Windy from Hell – Part 10

As we left Jeff and Lana, they were frantically on their way to State Hospital find answers to who or what they’re dealing with.

Jeff: I honestly don’t know what we’re going to do or what we’re going to find, but I hope we do find are the right answers.

Lana: I know my love, I’m just as freaked out as you are right now and I hope we do find that answer.

Jeff and Lana set quietly in their car for a few minutes when Jeff switched on the car radio and the news broadcast came on.

The broadcaster: Breaking news, in the death of Officer Billy Sims, the coroner report stated; when they examine the body, they thought it was a simple accident gone wrong, but when they examined further, they noticed something strange. Officer Sims had no heart and they found black substances on his lips. It appeared that whatever happened or whoever did this somehow reached down his throat pull out his heart.

After hearing that, Jeff quickly turned off the radio and stopped on the side of the road where he immediately vomited out of fear and disgust. When he was done, he collected himself and started to drive once more to their location.

After a few miles driving, they finally made it to the hospital. So to avoid any accidents, they parked in an open parking lot full of witnesses and try to avoid any parking garages just to be careful. As they got out of the car, they headed inside the hospital to look for someone to help them and that’s where Lana had an idea.

Lana: Jeff, what if our answers lie in dr. Angela’s files? Maybe they have answers to our questions.

Jeff: I was thinking the same thing, but I don’t think they’re going to let just some random strangers look at a deceased doctors medical files.

Lana knew Jeff was right, but she also knew that they couldn’t just sit around and wait for this thing to come to find them and kill them just like Billy. So Lana had another idea.

Lana: I have an idea Jeff, but you may not like it.

Jeff: Whatever it is Lana. It probably can’t be as bad as what we are going through right now.

Lana: Well, what if you distracted the nurses and I find the file room, picked a lock and find the file, take it and we figure out what the f**k was we’re dealing with?

Jeff took a heavy breath for a second and run his hand through his hair before answering.

Jeff: Hell. Why not? We will probably be charged for the murder of Officer Billy, so why not add larceny to the list.

So Jeff took a deep breath and started to walk up to the nurse station to distract them. While Lana went to search for the file room.

Jeff: Excuse me, do any of you know what happened to dr. Angela or knew the person who found her body? I’m a true-crime podcast and I am looking to have an interview. Who’s the witness? Who found dr. Angela’s body?

While Jeff was distracting them, Lana finally picked a lock, snuck into the file room. She looked around what soon-to-be forever until she found what she was looking for. A big folder that was marked by the John Doe file. That was last signed off on by dr. Angela.

So Lana grabs the file, stuffed it in her jacket, and snuck out before she got caught. While she was making her act, Jeff met the man who found the body. The guy was skinny and tall. He carried himself like a man who hasn’t slept in years. And by the look of him, it appears that he never saw a razor either.

So Jeff reach to shake his hand to introduce himself.

Jeff: Hello there, Mister.

Nurse: Name is William. So you’re looking to do an interview with me, huh?

William looked at Jeff, ignoring his attempt to shake his hand.

Jeff: Yes, that’s right William. I would love to do an interview with you. Get your side of the story. What happened to dr. Angela?

William: Alright, but what I’m about to tell you is something I’ve never told the police because they wouldn’t believe me. Hell, I’m not sure if you would believe me, but I have to tell someone.

Jeff: Okay, first let’s go somewhere quiet just sit down.

William: Right.

William guided Jeff to the waiting room outside and made sure it was empty and they sat down. Poor William, he was dreading to tell the story, just by the look upon his face, almost on the verge of tears, and a mind that was about to break.

Jeff reached into his bag and pulled down a recorder and he switched it on.

Recording: This is Jeff– from murder drama podcast and I’m here interviewing William– so tell me William, in your own words, what exactly happened that night before you found the body of dr. Angela?

William: Well, I was going out on my smoke break like I usually do before I get another call on my pager. So I headed out to the parking garage. As I head out there to light up my cigarette, I swore I heard giggling. But this wasn’t ordinary child giggling, it sounded off… kind of demonic.

William started to run his hand through his hair, trying to choke back tears.

Jeff: Okay and then, what happened William?

William: After the giggling stop, I swore I heard a little girl’s voice saying, ‘come play with me,’ then after that I heard a blood-curdling scream followed by gurgling noises and I went to investigate. And when I got to where the screams came from, that’s where I saw the body of doctor Angela. She was almost unrecognizable. Her face was close to being bashed in, her limbs were contorted in twisted and ways a human’s body shouldn’t.

Jeff: Anything else you can tell me? And then I’ll let you go back to your work.

William: Well, there is one other thing I also didn’t tell the police. As I went to reach for my cell phone to call them, I looked up for a second and I could have sworn I saw a redheaded little girl with dark soulless eyes and it twisted smile on her face.

Upon hearing this, Jeff trying to choke back the big lump in his throat trying to not show any fear. The only thing that was running through his mind right now was, if we don’t find any answers soon, he and his girlfriend Lana will probably wind up with the same fate as dr. Angela.

Jeff finally came back to reality and shook Williams hand finally and thanked him for his cooperation.

Jeff: Thank you so much, I’m sure it was very difficult for you to come forward like that.

William: No problem man, I just needed to tell someone or else I will go insane.

Jeff picked up the recorder, turned it off, and stuck it back into his pocket, stood up went to go meet Lana.

Lana was back out in the parking lot, leaning next to the car as Jeff came out of the hospital started walking towards her.

Jeff: Did you get it?

Jeff asked.

Lana: I sure did sweetheart, and you won’t believe some of this s**t I have read in these finals already.

Jeff: And I don’t think you’re going to believe the weird f*****g interview I’ve had either.

So they got into their car. Lana started going through the files and Jeff tell Lana about his interview with William. Jeff played back the recording as long as Lana listen and after the reporting was over.

Lana was like a deer in the headlights. She was stunned for a few minutes before saying anything.

Lana: So what doctor Angela said wasn’t b******t. There is a monster.

Jeff: Apparently so.

Lana: If this thing really is a demon, I don’t know how we’re going to stop it.

Jeff: Wait a minute, didn’t you say there was a survivor attend face-to-face with whatever this is and survived.

Lana: Yes, they found a John Doe in his home nearly beaten to death and he was sent to this hospital for a while until he recovered well physically. Anyway it says, he was transferred to the mental ward downtown.

Jeff: Then I guess we are going downtown to find our answer even if our answer comes from a psychotic nutcase.

So Jeff starts up the car and pulled out the parking lot and onto the three-way. They started to head to the psych ward.

Lana: I’m hoping whoever this person, he knows how to stop this thing.

Jeff nodded his head in agreement.

Jeff: I really hope so too, and if not, well, I had to be negative, but we will be f****d if we don’t.

After he was done speaking, everything went quiet for just a moment until Lana turn down the radio to listen to some music to drown out negative thoughts that she was having.

All of a sudden the music was abruptly interrupted by another forecast.

Broadcaster: We interrupt this program to bring you more info on the accident of Officer Billy Sims. Police have done amount of research and found that the last people that Billy last spoken to were. Jeff Leonard and Lana Richards. Right now the police are hard at work to find the two for questioning but no word at this time.

Lana turned off the radio and put her head in her hands and began to cry and Jeff try to counsel her.

Jeff: Lana sweetie, it’ll be alright. As soon as we are done finding answers, we will go straight to the police and tell them our side of the story. They may not believe us, but that’s all we have until we get more proof.

Lana raised her head up to look at Jeff and she gently smiles at him and nods her head.

Lana: Okay babe, I trust you, or I wouldn’t be with you right now. This is our cross to carry together.

Lana gently grabbed his hand and squeezed it lightly. As they pulled into the parking lot of the psych ward, they pulled in and parked their car. They both sat there for a good minute before both took a deep breath and got out and started to head inside.

As they walked in, Jeff and Lana walked up to the front counter where they met a kind elderly woman welcoming them in.

Elderly woman: Hello there. How can I help you today?

Jeff: Yes we were wondering if you have a John Doe here. She was committed to this place about a few years ago due to an accident, leaving him in a psychotic state.

Elderly woman: Just one-moment, Sir.

The woman clicks on her computer and started running through some files and came across John Doe.

Elderly woman: Oh yes, he really is. Can I see what your business is with him?

Jeff: Yes. We are a True Crime podcast and we were wondering if we could try to get an interview with the man.

The woman’s smile quickly turned into a sad frown. She nodded her head and point down the hall.

Elderly woman: His room is right down the hall to your left. You can talk to him if you want, but I highly doubt you’ll get anything. She hasn’t spoken to anyone and quite a while after the incident in the hospital where he originally came from.

Jeff and Lana thanked the woman and proceeded down the hall to John Doe’s room. As they got to the door, they hesitated a little before entering, thinking that this might be a bad idea.

But Jeff proceeded to open the door and went inside. As they stepped in, they were greeted by silence and the smell of burning sage. And right there, by the window, sitting in a chair was a man just staring out the window while holding salt in a cross.

The silence was interrupted when Jeff began to speak to the man.

Jeff: Excuse me, Sir. We were wondering if you could possibly answer some questions regarding the death of dr. Angela.

After Jeff was done speaking, the man just sat there not saying a word. As he tightly clenched his cross, Lana chimed in with a question.

Lana: Sir, we were wondering if you could tell us something, who, or what is Windy.

After Lana was finished, it was quiet for just a moment until the man began to speak.

John Doe: She’s a demon. An Unholy hellspawn that only knows death, destruction, and torture.

Jeff: Can you tell us if it can be stopped, Sir?

The man started to laugh.


John Doe: I’m not sure that f*****g thing can be stopped. You know, she comes to see me in my dreams. I don’t know what she wants. I don’t know why she does it. She could have killed me just like everyone else, but she doesn’t kill me. She just plays her sick twisted games with me. I tried telling the doctors and the authorities, but they don’t believe me. No one believes me.

Jeff: Sir, up until now, I probably would have agreed with the doctors and authorities, but after what we have seen, we don’t think you’re crazy at all. We might just need your help.

John Doe: You need my help? That’s a f*****g laugh if you ask me. I went toe-to-toe with that monster. You think me helping you and save you from what I’ve seen her do?

Lana abruptly interrupted the man.

Lana: Please Sir, you’re the only one who knows what this thing is capable of, and you survived. I’m sure you can help us find a way to destroy it.

John Doe: Sweetheart, even if I did help you kill the thing, there will only be more to come forward. If that’s any dies, I’ve seen it’s Hideaway and it was making copies of itself.

Jeff and Lana’s had looks of disbelief on their face when Jeff started to speak up.

Jeff: What do you mean ‘copies of itself’?

John Doe: About a few years ago before my accident, if you want to f*****g call it last, I stumbled upon its nesting place an old abandoned restaurant deep in the woods I went to investigate. I made my way down to the basement, and that’s where I first saw a sacrificial altar, and that’s not all that I have seen. I went deeper into the belly of the beast and found my way to a door and went inside. And that’s where I saw the jars with those things inside. Hell, I swear one of them even winked at me. So yes, even if we do kill whatever this is, I’m sure they’ll be another one to take its place.

Upon hearing this, Jeff and Lana both nearly curse after hearing there is more than just one.

Jeff: S**t, you got to be f*****g kidding me, right?

The man shook his head and lifted up his shirt to reveal jagged scars on his side.

John Doe: Does this look like I’m kidding to you, Boy?

Jeff: Holy-s**t, you mean to tell me that thing did that to you?

John Doe: Well, I didn’t get it from bear wrestling, if that’s what you’re asking.

The man pulled down his shirt and stared back at the window for a moment just before speaking.

John Doe: Well, if you want to destroy this thing, you’re going to have to destroy its nest before you go after it. I can tell you where it is, but you have to destroy it. Investigating, no… exploring that for second place, go and set it on fire, or blow it up, whichever is more effective… just get in there, do what has to be done and leave.

Jeff and Lana nodded their heads an agreement. Then the man drew up a map where the place should be still.

Jeff: Are you sure you can’t just go with us, Sir?

John: Son, I am a registered psychopath. There’s no way they will allow me to leave, even with an e****t. So you’re on your own, but be careful, I saw what that thing is capable of and it won’t hesitate to kill you too.

Jeff: Thank you, Sir, and don’t worry, we will try to be safe and destroy Windy once and for all or die trying.

John Doe: You’re… very brave son. I don’t know if that is pride or stupidity, but I command it. So go out there until that b***h once and for all.

Jeff and Lana shut the man’s hand and laughed as they were headed outside to their car. Jeff saw something in the corner of his eye. He looks really quick to catch what he thought he saw. And standing right there on the sidewalk, was a little girl the blue dress and red matted hair and look as it appeared that she had blood stains all over her. Looking right at Jeff and Lana.

Jeff stared back at this supposed little girl and then began to speak, but not through speech, instead telepathically directly into both Jeff and Lana’s minds.

Windy: Somehow I knew you would come here to talk to my favorite plaything. Well, it might look like I found two more toys to play. With that being said, I’ll let you have your fun for now. And you can try to destroy me but I guarantee you will fail.

Just like a flash of light and was that warning, Windy tiered right behind him and gently whispered in his ear.

Windy: Besides, I’m having too much fun with you.

Then Windy playfully licked him behind is ear. Jeff had the time to react to face her, she was already gone. So Jeff grabbed Lana, got into the car, and started to head to the location where the old abandoned restaurant was to finish this or at least try.

Their whole lives depend on what happens next because next time they may not be so lucky when they face her again.

Second piece of art by Alexa