A Shadow in the Dark

I’m a very big fan of Shadow the Hedgehog from those Sonic games. I was so happy when Shadow the Hedgehog had his own game. It filled me with joy just to play it. When I got to the store they were sold out of Shadow the Hedgehog, I was really sad. I got a text message from my best friend Bob.

I read his text message, it said, “Hey, I heard you went to the store and there was no Shadow the Hedgehog game. I was sorry to hear that. But if it makes you feel better you can borrow mine, I’m not gonna play it much anyway.”

I got so happy and I text, “Yes please I love Shadow the Hedgehog.” I waited five hours. He send it by mail. I don’t know why. We live so close to each other. Anyway, it was time to go check the mail. When I checked it, the game was here. I ran back to my house and ran into my room. But I was still in Pj’s so I had to get dressed, but first I set the game down next to all my other sonic games.

After I got dressed I picked up the game and looked at its cover. I just couldn’t wait to play it. Now is the best time since my parents are both at work. I took the disk out of the box and put it in the Xbox. But before the game started my cat came into my room. She went to my Sonic games for some reason I was wondering why. She looked at one of the game’s weirdly. My cat then looked at me, “W…what? Holly get out of my room please.” She then looked at the game again, at this point it was just a little weird. I put down the remote in my hands and ran to Holly. I saw the game she was looking at, it was strange that she was looking at this particular game.

She was looking at sonic.exe, for a moment I actually forgot I had it. Holly then sits on the desk and doesn’t move an inch. At this point I think my cats on drugs, so I just went back to my game not messing around with her. When I returned to the TV, the game says to press start so I did. Everything seems normal on stage one, I was running jumping and smashing enemies. But something weird happened when I got to stage two. After black doom was done talking stage two started. It started off normal but minutes into the stage something happened. After Knuckles was done talking, Shadow the Hedgehog did not move, no matter how much I pressed the b*****s on the remote. Then the screen started to phase out I thought my Xbox was overheating so I went to touch the Xbox. It was at the same temperature it is every single day, so at that point I just turned it off. If there is something wrong with the Xbox I don’t want it to break, I don’t wanna buy a new Xbox you know how much that cost.

I started to watch videos on YouTube for five to seven hours. Then I looked at the Shadow the Hedgehog box for the game. I decided I should play one more time today and hope it doesn’t break. My cat Holly then jumps on my bed, she looks at me and I look at her. I then started up the Xbox in waited a few moments. My cat was still staring at me, so I asked her if she wanted to play. She just looked at me and laid down on my bed for some reason. I then put the game into the Xbox, I’m just hoping it doesn’t crash. I then looked at the time, it was 4:33 PM. I was wondering when my parents come home, so I quickly ran down stairs and looked at their work schedule. It said they both get off at 9, which is OK with me because then I can play Xbox for a while.

I started playing the game on stage two, so far I haven’t seen a single glitch yet. So maybe I was right, maybe it was the Xbox messing up. It’s not like it never happened before, it happened a while ago on the same Xbox I’m playing on. I played the game all the way to stage five. I didn’t see any other glitches so far, but I decided to pause the game and look at the time. It was only 6:45 PM. I was being very I mean in the game killing people it was… kind of fun. I looked on my bed in my cat was just sleeping I wonder what made her fall asleep. I then when downstairs I was really hungry I didn’t eat anything all day.

I blame the game.

When I went in to the kitchen I looked at the table from a far. Only the kitchen light was on no other lights, but for a little bit of Sun coming in through the window and the Sun was going down. I event open the fridge to grab some burritos. I grabbed the bag of burritos and close the fridge. I then looked at the table and in one of the chairs was one of my dolls. It wasn’t an ordinary doll though it was a plushy doll. A plushy doll of Shadow the Hedgehog I was just really into him. I then turned away to grab a plate and I put them burritos into the microwave. When I turned round again the plush was on the counter. I went to the plushy and I picked him up, I started to hug the plushy not tightly though I don’t wanna kill him. My burritos are done so I took them out of the microwave. Then I took the burritos and my plushy to the table so I can eat. The plushy was just watching me, so weird. After I was done eating I grabbed the plushy and went back upstairs to my room to play the rest of the game.

When I returned to the game Shadow the Hedgehog was looking at the camera. I sat down and from the TV and just looked into his eyes. I was holding my shadow plushy in my hands, it creeped me out a little bit. Then I thought something kick me in the back the head then I was knocked out. When I woke up, I was looking at the floor. I then started to push myself up, but I stopped half way I felt a barrel touching my head. I started to look up, my eyes only saw a gun to my face. I looked a little bit behind the gun, and I was surprised of what I saw. It was none other than Shadow the Hedgehog himself, pointing a gun to my head. My heart was beating very fast, I was scared but not that scared. I look to my right and I saw my Shadow plushy hiding behind my door.

It was so confusing, why was Shadow out of the game? I just simply had to speak and said, “W…why are you here? What do you want from me?” I looked up at his face, his eyes are black like he had no soul. Or maybe someone was controlling him, but who?

He’d then looked where I kept all my other games, Holly was on top of one of them. Shadow then started to point the gun at Holly. My heart was beating faster than usual. But he didn’t shoot Holly, he shot the wall next to her. He was trying to scare Holly and it worked, she left the room. I’ve then got up from the floor. I walked over to where my games were, and looked at the one Holly was on before. I am questioning why this game, what is so special about it. I only played this game once and I beat the whole game. I didn’t kill anyone in the game they also arrived. But I think Shadow wants me to lose the game, I wonder what happens if I do.

I picked up the game box, and just looked at the cover. I then looked back a Shadow, holding the gun to my head. “You want me to play this. Is that you want? You want me to lose?” He shook his head up-and-down and then just stopped. I walked to the Xbox holding the game box in my hand. First I took out the game those already inside the Xbox, Shadow the Hedgehog. I put the disk back in its box. I opened the sonic.exe game box, and put the disk inside the Xbox. I waited for the game to start. Shadow had the gun pointed away from my head. I sat down on the floor with the remote in my hand, just waiting. Finally the game started up the screen was weird though. The screen did not look like what it did last time, I played the game.

This is what the title screen looked like.

Tails, Knuckles, and Eggman was already dead, I was surprise I didn’t get to play as them yet. I thought I would add these plans one of them, but they were already gone. Then the screen changed it showed Amy, Cream, and Sally. I played through their levels, I watch them die in front of my eyes. After that the screen turn to black, then a text of red bloody letters showed up on the screen. The letters spelled out, “You lost this round. There is no other rounds to win.” Then the screen faded out, all I could hear was the sound of static. I looked back at shadow and he was on the floor, it looked like I was sleeping and I’m pretty sure he fainted. A hand started to come out of the TV, I was a little scared but I knew what was happening, this time. Next thing I know sonic.exe was in front of my face. I looked at my door, the plushy was gone, and I said to myself, “Soon everything else disappeared too.”

Then sonic.exe was right in my face, his sharp fingers touching my hair. I heard running though, Sonic looked behind himself and it was Shadow. He wasn’t controlled anymore. Shadow took the disk out of the Xbox and broke it in half. Sonic.exe screamed, “NOOOOO!!! AHAHAHAH!!!” I close my eyes and opened them to find Shadows right in front of me. He was offering me his hand, I guess he turn back to good. I looked at the time it was past 7:00 PM. Shadow said he was sorry for whatever he did. I told him, “It’s OK. You don’t need to be sorry. You were being controlled.” He smiled I never saw a Shadow smiled in any of the videos I watched, not even in his own game.

He said to me, “If you wanna talk let me know.” I looked behind me on my bed, my Shadow plushy was there. And then he said something else he said, “How about when I wanna come visit you, I used the doll. Just don’t forget about me. Okay kid?” I looked at him and I nodded my head, “I will never forget about you Shadow.” Next thing I know he was gone. The TV was turned off. Shadow the Hedgehog the game, it was still in the Xbox. I took the game out of the Xbox and put it back in its box.

And that’s the end of my story. I know it wasn’t good but I hope you guys liked it. Well is the story really over, does sonic.exe give up that easily? When he gets defeated once, he never gives up the second time. Stay tune if you wanna hear what happens next in a different story.

  • Chainsaaaw

    Hahahahah!!!! You lost me when hedgehog kicked you in the back of the head.. sorry dude, not scary at all just very funny.

  • xKWRx

    I’m sorry but this was painful to read.

  • Mirror Master

    I’m sorry to say this but I don’t think it was just the cat on drugs with this story. Like the other reader said this was actually physically painful to read. I feel dumber just for having read it. It’s like it’s the manifesto of a Stark raving lunatic to be honest.

  • PurplexiaSphinx

    Ok, you know what? I’m an author. I wrote cringier stuff than this, and anyone that tries to claim that they have never written something completely off canon and just… Crack is the best word to describe it. Anyways, I thought it was actually alright. The interactions could use some smoothing, more realism in the attacks, etc. The grammar wasn’t horrible, and the spelling was pretty alright. Keep writing, this was pretty alright. (I mean this in the nicest way I can, I don’t mean to sound rude >-<)