Windy from Hell – Part 1

She’s coming for me. There is no escaping her, even as I speak now she is getting closer to where I’m at. When she finds me, I will be dead. To think it all started out perfectly normal.

I was coming home from work like I always do and I stopped by one of my favorite fast food places Windy’s. To grab a bite to eat before I went home. When I got through ordering my food at the drive-thru window. I noticed something that caught my eye. It was a girl with red hair and pigtails. She appeared to be wearing a blue dress just like the girl from the Windy’s logo

At first I thought it was just one of the Windy’s employees promoting their restaurant, attempting to drive in more customers but something felt off. Something felt wrong about this person she looked more menacing and more devastating than cheerful. Like you with the girl on the sign but no. She just felt very creepy

And all she did was just stand there. Staring directly at me. With those unblinking dead eyes and when I say dead I mean empty soul less eyes. Fixed on me. Almost as she expected me

However I Shrugged It off as paranoia and fatigue after a long day at work but when I began to drive away. I drove right past her as I left. She never stopped staring at me. I had my windows rolled down and I thought I heard her say something. When I passed. But i had to get home. So when I got home I went inside and changed my clothes. I turned on some TV and began to eat my food. Before I was able to take a bite of my burger

I heard a giggle from somewhere in the house. That’s when I began to shout and call out “who is that? Is there is someone here? Show yourself or I will call the police!” That’s when I got a reply back

“I saw you today. I want you to come and play with me.” As the voice said in a soft girly tone. I immediately panicked and yelled. “Who are you?” The strange girl replied said. “Well I’m Windy of course, come play with me Mr. We will have lots of fun forever and ever. I promise” After I heard this a lump formed in the back of my throat

As I got up from my couch and started to run towards the door. When I got to the door I swung it open and I was going to get the hell out of the house. But as soon as the door swung open. I saw the girl from the restaurant. Standing in front of me

But this time something about her was different from before. This time her eyes were Pitch Black. Her hair was matted, caked in blood and when she smiled. I could see Sharp and yellow pointed teeth lining the inside of her mouth. I thought I was scared shitless before this point but this time I was freaking the f**k out

Windy spoke to me again but this time in a demonic and demanding voice. “Why won’t you come play with me. No one wants to play with me, not even Daddy and he is dead.” So I slammed the door on this monster and I began to run into the kitchen where I grabbed a knife and a phone. Where I immediately called 911. Once I finally got ahold of someone, I explained to them what was happening and where I was located.

They thought it was a prank call and they hung up on me. I started to cry and fall into a devastating melt down. Suddenly I heard the door crash open and I thought to myself, she’s in the f*****g house. What am I going to do. But then it dawned on me. I’m going to try and attack it head-on. To see if I can kill it. So I waited till it got closer and as I waited I heard the thing wrecking my house. I could still hear it call out to me

“Come play with me. We will have lots of fun together. You can have all the frosties you can drink. And all the burgers you can eat. Come out I won’t hurt you much. I just want to play.” As it kept on trying to lure me out it got more aggravated. “Come out, damn you! I want to f*****g play!” As it roared in an aggravated tone

That’s when I yelled out “I will never come play with you. You evil piece of s**t. You devil spawn from hell. Leave me alone!” I yelled out to it. And then it started to giggle as it said to me. “But I don’t want to leave you alone. I chose you and when I choose someone. I will take them so we can have lots of fun for all eternity. Until they die”

As it said this, the footsteps got closer to where I was. I was ready to strike this time. I jumped out. Hitting the creature with absolute force with the knife I had in my hand. Striking it right in between the eyes. Windy let out a horrifying painful shriek. That’s when I began to run towards the door. But I wound up tripping on clutter before I could reach the door. That’s when I heard the creature say. “You’re really starting to piss me off. There’s no running from me. I will catch you. I will find you. And when I do, our playtime will be more fun for me then it will for you.” So I got back up on my feet and finally made it to the door. Where I made it to my car. And I spun off full speed. To go anywhere but here, far away from where that monster is.

So now I’m sitting here in a hotel room praying to God. Hoping she will never find me, hoping that I will not die. But wait, I hear giggling at the door right now. She’s here! Oh Jesus Christ. She’s found me. I have nowhere else to go now. She’s in. She is right in front of me now. If you never hear from me again. Just remember one thing. If you ever see a strange girl in front of your local Windy’s restaurant. Don’t make eye contact with this stranger in a Windy’s costume. Looks can be deceiving

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    really great pasta my friend

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      Ain’t it

  • TheLazyGamer 87

    Windy? Don’t you mean Wendy?

  • EeveeArcanine

    I agree.

  • Charels Waters

    The reason why it’s called windy and not Wendy because of copyright issues so I would not get sued by the Wendy’s Corporation if I use their name and any shape or form due to my Horror Story