t know where you’re from, you’re the mother of Jasmine Parker!”

“I said shut the f**k up Christian! I swear to Christ I’ll f*****g kill you if you say another word!”

Backing up against the wall he smiles and ponders for a moment “I knew I felt familiar with your presence from somewhere, you’re the mother of the girl that went missing two years ago. Never found her did you?”

Gripping her night stick in her bony white hands she yells “I’m warning you!”

“Ah dear you take me all wrong, I don’t mean any conflicted feelings,” expanding his arms to the sides “I simply wish to bring closure if anything. See, I know where your child went, and why you never found her. Why, she was one of my most favored meals. If I close my eyes I can almost taste her succulent thighs again, chubby kid she was. I remember she screamed, harder than any of my other victims. Found it almost comical.”

Diane stares through red eyes tearing up with soggy tears “You’re lying! F**k you you’re lying!”

“Oh dear I am many things, a liar isn’t one. She had a birth mark on the small of her back, and a scar hidden below her hair on the back of her neck. I specifically remember that detail due to it being rough in texture upon chewing. You know what your little girl said to me? Her last words before I took her life? She asked me why this was happening to her, where her mother was? Would you like to know what I told her?”

At this point Diane is fumbling her keys searching for the correct one, Lenny happens to be walking by and notices her in what seemed like a state of distress.

“Since you won’t ask, I’ll tell you. I told your innocent child ‘Your mother didn’t want you.’, I tell you that drained the hope out of her quicker than I could bleed her out. Almost felt bad, but then felt better afterwards, mood changes quick with a full stomach huh?”

Diane finds the right key quickly entering into the chamber turning it, before Lenny can yell at her to stop, she’s grabbed and pulled into the small room.

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