You Sleep So Peacefully

*ugh* im so tired its 11 f*****g 30 and im stilling doing work I got from school today. You see I writing this down to let you know what happened so it only made sense to start from the beginning.

I live alone in a one bedroom house with one bathroom a kitchen it was a real simple house not too much just perfect for me I live alone. I goto college and my home is close by its within walking distance it only takes me about 10 to 15 minuets to get from school home. My classes usually end at 2:15 so im usually home by 2:30.

I’ve been doing homework as soon as I walked in till about 1 o’clock in the morning I was so tired so I was gonna go make a cup of coffee to pick me up I opened The door from my room to go into the hallway that leads to the kitchen and that’s where it started. When I entered the kitchen the chair was pulled out enough for someone to sit at the table and on the table sat an empty bowl that smelt of raw dead meat and blood with a knife and fork next to it. I know it wasnt me because I havent eaten today

I just shrugged it off because I know someone else can’t possibly be in my house because all my windows were locked andbecadoor had 3 locks on it 2 deadbolts and a regular handle lock you usually see on most door handles and they were all locked I shrugged tireoff as me being so tired that my mind was playing tricks on me. So I just ignored it its friday anyway ill finish my work tomorrow. So I made my way to my bed shut my door locked all 3 locks  got in bed and fell asleep .

I woke up about an about 3 hours later to this tarrible smell in my room I got up and went to turn the light on and what I discovered next sent chills right up my spine. All over the floor the was a liquid dark red in color and on the wall and what I was assuming was written with that very same liquid you sleep So peacefully.

At first I thought it was a dream untill I got a call from an unknown number when I answer all that the person said was you sleep so peacefully. I instantly went cold. How could someone get in my room I have no windows and my door has 3 locks which were all locked. I went to call 911 but noticed my phone had no signal weird if I don’t have signal how did I receive that call.

I was afraid to unlock my door. Because who ever it was could be right there. So I just sat on my bed and waited I waited about an hour. And finally gathered up enough courage to open the door so I got up I opened up the first two deadbolts to my room I went to go reach for the third and last lock when I heard the floor creak behind me as if someone was walking toward me i jumped in a fight slowly turned around nothing was there after what felt like hours was only 15 seconds I blacked out and deep voice whisperd in my ear you’re so peaceful when you sleep goodnight.

  • Francesco Villacres

    Its plot feels very cliché and used. It may have been better if you’ve read it before posting so you could spot mistakes.