Willow Wisp

Hi. My name is Willow. I’m sure all of you have heard of Will ‘o Wisps, those little lights you see in the forest. Well I’m one of those. In some of the lore it is said that Will’o Wisps are the souls of dead children. I don’t know about other wisps but I’m one of those. This is my story.



“Willow! It’s time to come in!” Mother called from the doorway “Yes mother!” I called back as I trudged inside “Mother why can’t I go into the forest?” I asked for probably the thousandth time “Because it’s too big, you could get lost.” Mother replied, same as always “But mo-om I wanna explore!” I whined “No means no Willow now go wash up for dinner.” Mother said in her ‘Mom voice’ “yes mother.” I said as I sulked to the bathroom this is so unfair. It’s just some trees. What could hurt me? I thought as I washed my hands and face “How will they know?” I asked the empty room “They won’t.” I answered my own question Just a little walk then I’ll go back home. Father taught me how to navigate and I have my compass. I’ll go tomorrow. I thought as I walked to the dining room and sat down as usual. Little did I know that would be the last time I sat at that table…

The next day…

Today’s the day! I’m finally going into the woods. I wonder what it’ll be like! Remember to mark your way and only stay for a little while. I thought as I packed my bag with the essentials then threw a few toys on top to conceal the fact that I had camping supplies in my play bag. I hope the bag doesn’t catch on a branch and tear… I thought nervously as I tried to choke down my breakfast Just eat it Willow. You’ll need the nutrition. Besides, you love eggs! I thought as I drank some water then scarfed down the rest of my food. “I’m going out to play mother!” I called as I raced out to the backyard “Okay Willow! Just re-” I didn’t hear the rest of what she said because I had already rushed into the concealed spot I played in sometimes.  They’ll think you’re hiding in here I thought as I sneaked off into the woods excitedly and then just stared at everything… It was beautiful seeing it for the first time and I wasted no time in pulling out my sketchbook. But something made me stop dead in my tracks a growl I thought nervously a bear? A wolf? I only worried more as the growling got closer… It terrified my when it stopped. I stood perfectly still and breathed in quiet, slow breaths… The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I heard a branch break. Ever so slightly I turned my head to see what broke the branch and what I saw made me laugh. It was only a little dog! And it was trying to lead me somewhere so I followed it, forgetting to mark my path or even to remember the way because the dog seemed very urgent. Eventually we came to a small clearing and the dog bounded ahead. I lost sight of it in the grass and to this day I am skeptical on whether or not it was real… But I didn’t have much time to wonder because the clearing was so breathtaking. In the excitement of following the dog I forgot my bag at the edge of the woods of course. OF COURSE! I scolded myself then just let go of my worries and wandered the woods content… This was an amazing place… So peaceful… Little did I know that the small stones were the gravestones of other children that had wandered into the forest… I have no idea who buried them there… Maybe the dog. Idk. But it was actually getting dark I realized  oh no I thought as I saw the sun set and I realized that I was lost…  Stay calm and stay put. That’s what dad always says so instead of trying to find my way back home which would have resulted in me getting even more lost I just stayed put and waited. I had forgotten that I never told my parents where I was really going so when I remembered that I freaked out “Mother and father must be SO worried!” I cried then sat down and actually cried.. I cried for awhile. Then my stomach growled “Oh great and my food is in my bag… Maybe there’s some edible- Bad idea I don’t know what’s edible and what’ll kill me better just be hungry” I said.

To fast forward awhile I starved to death in the woods and they never found my body.

Present Day 2016

“Mommy I’m going into the backyard to play!” 8 year old girl Annie says before skipping out the backdoor and sitting in her little car and driving on her little road until she saw something or someone at the edge of the woods “Huh?” she said and got out of her car “Hello?” she calls to the figure “Hello!” The figure replies surprising Annie “Who are you?” Annie asks the figure who does NOT leave the forest “I’m Willow. Why don’t you come and play with me! I’m lonely all by myself.” Now Annie wasn’t dumb and she’d heard about several children going missing since 1942 so she was skeptical at first “How about you come here and play?” Annie asks and I look dissapointed “But I can’t…” I say looking very sad. That’s all it takes for Annie who ALWAYS falls for lies and ruses “Oh! Okay then I’ll come into the forest.” Annie says then runs over to me and I brighten the grab her hand and run into the forest “C’mon I wanna show you something!” I say as I drag her to the field I died in “Isn’t it pretty?” I ask as we arrive “Yeah! But… I don’t know if I should-” Annie starts then I cut her off “I need to show you something over here.” I say insistently then drag her over to a large hole “I need your help. Can you get my necklace? It fell in that hole and I can’t reach it.” I say. Then Annie notices how pale I am and the holes in my dress which is muddy and has something that looks a lot like blood. “Umm… No sorry I have to get home now Willow.” Annie says and I start to cry “But my mommy gave me that necklace!” I pout “SO SHE CAN GET YOU ANOTHER NECKLACE! NOW TAKE ME HOME THIS INSTANT!” Annie throws a tantrum and I burst into full out tears and sobs “My mommy’s dead!” I sob “O-oh… I’m sorry I’ll get you the necklace” Annie says guiltily and reaches into the hole. At which point I push her in and grab a shovel. “Mph!” Annie cries out as she hits the ground and I start shoveling dirt into the hole “What are you doing?!” she cries out “I’m making it so you’ll never leave me like mother and father.” I say and keep shovelling “What?!” Annie cries “Shh… Shh…” I say and fill the hole with dirt and watch it move as she struggles “Everything will be over soon enough… Then we can play forever and ever…” I say

Yeah I’m a pretty messed up kid. I know. Well that’s what I do. Adults can’t see me that’s why I bring kids to keep me company. Adults see the little blue light and occasionally hear a far off laugh. No more. Oh well. I have my friends to keep me company!