2 Split 4 Ever

I don’t know what is going on with me?
I don’t understand, the court made me guilty.
I didn’t do anything wrong.
But the witnesses said I did something wrong.
They say that I murdered my parents.
I thought It was fun.

The jury sentenced me to live in the mental hospital for the rest of my damn life. Now they told me to keep this journal to write all of what happens all day.

Day 1:
Nothing really special happened today.
I’m still thinking when the doctors didn’t help me when I first started to feel sick in the head. Now I’m feeling hollow inside.

Day 2:
Today I met some new friends in the cafeteria.
They were sent here too because of the illness.
I don’t feel like I am a human.

Day 3:
The world has turned on me!
They sent me here because I am not a normal human!
Why? Tell me why!
The world has turned on me!

Day 4:
I can’t stop hearing voices,
I can hear voices inside my head!
I can feel the presence in my room,
it feels like a human presence, it doesn’t feel alive.

Day 5:
I had a visitor today.
It was a friend of mine who came to visit.
He kept asking why I did so horrifying crime.
I told him that the demons told me to do it.
He didn’t buy it.
I kept telling him that demons told me to do it.
He didn’t listen to me!

Day 6:
Today I had a visit from the sheriff.
He sat down and told me that they found a cure for my illness.
He also told me hat the treatment will start next week.
Finally, I will be free from here.

Day 7:
I was telling my buddies about the “new treatment.”
They were telling me that this treatment was to put me down.
I just ignored them.

Day 8:
I don’t believe what the sheriff is saying about this new treatment!
It’s a lie!
They want to put me down out of my misery!

Day 9:
Do you know what is my favorite number?
It’s 13.
13 is my favorite number because it’s bad luck.

Day 10:
I am excited!
In 2 day they are going to rid me of my illness.
But, I still feel sick inside.
No one wants me!
No one wants me!
No one wants me!

Day 11:
I have isolated my self from the staff.
They don’t want to help me!
I fear the treatment!
I fear the treatment!
I fear the treatment!
I’m feeling very sick.
Please help me!!!

Day 12:
Today is the day of the treatment.
They got my favorite meal to eat today.
They said it’s going to be my last day here
I’m sad
When I got to the room.
I saw so many people watching to see me be cured.
They told me to finish writing my last journal.
When I looked I can see needles and potassium chloride.
They told me that was to “cure” me.
I am going to wrap this up.
Whoever has this journal next will know my fate.
I must go.

  • Sultan__

    This concept or story was stolen/derived from the pasta ‘An Inmate’ s Journal’ all in all, this seemed to be extremely rushed