Windy from Hell – Part 6

Hello my friend. I know it’s been awhile since my last update, but I’ve been a little preoccupied trying to solve this mystery revolving around Windy. The last time we talked I told you I was going back to that place within the woods, well I did.

And let me tell you that what I had witnessed the second time was far worse than what I had the first time when I went to that horrible place. I went back because I had to make sure that horrible f*****g monster was nowhere to be seen and I made sure the coast was clear. I headed back into that building. When I entered, things were not different as the last time I searched the place, however I did stumble across something that piqued my curiosity. This place had a basement. Choking back the urge to run away, my pride the only ounce of courage I had in me, I pursued curiosity and descended into the belly of the beast.

When I went down there, you honestly would not believe what I had found. Sprawled across the decrepit basement floors were piles of bones everywhere accompanied by pools of blood. Old flaky blood crumbled off of bones and walls while fresh crimson dripped casually off of the ceiling and onto the floor. I found what appeared to be an altar that was being used for sacrifice. Human f*****g sacrifice! Upon discovering this revelation, I was most certainly sure of it. I had found its nest.

As I was getting ready to leave that abattoir of a basement. Something suddenly caught my eye. It appeared to be a light of some sort coming from what seemed to be a long tunnel. So like the idiot that I was I decided to follow the tunnel and see where the source of the light was coming from it. As I headed down the narrow tunnel I heard screams of horror from times past and present, or so it seemed.

Once I had made it down the spherical passage. There stood a tall metal door which the light was emanating from. Pressing the palm of my hands against it, I cautiously pushed it open and what I saw inside was far worse than what I had seen in the previous rooms that I was in. Skulls and bones hung from the ceiling like chandeliers, human skin lined the walls like wallpaper, and half-eaten corpses littered the floor and some were still alive but barely. Moans and cries of agony filled the room as pleas for sudden death arose. I stood there shocked from the scene I was seeing.

But that was not the worst of it. What made it even more creepy were the specimen jars that lined shelving against the walls. Exactly what were in these jars? They appeared to be some kind of still-born fetuses, however they were not of human kind. These were unnatural fetuses of creatures that were not of this reality.

These things were grotesque in appearance. Their flesh was a pinkish grey humanoid color. I was looking at one of them and I could have sworn it winked at me. But the rest of them in there were non-moving and had the looks of sheer stress on their faces. As if they have been ripped from the womb too soon and they were gasping for dear life. So I had seen enough and I was headed back out the door.

And that’s when I heard that voice, the same voice from last time, that same voice which nearly made me s**t myself. It was coming from directly behind me. A breathy whisper caressed my ear as these words were spoken, “So you came back to play with me? That would be a first. Usually I would make people play with me.” Hearing this I ran like a bat out of hell, slamming the metal door behind me and making damn sure that f*****g thing did not follow me out of that room. I sprinted back upstairs and headed towards the outside.

And that’s when I heard the monster again. “Please come play with me. We will have lots of fun together, I promise,” it giggled ominously as it said this. I yelled back, “F**k you! You ugly b***h. There is no way in holy hell that I will ever f*****g play with you.” She began cackling in response. “Naughty, naughty! That’s no way to speak to a little girl now is it?” This angered me, I will not let this thing pretend to be human. “Little girl nothing! You are a spawn from hell and you deserve to be destroyed.”

As I made it to my car. After turning the ignition frantically, I finally got the damn thing to start and spun out. I headed towards home where I knew I might be safe, and now here I am talking to you, the ones that will hear the truth about my discovery. I don’t know what that thing is doing down there and all I know is that it’s far from good. I sure as hell don’t know what she has planned for me if she catches me but- Oh s**t! Oh s**t! Shes finally caught up with me. I can hear her banging on my door. She’s repeating the phrase over and over again. “Come play with me. Come play with me.”

Oh God she found her way into my house. She’s broken through the window. Now she’s here. In this very room. She’s getting closer. I keep hearing her say. “Come play with me. Why won’t you come play with me?” Well my friends this might be the end of me. If anyone see’s this and if I don’t update. You know I didn’t make it. People need to solve this if I’m unable to.

This might be farewell my friends. If I don’t see you again. Just please for the love of God, don’t play with…. “Aw looks like I broke another toy. Too bad, I really liked him. So would anyone else would like to play with me? Hahahaha”

To be continued?