Windy from Hell – Part 7

My name is Doctor Jameson and I’m reporting about a patient that was brought in here, to this very Hospital, not so long ago.

This is a warning to those of you who are weak stomach or uneasy to gruesome stories. What you are about to hear are the recorded statements of people who work here, at this hospital.

The night that it started. It was a chilly winter’s night. One of our dispatcher’s received a call. It was reported that the caller appeared to be a little girl. This is the beginning. Where the following events all lead back to.

Dispatcher: “911, please state your emergency.”

Young girl: “Yes, hello? I would like to report a break-in. Someone is badly hurt and they said that they didn’t want to play with me anymore.”

Dispatcher: “Sweetie, can you tell me where you’re calling from?”

Young girl: “Yes it is at__________ Road. Please send someone quick. He doesn’t have much time and I’ve had so much fun with him too! His screams of pain and agony were like music to my ears.”

Dispatcher: “I’m sorry, could you repeat that, sweetie?”

Young girl: *laughter* “Silly head! It is exactly what I said. His screams of pure pain were pleasurable to hear!”

The dispatcher wrote that she was taken aback. Stunned and frightened to the pits of her stomach, with the sinister turn at what she was hearing. Was this some kind of prank? Whatever the case, the dispatcher had to take every call as seriously as the first.

Dispatcher: “Sweetie I’m going to have to ask you to stay right where you are. We are sending out a team right away.” The dispatcher paused for a moment before affirming “They will be with you soon”

Young girl: “Well I’m going to have to go now. Bye- bye!”

Dispatcher: “Wait! What’s your name?”


That was the end of the recording. The next day that same dispatcher quit her job and never came back to the job. So as the A-Team of police officers and paramedics from the ambulance made it to the address the young girl gave out, it was noted to be that of a secluded residential block. House number 1___________ . Once the team made it to the location, it was reported that the door was smashed in and there was a body of a man found sprawled out on the floor. The man sustained multiple injuries, both of his legs were broken, his arms were like jelly, the bones were shattered to an almost irreparable state and blood was splattered across the room. As the paramedics were working on him, one of them heard him whisper something. So the paramedic leaned in closer to hear the man, putting his ear to the poor man’s lips, he listened. “Come play with me. Why won’t you come play with me?” Hearing this, it immediately spooked the paramedic as they lifted him up on the gurney and took him out of there. They noticed something that was written on the man’s wall. In a black gooey substance, were the very words that that the patient spoke seconds earlier. “Come play with me”.

As soon as they saw this, they put the patient into the ambulance and hightailed it out of there, as fast as they could. As they were headed towards the hospital, the ambulance driver radioed in. He stated that as they were on their way with the patient, he noted that he could have sworn he saw what appeared to be a young girl with red dishevelled hair wearing a blue tattered dress, with what looked to be stained with fresh red blood, and as they passed by her, she looked at the ambulance and as she smiled, she raised her hand to wave. In the statement, the driver stated that the smile on the little girl’s face appeared to be a smile that a serial killer would give after having his or her first to last kill. But he Shrugged it off as nothing. As they got to the hospital and wheeled him in, the patient become hostile. Struggling, screaming, yelling and flailing around like a madman

The patient begged the doctors and nurses in hysterics “don’t let her get me. For the love of f*****g God, don’t let her come near me! She is going to come back and finish the job. I just know it.” He sobbed.

The nearest home duty that night, sedated him, was able to get him to calm down and finally rest. He was in an induced coma after that. For a week or two, but that was over a few months ago and the patient is slowly recovering. He is conscious now, but he refuses to talk to anyone and hardly allows anyone to come near him, unless they are Hospital staff. His arms are almost completely healed and he can write with his hands now. With his current state and him not talking to anyone at the moment, the only information that we can get out of him is from the drawings that he does

What he draws is the same thing that he’s always drawing. It is a picture of a little girl with red hair and a tattered blue dress. Her dress is stained with red, which appears to be blood, and surrounding the picture of the girl is the words repeated over and over again “come play with me. Come play with me.”

In the next week or two I am going to meet up with the patient and try to reason with him, take his statement and accompanying me will be an old-time friend of mine, who happens to be a therapist. We’ll see if we can get him to speak, so he can finally tell us precisely what happened the night he was brutally injured

But for now all we can really do is expect to wait patiently. There are no new leads on what happened. It’s time to come to a conclusion for now, this is all I have to report. Until next time, when we meet up with the patient. This is Doctor Johnson, signing off