Windy from Hell – Part 3

I know it’s been a while since I wrote anything down. However, after I saw that message on my car I began to get real paranoid. and began to see her everywhere. she is f*****g with my mind and There Is No Escape everywhere I turn

there is something There to Remind me that she is watching me. like the other day on my kitchen counter I saw a hamburger rapper from Wendy’s just sitting there and the day after that I saw an empty cup from Windy’s my driveway. and to top it all off that same black slime everywhere. I kept on telling myself it’s only my imagination getting the best of me. it just seems so real and every time when I go to sleep I hear her voice.

Telling me come and play. Come and play with me we will have lots of fun together just like all the rest who had come before you I’m at this moment at my Wit’s End here. I’m at this moment afraid if I tell anyone it will show its face again like it had tried several times. Before I exactly can’t f*****g take it no more I at this

Moment can’t. the fear and paranoia is eating away at my mind like a parasite and I resorted to medicating myself to calm my nerves to help me sleep but nothing. Help nothing at all. I at this moment want this nightmare to end. I at this moment want this thing far from my life and far from me. It is just like a spider once it catches you and its web, there’s no way in hell that it’s going to let you go. And that’s all I am to this that’s all we are two this monster. We are just placing for it to toy with until it finally kills us.

However, I’m not going to let it have that satisfaction, I’m not going to let her get me not like it got John. so if anyone reads this. I just want you to know he’s out there hunting us. one by one I don’t know what it gets out of it food possibly pleasure.

Alternatively, the satisfaction of torturing the human mind. whatever the case may be I don’t want to find. because I know what she can do. she is just that smart she knows your move before you even make it so please be careful. And watch your back. Windy or whatever it is, is real and she will be coming. I’m pretty damn sure of it. So as I said before I’m not going to let her win. By taking me so I decided to kill myself. To show her I won and she lost. Not giving her the satisfaction of killing me. So I took a handful of pills. And they’re starting to take effect.

I’m getting sleepy now so this will be the last time you will hear from. So be safe and watch your back. Because she will probably be behind you at every given moment.

  • Brandon Barrett

    There was too many spelling and grammatical errors. Apart from the errors, the story was just awful.

  • teresa robinson

    I think this couldve been a great story if you slowed down, watched your grammatical errors, and didnt skip on details. The concept is frightening but the grammar makes it very difficult to read. Next time read your story out loud to yourself and youll catch your mistakes.