Zero Blackwood

Zero lay down in his bed, he was holding a picture over his head. He remembers hearing his mother telling him what happened to his twin sister. She was kidnapped at the age of five, it’s been ten years since she saw her. Zero just stared at the picture, there she was little and adorable, and he was standing next to her and their parents right behind. He just lay there in his thoughts, thinking, thinking about his sister. Thinking about his parents, and what they used to be before his mother died. Zero’s stomach growled and he got out of bed and walked into the kitchen, he stopped, still as a statue.

“You little piece of crap!” his father whispered, “You scared the junk out of me! Hey, you okay?”

Zero spotted a knife on the counter, he smiled. Voices in his head would tell him to do violent things sometimes.

“Did you take your pills?” his father asked

“No… no I did not, I was going to,” Zero answered

Zero walked to the cupboard and opened it, exposing an endless supply of drugs. Zero grabbed an orange bottle, took a pill then put it back. He hated taking his medication, more than anything, he had to for as long as he can remember. For some reason, his body was in horrible pain. His muscle was burning, and his nose felt like someone stabbed it with a sharp switchblade.

“Dad,” he said, “Am I next?”

“Next for what?” his father asked

“Next-to… disappear!” Zero raised his voice. “Lil sis was kidnapped, Mom died…”

Zero paused for a moment, Zero never knew how mom died, she just did. The only thing he can remember about his mother’s death is her funeral.

“How did mom die?” he calmly asked. His father gave Zero a stern expression

“I don’t know.”

He clenched his teeth and his hands turned into fists.


Zero ran out of the kitchen and back into his room, he locked the door, and stood in front of it, a sudden voice came into his head.

‘Kill him, he beat you, he hurt you,’

“That doesn’t mean I should kill dad!” he said. His voice shaking with fear as he heard his father screaming

‘He killed mother.’

“What? No, he didn’t!” Zero said tears streaming down his face.

Zero’s father managed to punch a hole through the door, Zero closed his eyes, he was prepared.

Zero woke up, he was laying on the floor in agony, he was bruised and bleeding. He slowly lifted himself up ignoring the pain. Then walked over to the bathroom, Zero looked at himself in the mirror, he was bleeding from inside the mouth, his face was bruised, Zero’s eyes reflected the bathroom light, all he wanted to do… was play with his little sister. He just wanted to hear her laugh as he tickled her. A tear ran down his face.

“I miss you Raphael,” he whispered.

‘Just do it, Just kill…’

“For the last freaking time no! Wait–I took the pills, you should be gone!” he said.

A flash crossed through his mind, he was standing in front of the sink, the pill slipped out of his hand and down the drain. He didn’t even notice.

“No wonder my body is drenched in agony! My bones feel broken! All of them! IT’S FREAKING PAINFUL!” he screamed.

‘Just kill your father, he killed mother!’

‘Kill him.’

‘Kill him.’

“I’m going to sleep, so you can shut your trap!” he said as he walked towards his room.

Loud screaming woke him up, he opened his eyes. He was laying down, but something didn’t feel right, he heard his mother and father arguing. Zero slowly got out of bed and walked into the living room, his father’s expression wasn’t so nice, Zero knew that face. It’s the face that tells you to back away. Zero couldn’t believe what his father did, he punched her in the stomach, over and over and over, she was bleeding like a fountain. She fell to her knees clutching her stomach. His father kicked hard in the head, she fell back.

“Robert doesn’t do this! I’m only looking out for our dau–”

Her words were cut off by his father’s shoe pressing against her face, he started stepping on her face, a little more force each time, Zero covered his eyes, he wanted to wake up. He peeked a little and saw his father bashing his mother’s chest.

‘Your father did this!’

“But this is all dream, right?”

‘No… this is real, this is what happened.’

“No, it’s not, it’s not, IT’S NOT!” he yelled at the top of his lungs.

Zero sat up in bed, he sighed, he was glad to be in his real bed. He smiled, he knew exactly what he wanted to do.

Zero heard his father’s footsteps as he came into the room, he sat on his bed.

“Zero, listen… you know I never meant to hurt you I know it’s been rough, with your Raphael and your mother, I’m begging you, don’t remind me of your mother I can’t control my anger, please I hate to hurt you.”

Zero didn’t even look at him, instead, he lay back down and covered his head with the blanket.

“I’m sorry, every time I look at you, your little sister pops into my head we were so lucky to have twins.”

His father stood up.

“I’ll go make breakfast, I love you Zero,” he said

Zero didn’t even listen to a word he said he couldn’t the voices in his head took over.

‘Do it, Kill him, kill him.’

‘Kim him, he killed mother.’

‘He’s lying, he doesn’t care about Raphael.’

Zero started to cry again, his body was filled to the brim with pain, the voices wouldn’t go away, and he wanted his sister back. But what he wanted more than anything was his father dead. A couple of minutes passed, Zero was still laying in bed.

“Breakfast is ready Zero!” he heard his father yell.

Zero lifted himself out of bed and walked out of his room, the dining room smelled like bacon, he spotted his father eating in the living room.

“Hey, dad I bought you something it’s in your room,” Zero said.

“Oh well, let me get it.”

“No, no, I’ll get it!” Zero insisted smoothing back his hair.

Zero speed walked into his father’s room.

‘There has to be a weapon in here,’ he thought as he opened a drawer, a pistol caught his eye.

“Perfection,” he whispered

Zero turned but saw his father standing right behind him with a stern expression. Zero aimed the pistol at him.

“What…why…?” Zero said.

He had so many questions.

“What happened the night your sister was kidnapped? I was knocked out cold,” his father sighed, “I woke up and saw your mother crying, I–”

“What happened to mom?” Zero barged in.

“All I saw on the cameras was a tall girl that looked like you! But her jaw was broken… Jesus, just thinking about it gives me the creeps,” his father said, “Look, if you’re gonna pull the trigger, then pull the trigger.”

“Why didn’t you get help when you realized Raphael was kidnapped?” Zero asked.

Zero felt a blast of anger it stirred up with terrible pain, he shot his father. He watches as he collapsed to the ground.

I’ll find her myself.

Zero dug around for keys, ounce he found them he ran to the front door, unlocked it then ran out. On a search for his sister, killing whoever got in his way.