A Ticking Clock

As the clock ticks onward Sarah procrastinated about doing homework by talking to her friends on Skype. They finished their conversation and ended the call, she decided that she should get her homework done. The house was silent due to everyone already being asleep other than her, the only thing wasn’t was the clock. She sat in her bedroom on her bed.

While she was working on her homework the silence in the room made her feel unease. She heard movement near her door, she put it aside thinking that she imagined it due to how late it was. It had continued, the sound got louder. A strong instinct foreshadowed her as she went to investigate the sound.

“Hello?” Sarah said not thinking that anyone will ever answer her.

“Hello Sarah,” A dry voice has responded.

She had jumped back as a figure started to stand that she hadn’t noticed there before. She walked backwards and was met with the corner of her bedroom. The figure had stretched and begun to walk over to her. Each step it had took made her heart beat faster.

She went into a fetal position on the ground wishing what was happening was just a dream. After a few minutes passed nothing had happened and she looked up to see that nothing was there other than a picture that was on the ground. She stood up and ran out of her room to her sister’s room and slept in there.

The next day she went back into her bedroom and looked at the ground to see the picture still there. She picked up the picture and saw something that made her feel nauseous. She threw the picture away and heard the clock ticking. She recalled that a few days ago she had threw the clock away because it had stopped working and realized it was tapping near her door.

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    It could have been a good story, but it was rushed and confusing and poorly worded. You have a good imagination, though, so just slow down and develop it!

    • Charlie

      I agree but I still think that her poorly wording makes the story horrible

      • Puzzlick

        I agree as well that the grammar is terrible and these should have all been proofread by someone other than me at 1am. I also could have taken a longer time reading them. I usually just read them how I normally would resulting in me placing in words that were not there but needed to be. I hope the poor grammar made you laugh though.

    • Puzzlick

      Hello, I 100% agree with you. At the time I made the three stories I was still in high school. This was near the time I actually started to put attention into my English classes due to the teachers actually being good at their job. These were all written before the classes actually started focusing on something other than book reviews so my apologies for my poor grammar.