Yukiko Yumi

A red haired girl skipped through her school halls. She smiles as she skipped. But then she was tripped. As the girl fell she gasps when she hit the ground. She was then kicked and told to ‘get up’ by a girl’s voice.

The red haired girl stood up slowly and turned around. She started mumbling to herself, “What’s that didn’t hear ya? Oh wait… you’re just an insane psycho,” a girl with blonde hair said. “I bet she gets it from her mother,” the girl added on. This got the red haired girl angry she shook with angry. “Awwee did I hurt lil Yuki’s feelings?” the girl teased.

The red haired girl known as Yuki jumped on the blonde haired girl. She pinned her down and started punching her. She laughs insanely as she was pulled off of the girl being held back. The blonde haired girl stared at Yuki as her nose bled. Yuki’s eye turns an orange and red color a smile spread across her face.


It had been a Saturday morning. Yuki had been up. The weird thing was it was 3am in the morning. She seemed to be talking to herself. She twitched as something or someone in her head answered back.

She laughs loudly. Little did she know she had alarmed someone. A slightly tall woman with red hair wearing a blue nightgown walked in. “Yuki… what are you doing up this late?” the woman asked. Yuki didn’t answer she only kept talking to herself. “Mommy…” Yuki says looking up at the woman.

The woman looks down at her child, “Yes?” she simply said. “She won’t leave me alone,” Yuki says. “Who won’t leave you alone?” her mother asked with a hint of concern in her voice. “The voice… s-she won’t leave me alone! She keeps making me do things I don’t wanna do!” she yells stuttering. Her mother went over to her hugging her, “It’s gonna be ok,” her mother rocked her repeating those words.


The next morning her mother called a doctor. Not any old doctor you see a doctor for mental health. She explained everything that had happened. She was then told to bring Yuki in for an appointment. She had gotten Yuki ready and put in the car.

When the car pulled into a big buildings parking lot. The building was labeled ‘mental institution’. Yuki had wondered what it meant. Her mother carries Yuki into the big building. About forty minutes later her name was called through a speaker.

Her mother carries her into a room. The room was all white with a doctor’s table a computer and a desk. A man around the age of forty had walked into the room, “Alright Ms. Yuki,” the man said, “I’m going to ask a couple questions… and I’m going to need you too answer then the best you can for me ok?” the man says. Yuki nodded.

“When your mad… what happens?” he asked. Yuki looks up at the man. “I… there’s… a part of me that… takes over and I hurt someone or… do something completely different from normal me…” she says. The man nodded and then says. “Next question… do you talk to yourself… and get answers back?” he asked.

Yuki nodded. “When I’m mad she tells me too hurt myself and others… she scolds me…” Yuki replied with. The man nodded and says, “That will be all,” he then looked at her mother. “May I have a word with you mam?” he asked as she nodded.him and her mother went outside the room.

About fifteen minutes later they came back in. “Ok… Ms. Yuki let me explain something to you,” he says. Yuki nodded. “You have what’s called split personality disorder… it’s where someone else that’s apart of you takes over… I guess you could say,” he said. Yuki sat there thinking. “You’re going to stay here for a while,” her mother said.

Yuki only nodded.


Yuki had been given a room. She had only a bed and bathroom. She sat on her bed thinking. She decided since she was allowed to go out she went out into the halls and walked up to a girl that looked around her age. The girl had black hair she was pale.

Yuki waved at the girl with a sweet smile. The girl immediately knocked Yuki down. Yuki sat there a second before laughing almost… an insane laughter? Yuki jumped up and tackled the girl punching her. Yuki was pulled off. She was dragged into a room where she was strapped down and had wires connected to her.

“Now… Ms. Yuki what will we not do again?” a voice asked. Yuki only chuckled. But then she screams as she was shocked. But it wasn’t a small shock like static. It was almost like being electrocuted.


Yuki had sat in her room staring out the window as rain fell down. She smiles as the rain hit the window. Her room door opened to reveal a package. A nurse gave Yuki the package and left the room. Yuki opened the package and stared in awe.

Inside the package was a black stuffed bunny with red exes for eyes. She picks it up and says, “Your name is cookie now,” the bunny jumps onto her shoulder. She giggles and walks out of her room to see the girl with black hair. The girl smirked and pushed Yuki down.

All Yuki could do was hug cookie as she was kicked by the girl and other patients.


7 years had went by and Yuki was now twelve. Today was the day that Yuki would finally be able to leave the god forsaken hell hole called a ‘mental institution’. She smiles to herself as her step dad and brother drove her home. She ran too her room to see it hadn’t changed at all. She looked around the house. “Where’s mom?” Yuki asked her brother Kiro.

Kiro frowns and bent down to Yuki’s height. “Mom’s… dead,” he says. Yuki then fell to her knees she stood up and walked to her room. She hugged her stuffed rabbit cookie while crying. Her step father kicks down her door. He was clearly drunk. He made her way over to her.

Next thing Yuki knew was she was brutally beaten.


Two years had gone by. She was still being beaten. The girl known as Yuki pushed a dresser in front of her bedroom door to keep herself safe. Some things had changed about Yuki… like her hair. It was now a sky blue instead of cherry red. She was covered in bruises from head to toe.

She didn’t hear banging on her door she only heard arguing. Next thing she knew was a loud banging noise that went by. She knocked her dresser and ran out to see. Her brother Kiro brutally beaten to death. Something inside Yuki snapped.

Her hair turns white as she twitched uncontrollably. Her bangs were pulled back behind her ears revealing her right eye. Her right eye was normal looking except in her pupil was a glowing pentagram. She twitched uncontrollably. She then stopped freezing up.

“Crazy b***h,” her drunk stepfather says. She then unfroze and started laughing insanely. She slowly picks up a piece of broken glass. She slowly made her way towards her stepfather. She tackles her stepfather.

Next thing she knew she had stabbed him in the chest forty-seven times. She stands up and walked into her brothers room. She opens his closet and grabbed a black hoodie. She went into her room and grabbed a pair of black shorts and black and grey striped stockings. She grabs her pair of converse and changed into the outfit.

She then walked out of the house. She had been taking care of herself for the next four years. She was eighteen when she met Slenderman and started living in slender mansion. She had found a place where she fit in. No one to judge her. She smiles as she hung out with other creepypastas.

And that’s Yuki’s back story. My creepypasta OC’s back story.

  • Nagisa-Kun

    This story was amazing I didn’t want to stop reading please make more stories like this one

  • IronMosquito

    This wasn’t great. The grammar was bad, but the story itself was too cliché. The whole “twitching, hair turning different colours, weird eyes, ect” really ruins the story because it’s been done so many times before. As for the “something snapped inside her”, that’s been used so, so many times. Maybe try to come up with something more original next time.

  • Thats_some_crappy_pasta

    I found it was kinda weird that she beat up that pale kid then got electrocuted, but when all the other kids beat her up the security or whoever were like, “o look at those kids beating up that other kid lmao.” And also if it was seven years ago she would be beating up kids when sheshe was five and put in a mental instatute at age of 6. If u make another story pls make it make sense. 😅

  • Thats_some_crappy_pasta

    O also there was alot of…. In it mabey not so much next time 😉

  • Thats_some_crappy_pasta

    MAYBE, u should rewrite it. That would be smart.

  • Advice from a pizza

    You switch tense frequently and you dialogue should always start on a new line, especially when it’s between two people — it makes it hard to follow. Also, names like “cookie” should be capitalized: Cookie.

  • Blazin_Azian92

    Hmm….just hmmmm 🤔 definitely needs some grammar updates. Your dialog between characters needs help too 👌 it’s not that bad though, keep trying 😊