A Christmas Unforgotten

I was in 4th grade when something ill never forget happened. I awoke on Christmas Night at about 3am. I heard a thump from the living room and went to go check it out. There was something ill never forget. Santa Claus stood there. His eyes were a dark black and his beard has strains of blood in it. I ran without looking back. I went to my parents room. I opened the door. There in front of my stood 2 men dresses in green suits with pointy shoes and ears. Their lips were crimson red. My parents were hanging from the ceiling with their stomachs cut open.

I ran faster than before to my sister’s room. I heard the elves or chasing after me, giggling. I ran into my sister’s room and slammed the door. I locked it right before the 2 elves slammed against it. My sister was confused. She thought it was me and my friends pulling a prank like we usually did.

“What the f**k Hunter!?” She exclaimed.
“DO NOT OPEN THAT DOOR!!!” I screamed in reply.
“I’m getting tired of these stupid pranks,” she strided towards the bedroom door. She opened it before I could say anything. The 2 elves leaped at her and instantly stabbed her throat. I was trapped. The only exit was the window. I ran towards it and jumped. I landed outside on glass. The pain was shooting all over the place. I stood up and ran. I didn’t want to ever go back there. Again. As I was running I heard bells ringing behind me. I turned around and there was that fat mother f****r. This time with about a dozen reindeer. The reindeer had burning red eyes with black fur. And the supposable Rudolph was worse. He had black fur with black eyes and a burning bright red nose. It was hard to look at him. Before they could run me over I did a combat roll to the side.

I started running towards town. But the quickest way was through the woods. So I would either have to take the long way or move fast and cautious. My dumbass decided to take it through the woods.

Everything was quiet so I stopped running. It was hard to breathe but I was almost there. I could see the lights from the buildings. I kept walking. Then I tripped and started being dragged back. I kept hitting my head off rocks.

“If you’re gonna take me back at least carry me instead of dragging me!!”

Of course I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. I felt myself get launched about 200 ft up in the air. That was some scary s**t. But of course they planned it because that fat Chris Kringle caught me in his sleigh. I landed beside him. He grinned at me. A menacing grin. I swear if I wasnt shitting bricks I would’ve b***h slapped him. He suddenly started flying down at about 50 mph. We hit the ground at high impact and I awoke in bed.

It was all just a dream. No evil santa or elves. I walked to my parents room to tell them about the bizarre nightmare.

I walked past the kitchen and something caught my eye when I looked in. There was a note by the plate of cookies. It read:

Until next year young one. I left a present in your parents room.
Santa Claus

I quickly ran my a*s up the steps and to their room. I opened the door and there was the surprise. My sister and parents were hanging from hooks in their neck. Their stomachs cut open and their organs spilling out. On their bed was a fork, spoon, and knife. The other note next to it read:

Have a nice meal.

  • dachelle johnson

    So I’m guessing he asked for that for Christmas lol what a twisted kid but overall very good story

  • Simon

    Well, someone’s seen Santa’s Slay…

  • ØSlenderWomanØ

    Amazing story, but a little to far with the vulgarity (language).