Zilo Kamiki

Everything changed when it happened…. My mom became a crazy f*****g psychopath and keeps me- well haha lets start from the beginning…. When i was six we got in a carcrash I’m not sure if anyone even knows I’m alive…. well if someone did they probably would have helped me by now… My father and two sisters died when the crash happened. I remember when it flipped, the snow falling hard onto the ground making a white sheeted beautiful crystaly wonderland. I had my head rested against the window watching the snow fly past then before i realized it we were falling… i guess driving near the cliffs in a blizzard wasn’t the best idea in the world. the blood curtailing screams of my sisters father and mother rung in my ears. i saw my youngest sister with glass in her throat and all over her facce, the blood fload like a waterfall and thats what i remember before i blacked out. My mom was alive… i felt my arm being ripped up and out of the car as she pulled me out with such force my arm broke. i never really realized how i didn’t feel the pain till i saw a shard of metal piercing my arm and the fact that my arm was just broken. my mom picked me up and carried me away from the scene, that was the last i saw of my family besides my mom. After the crash she didn’t talk for a wile and neither did i. she brought us to the hospital where we were treated and brought back to health. that was the last time she was ever nice to me.

When we finally got home she pulled me to the basement and yelled at me to stay, of corse i did i was six i was scared she would hurt me… little did i know that was what the next ten years of my life were… She tied me to one of the supporter beams in the basement and left me there for two days before coming with some food and water. she smelled like alcohol and smoke. i looked up at her her face was probably the darkest id ever seen it she smiled almost as if she were a demon and stabbed me laughing so hard. i didn’t feel the pain i only knew and felt the cold blood covered blade go into me. For the next four years she would come down beat me then stab me i have no idea how i didn’t die right there i believed in god when i was young but i stopped believing as i got older. i hoped every single f*****g day someone would come save me but no, every day it was the demon that walked down the stairs to hurt me. she would yell and curse saying i should have died along with the others that i shouldn’t be alive and that i should just die already. even unable to feel pain that hurt… to know your mom hates you and loves to watch you suffer…. Finally one day she let me out but she knew i would try to run away of corse i tried was she f*****g mad?!? anyways she caught me and brought me back to the basement…. she came up with a new idea. She had made and bought a few things to touture me with every day of the week.. mondays were repetitive stabbing tuesdays were kicking and punching wednesdays was whipping thursdays were finding anything glass she could get her hands on and breaking that over my head then using the glass to cut my stomach fridays she would hang me upside down letting the blood flow to my head for hours on end saturdays she would smack and kick me like tuesdays and sundays…….. she would do everything she did over the week to try and hurt me… she found it fun i couldn’t feel the pain she thought the less pain the more torture. Over the next year i was 11 and my brain had created people to talk to me… sometimes they’d say to kill myself and stop my mothers torture others they’d play jokes with me and the days i thought were the best would be when they told me to kill her…. when they said that i smiled to myself… no one knew i was alive so what was the harm? one less crazy lady the world doesn’t need? she thinks I’m crazy ha….. she’s right and she knows it she calls me insane because she hears me talking to ‘imaginary’ people at night well she’s right…. the torture no food the lack of actual sun- IM AS PALE AS THE MOON FOR SATANS SAKE!! back on topic i want to kill her… to taste the blood other then my own the blood that decided she wanted to torture me all the time… i cant wait to get my hands on her… hehehe to see her lifeless corpse on the ground~ that would be amazing. i just have to wait.. till I’m older…. hehe then ill do it. i swear on satan i will do it. one day….

~~~~~timeskip of 5 more years brought to u by ticcy toby’s ticking and BEN glitching a hella lot~~~~~

Today i turned 16… it turned out i had a really rare disease where u don’t go through all the stupid hormonal stuff normal girls go though around my age it either turns your eyes a deep purple or bright yellow in my case it was both. its really weird like apparently i can have children which I’m never doing but i don’t go through the s**t for it. ANYWAYS BACK ON TOPIC STUPID ZILO( AND AUTHOR CHAN!! stop being stupid -.- me: what i do????) today she beat me more then usual and she reeked of drugs so thats probably why… i lied on the cold hard ground (get it no ok ._. imsorry) when something… ticked.. ( HA ANYONE GET THAT ONE omg what tf am i doinggggggggg???) i sat up and grabbed a piece of broken glass she left and cut the ropes that heald me to the ground. For the first time in forever i stood on my legs. i felt them buckle under me and i fell to the ground with a thump. i glanced up and starred at a tall figure with no face.. he looked back at me as i heard an almost defining ringing in my ears. i healed my ears so tight and the noise only are but with it i heard a booming voice and more then one voice but also many saying doooo iiiit~ dooo iiit~ doo iit~ DO IT!!!!!! and i knew what they meant…. i grabbed the glass again and carved a thing id always thought was cool into the back of my left hand, a circle with an X overlapping it, after and douring that i agreed with the voices…. “ill d-do it….. i-i swore on s-satan i would h-hehe lets g-go have some f-fun….” i cursed to myself oh how i hated my stuttering. I ran up the stairs and quietly opened the door. i quickly ran to what was my moms room and grabbed the katana my father would always keep on the wall, it had a black and silver three foot blade with a red and black handle. after slinging it over my back I grabbed an empty jimmy dean bottle and crept back downstairs.
There she was… I watched from the shadows as i slowly came up behind her… she was sleeping. I smiled demonically to myself and started laughing a laugh i never knew existed… quickly i jumped infrount of her and smashed the glass over her head. With a scream she jolted awake to see me smiling as a devil would “w-why hel-llo there m-mother” she looked at me in horror as blood dripped down her stupid face. “Z-zIlO…..wHaT tHe F**k ArE yOu DoInG?!?!?!?!” (know that typing i love u!!~) I again smiled “j-just some unf-finished business..” With the broken glass i stabbed her chest. She screamed in pain, music to my ears~ I kept stabbing and cutting her hurting her like she did to me my scars will last forever, hers on the other hand will never have the time to heal. her crying and pleading for me to stop made me again laugh demonically Finally i stabbed her neck and blood gushed out. Truly a beauuuutiful sight if you ask me. After a wile she stopped and just lied there. I laughed again so proud i had finally done it. i licked the blood off the glass and chuckled. After i went to a counter and grabbed the pocket knife i had seen a wile before it had a four inch blade with a black handle, then i walked back to her lifeless body. I carved my initials overlapping into her back ZK, then i went upstairs to grab some new clothes. I had to wear some of the old bats clothes because i had grown a lot lucky for me they fit. i grabbed a dark cyan colored sweatshirt which was slightly baggy, red converse with a green lace on the right foot, some black and red skinny jeans and a gray bandana that i tied that over my mouth just below my nose, after i pulled the sweatshirt hood over my head, odley it was a navy blue instead of the dark cyan. out of nowhere I heard the sound of sirens coming. ‘shiiiiiit’ i thought, ‘neighbor probably heard her screams…’ I opened a window and jumped onto the roof hiding again in the shadows. I heard the voices of the police and firemen entering the house and searching for me. I looked around for a place i could posibally escape to when i saw the woods not to far away. I jumped off the roof and started running to the woods with the katana on my back and the pocket knife in my sweatshirt pocket. haha no way in hell would i leave them. after ten minutes of running i made it to the woods but i kept running deeper and deeper. when i had been running for who knows how long i fell to my knees panting. when i looked up again i saw the faceless man and heard the ringing. next thing i know there was a rag over my face and i tried to get out of the grasp of who or whatever was holing me, after a few minutes i blacked out.

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