5 Days Before My Sister’s Birthday

5 days , before my big Sister’s birthday. It was a rainny day , the clouds are thick , and I can’t see the sun. I’m going to buy her a teddybear , a human size teddybear. So I went to a Toy Shop , there are so many toys around , Cars , Dolls , and a TeddyBears. I look for a human size teddybear , I can’t find one. So I approach the sales lady and says , “Out of Stock”.

I get out from that store. A few minutes later while walking , I saw a Toy Store then I go in and look for a Human size teddy bear. And finally ! I saw one ! It’s color brown , realistic eyes , it has a ribbon on the head. It looks cute so I buy it. After that , I go back to my House and place the teddybear above my closet.

I’m looking forward to my Sister’s birthday and I can’t wait to give him my gift.

4 days before my Sister’s birthday , I woke up and ready our breakfast. My Auntie and My Sister woke up , I invited them to eat the food I served , now were done eating breakfast and be ready for school. Before I go to school , I heared some news that our Neighbor’s Daughter is missing. I’m a little bit worried about our neighbor. After school , I went home and take a nap. I dreamed about a brown teddybear eating a white cat and It looks like the teddybear I bought. After that nap , I go into my room and look for the teddybear , and its fine… ” its just a dream” asked my self.

3 days before my sister’s birthday , no classes today since its Saturday , my sister and I went to my grandfather’s house. And after we visit my grandfather , I heared some news again , our another neighbor’s son is missing. I’m curious on what is happening. I go back to my room and rest. I’m hearing the door is creaking. There’s someone’s tresspassing. I look into it and I found it in the bathroom , I can’t see him clearly but , he is Large. “I woke up”…that was only my dream.

2 days before my sister’s birthday. There’s no classes since its Sunday. We went to Church. Its just a normal day , til the night time. It was a cold night and I can’t sleep. So I’m planning to wrapped my gift *teddybear*. So I look for the teddybear. The teddybear is missing ! I can’t find it. I look on my closet , none. I look above my drawer , none. I look under my bed , none. “What am I going to do ?” “Should I buy a new one ? Or spent my whole time searching for a teddybear ?” Someone speak behind me with a scary voice “are you looking for me?” … I slowly rotate my head and.. Its the Teddybear ! It pushed me to the corner and bit my arm. While the teddybear is pushing me , I speak “wh..what are you ?!” The teddybear replied “I’m a teddy , teddybear !” And then suddenly.. His chest opened , and there’s a black tentacles trying to reach me. I pushed Him and I go to the kitchen , I get a knife and I headed to my sister’s room. My sister is not there , so I go to my auntie’s room.. My auntie is not there too. I’m hearing a footsteps toward me.. I’m scared , I pointed the knife to where I heared the footsteps… Its the teddybear ! , “don’t you come near me !” The teddybear replied “don’t worry , I’m not going to hurt you”.. The teddybear went close to me , so I stabbed him on his chest where the tentacles came out , I ran out from that house and Shout with fear ” Help me !! Someone help me please !!” Someone came with a car and says “what happened ?” I replied “help me , I’m scared..” We went to the nearest police station and I tell them what happened to me and they are not believing me. I asked the police “can I sleep here ?” The police let me sleep in the police station.

1 day before my sister’s birthday. The police investigated my house and were searching for my sister and my auntie. They can’t find them. I called my grandfather , He’s not answering my calls , I tried and I tried.. And after a few minutes of trying. Someone answered my call and says “hello ? I’m teddy , teddybear.. How can I help you ?”

  • Avi

    Wow the teddybear the killer…..I know were u got the idea my mom and sand said to be a good kid so my teddteddybear wount eat me up…but u and also get it from the looks to And there are some spelling that is wrong BUT GREAT STORIE!!!!

  • Konner

    I read the first paragraph and I was done. XD

  • Caotainwafflezx

    This was really really bad

    • Amber L Chamberlain


  • edwin usprich

    Touch up on the pacing and grammar issues and this might be a good story… I thought the premise was interesting, as was the way it was presented, with the 5 nights until the birthday, but the grammar brought it down and some parts felt too fast paced for my liking.

    Tl;dr: The story is interesting but the grammar is bad.

  • kyle barron

    Really really bad Grammer almost unreadable

  • Simon

    Ok, this was hilariously bad.

  • Mia Dickerson

    Really good and interesting they should make it a movie or novel series

    • Creepypasta queen

      We know u lying

  • Mystic BleedingRose

    This was awful, I can’t believe I spent my time on it.

  • rafif arkan

    Grammar issues

  • bella

    I have the same teddy and stabed its neck….

  • I seriously commend the 5 year old who made this, it’s great.

  • ShYgUy

    I’m starting to feel like it was intentionally played out like this. If that is the case then yes. It’s funny. If not though, the writer needs to take his/her time. It felt rushed, and disconnected

  • Dark

    This story isn’t written the best, but the idea is interesting. I might rewrite this! Of course, I’ll link back to you.