Why The Hell was Craig Pricked? – Part 2

When my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I was finally able to make out the features of the well we were thrown in. The walls were made of grey bricks which were too wet to climb. The ground was muddy as if the water from the well had just been drained out. The circumference of the well was so spacious you could play a game of baseball down there.

We had fallen a long way from the top, if I had to guess we were at least eight feet deep into the earth. The glare of the full moon allowed for me to see where Joseph and Nat had fallen.

Joseph was to my far right. He was lying face down and didn’t seem to be moving. That had me worried. Nat lay supine with what appeared to be a gash on his forehead and he was also motionless.

A few feet away from the hippie DJ was a small puddle. At first I thought it was blood streaming from Nat’s body but I then realized I was mistaken. It was black slime. I figured it was probably the source of the rancid smell that filled the well.

Within seconds of noticing the puddle, it began to froth. It was as if the black slime was boiling. My nerves jangled as I knew this couldn’t lead to anything good. And sure enough, the black guck started to erect like something was standing up from within it.

I could barely breathe as I saw a figure manifest from the slime. Its obese body was similar to that of a bear. Not only was this thing excessively corpulent but it was very tall as well. It stood at a height of at least seven feet. I could imagine it would have been very easy for this creature to climb out of the well.

Its wet black fur was completely enveloped by the black slime that continuously dripped to the ground. Even a wildlife dummy like myself knew that this thing was not normal because no animal should have as many heads as this creature had.

I was too petrified to count its many heads scattered from its belly up. My best guess would be ten heads or more were on this creature. All of them were tantamount to the head of a wolf. The heads’ milky white eyes were sunken deep into their skulls. Each head had a mouth replete with spike like teeth.

Its heads roared loud enough to make me piss myself a little. Since my body was numb with pain from the fall, it took great effort to get to my feet. But I had no way to run. The creature’s heads focused on me and howled again. It clenched its fists and covered the distance between us with one giant leap.

I could barely react as the beast punched me on the forehead. The strike sent me flying into the brick wall of the well and then to the ground. I collided with the wall with enough force to cause my plaster bandage to shatter like glass into a thousand pieces. After seeing stars for about ten seconds, I was able to discern the creature charging towards my fallen body but it stopped in its tracks when it heard the groaning of a waking up Joseph.

The beast turned towards him. Joseph was slowly getting up and rubbing the back of his head. His eyes broadened to the size of basket balls when he saw the habitant of the well we were thrown in.

Having seen Joseph in action before, I was expecting a little bit more than what he actually did. The creature took off in his direction and Joseph thought it best to try and negotiate with the monster.

“Now hold on just a minute. Is there no better way we can resolv-“ Joseph didn’t get a chance to say much more because the creature unleashed a round kick which even Jean-Claude Van Damme would have admired.

Great. As if having a plethora of perilous heads and tiger like claws wasn’t scary enough, this creature happened to also have karate down to a science.

The kick smacked Joseph on the face and sent him flying into the air like a thrown javelin. His body thumped into the wall and he plunged to the ground. Once again, Joseph lay inert. The creature raced over to him hoping to feast on his fallen body but some of the heads noticed Nat was now getting up.

The creature stopped as half of its heads wanted to go after Joseph and the other half had taken an interest in Nat. Finally the creature turned and rushed towards Nat who was now standing and staring at the beast in frozen fear. The monster lifted both its feet in the air and double kicked Nat in the chest. As soon as he hit the ground, the monster jumped on top of him. Its python sized arms held down Nat’s hands as the heads went to town on his intestines.

The dagger sized teeth of the heads ravenously tore through Nat’s stomach. Blood sprinkled all over the well as Nat screamed in agony. He eventually went silent and his head tilted to the side and faced me.

I could see no life in his unblinking eyes and my body shook like a leaf as I expected to be in his situation momentarily. The sound of bones cracking, flesh tearing and plashing blood, filled the well as the beast devoured. But above all that noise the sound of my beating heart was triumphant in being the loudest.

Not all of the creatures’ heads were feasting on Nat. Only four or five of the heads were enjoying that privilege. Some of the heads were facing Joseph’s static body and urging the body to go in that direction. The other heads were staring the opposite way and encouraging the body to come after poor old me. Unfortunately for me, the heads looking at me, won over the body. The creature roared and blitzed in my direction.

By this point I was standing with my back on the wall holding the back of my head. The creature’s claws gripped my throat and yanked me from the wall. It body slammed me to the ground and my head felt like it was going to pop like a pimple. My vision was hazy as I lay on the ground and watched the creature get on top of me. One of its arms held down my left hand but when the monster touched my glowing right hand, it met its demise.

I could feel Bathym’s power moving out of my arm and attacking the creature. All of the monster’s heads shrieked like a pack of foxes before the creature exploded leaving behind a shallow pool of black slime all over the well.

After a good five minutes of lying in the mud and slime, I finally stood up. My hand was no longer green. It had taken all of Bathym’s power to kill the monster. I noticed Joseph was also coming out of his involuntary sleep.

“What happened? Did I- did I get him?” he asked as he stood up with his body leaning against the wall.

“What the hell was that thing?” I asked him a question of my own as I rubbed my bruised neck.

Joseph took in a couple of deep breaths and said, “I don’t know. But as a religious man, I think that was… Big Foot.”

I stared grimly at him to see if he was serious. He began laughing and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

I placed my hands on my knees and looked at the eviscerated body of Nat. I fought back the urge to throw up. The man had been reduced to slacks of bones and blood.

Joseph followed my eyes and saw the hitch hacker’s remains. “Oh no!” he said as he ran over and knelt next to the disemboweled body. “Why does it always have to be the good ones? Why Lord? Why? It’s my fault! I should have never given him a ride! Oh dear Lord you should have taken me instead.”

I was also very sad with the passing of Nat but I was more concerned about how we were to get out of the well. I placed a hand on Joseph’s shoulder and told him of this predicament.

“Don’t worry about us, roomie. We will be fine, I trust my lucky pants. It’s Nat we have to worry about. Will he go to heaven or hell? Did you live a righteous life, my brother?” Joseph asked as he looked down at Nat’s unblinking eyes.

That was when I truly felt hopeless. Not only was I stuck in a deep well with no food or water but I was stuck in a deep well with no food and water in the company of a dumbass. I couldn’t see how his stupid pants were going to help us out of the well.

But I soon realized I may have been the dumbass for not trusting Joseph’s lucky pants because twenty seconds after he said we will be fine, a rope dangled down from above. I told Joseph about the rope and he prided himself on being right about his pants. I was a bit skeptical on who our savior could be because no one looked down the well and checked if we were alive or communicated with us in any way from above.

But I knew better than to look a gift horse in the mouth, so I was the first to climb up the rope. My right hand might have been free from the cast and Bathym’s power but it was still fairly painful so it was quite a challenge for me to get to the top. When I eventually got topside, I was stunned on who our rescuer was. I waited for Joseph to climb out of the well so that he could confirm what I was seeing because I could have been going crazy.

However, when Joseph climbed out, he saw exactly what I saw.

We had been saved by a bull. A big, fat, brown bull with long sharp grey horns. It had the other side of the rope in its mouth and was staring blankly at us. I looked at Joseph hoping for an explanation but he just shrugged and said thanks to the bull.

“Wh-What the hell?!” I asked him.

“His probably a tracker, just helping out his fellow brethren,” Joseph said as he saluted the bull.

One of the things I had learnt ever since I became involved with this strange world of demon tracking was not to think too much on certain things. This was definitely one of them. So I decided not to ponder too much on the bull. I turned to Joseph and asked him what we should do about the nuns.

“Oh, we need to exorcise them of course,” he replied.

We could hear the nuns screaming and whistling in the farm house where they seemed to be having party. Music was blasting loudly from inside the house. Glasses breaking, loud laughter and chants of ‘chug chug chug’ were unmistakable noises of the nuns having a good time.

“We don’t have any weapons. How are we going to fight them? I counted at least twenty nuns in that bus,” I explained to Joseph.

He placed his hand on his chin as he appeared to cogitate on what I had told him. I was preparing myself to punch him if he said anything about his damn lucky pants. However, the bull then let out a long string of cow dung which piled up on the ground.

Joseph’s eyes lightened up and he said, “Well there you go. We will use the cow dung.”

“What?! That is b******t!”

“Exactly,” Joseph replied.

“No, I mean that idea is insane and ridiculous.”

“Don’t you see, this is no ordinary bull. It’s a demon tracker just like us. The bull stands against evil. That is why it saved us from the well and now it’s offering us tools to use against those nuns. Don’t you see?”

To a great extent everything Joseph said sounded loony but I couldn’t help but think he had a point. I had already seen a lot of demon trackers using weird methods to exorcise demons so I assumed this was the bull’s style.

“I am telling you, this is going to work. I will go around back and cut the power. As soon as that happens, that is your signal to move in from the front and we ambush these damn nuns,” Joseph said as he scooped up two handfuls of the cow dung and thrust them into his pockets.

He ran round the house and I reluctantly took my handfuls of our new weapons. The bull just watched us as it chewed on the rope in its mouth.

I crouched down on the front door of the house and waited for Joseph to make his move. After a few minutes, I noticed the lights go out in the house. Before I could storm through the door, I realized something. It went dead silent inside the house. There were no complaining remarks or groans that people usually make when something like this happens at a party.

Not wanting to ruin our surprise attack, I shrugged off the thought and charged into the house. My eyes had already been accustomed to the darkness so I had no problem making out the features of the house’s interior. The house barely had any furniture. The few tables, chairs, paintings and sofas it had were pitiable and covered with dust. Cob webs also draped half of this furniture, rats scampered around the wooden floor which was strewn with heaps of empty beer bottles and cockroaches loitered along the walls.

I ran into the lounge only to find one nun in there, the head nun. She was kneeling in front of a lit fire place with her back towards me. She was muttering something under her breath. My mind was too preoccupied with where the rest of the nuns had gone, for me to try and decipher what the head nun was saying.

“We underestimated you,” the head nun finally spoke aloud in that terrifying childlike robotic voice.

“Most people make that mistake,” I smugly replied.

She started laughing and as she did, I noticed shadows moving all around me. I quaked in my boots as I also heard whispers murmur from the dark corners of the lounge. The head nun kneeling by the fireplace began rising. Her body kept surging up as her bones snapped and popped like popcorn until her head reached the roof. Her head rotated like an owl emanating a loud crunching sound until her sweep black eyes stared down at me. Surprisingly the rest of her body didn’t turn with her head.

Joseph then ran into the lounge. He tossed a handful of the cow dung at the nun and remarked, “Out demon, out.” Some of the stool hit the nun on the face and was dangerously close to her mouth.

“Eeeww, what is this? S**t! Wait, s**t? What is wrong with you guys?” the shocked nun said in disgust.

“You took our weapons so we had to compromise. But you will find our new armor just as effective. Wait until its power kicks in,” Joseph said as he threw another handful of the cow dung at the nun.

The head nun rotated the rest of her giant body and removed the dung from her face and robe. She held it in her hands and waited for a few seconds to see if anything will happen. The look on her face told me she was genuinely concerned the cow dung will do something to her.

But nothing happened.

“Uhm roomie, throw some more holy s**t at her, I am all out!” Joseph yelled.

I threw both my handfuls of cow dung at the nun and they hit her on the chest. (Fun fact, this is not the last time Joseph made me do something completely ridiculous). The nun threw down the stool from her hands and screamed, “Stop throwing feces at me! That’s it! Attack them sisters!”

A loud cacophony of whistles erupted from all around me and the rest of the nuns emerged from nearly every direction. With no weapons and severely outnumbered, we stood no chance. I was held down to the floor by a number of nuns. One of them was already leaning down to bite me, when I heard glass breaking and the attention of all the nuns was drawn to the huge bull that stormed in through the window.

Its hooves and horns were now glowing light green. It charged and smacked three of the nuns holding me down with the side of its horns. White flames lit up in the nun’s eyes and they buffed out black slime. The bull lifted one of the nuns into the air with its horns and kicked her with its hind legs. The nun flew into the group of nuns holding down Joseph. The bull exhaled letting out a shower of colorless liquid from its nose to the nuns now piled up on the floor. I thought it was just mucus but realized it was something more when it made the fallen nuns barf out black slime and collapse.

As soon as I was free from the grasp of the nuns, I got up and raced to the bags I saw on a table in the dinning room. The bags with our weapons had been carelessly thrown on the dinning room table probably because the nuns didn’t expect to see us again.

I retrieved the wooden crucifix Rebecca gave me and my revolver that I was now more used to shooting thanks to a couple of lessons I had with Joseph a few days ago. I had also learnt from Joseph that the revolver is called a Colt diamondback. Its bright silver color stuck out from the darkness of the house like a sore thumb.

I ran back into the lounge only to find the bull had exorcised most of the nuns with its horns and… holy mucus? Joseph was employing his wrestling skills again to fight off the remaining nuns. A nun sped out from nowhere and tackled me to the ground. She choked me with both her hands and my vision was quickly tunneling to the size of a peanut before I whacked the side of her head with my crucifix.

She fell off me and I fired two rubber bullets into her stomach. When I got up, I noticed the giant head nun was the only one remaining. She had been nothing but a spectator as we fought off her sister nuns.

The bull assailed towards her with cheetah like speed. The nun used her colossal hand to back slap the bull and it flew out of the lounge through the smashed window it came in through.

I fired two rounds into the head nuns’ stomach and she shrieked. Her height waned to her normal size. I tried to shoot at her some more, but she moved like lightning towards me and landed an elbow on my temple which sent me tumbling to the floor. I dropped both my crucifix and revolver.

Joseph jumped on the head nun’s back and stuffed cow dung in her mouth. I think he had picked up some of the dung he had initially thrown at her. I am not sure he had realized that the stuff just wasn’t working.

Muffled screams of disgust and anger emanated from the head nun and she threw Joseph off her back. She kicked him in the ribs and he rolled into a wall across the room. The nun spat out the ordure from her mouth and marched towards Joseph. She placed her right foot on his neck and held up her hand with long sharp nails.

“Before you die, I just wanted you to know, your zipper was open this whole time,” she laughed.

She was just about to cut into Joseph with her nails when I dashed for my revolver and fired two bullets into her back. White flames burned in her eyes and black slime poured out of her mouth. She then fell to the floor.

“He knows, they are his lucky pants,” I said. I don’t know why I said that after the nun passed out, she obviously didn’t hear me.

I had not realized how much time we had spent in the well because when this whole flurry was over, it dawned on me it was now 4 AM Neither of us felt sleepy so we agreed to bath and continue we our journey. We didn’t want to spend a second longer in that creepy farm house.

When I recovered my phone, I wanted to call Craig and my parents but there was no signal. However, I found over fifty missed calls from Rebecca. All calls were made the previous day probably when we were being drugged and kidnapped by the nuns. I figured she just missed me so I made a mental note to call her as soon as I get signal. I also realized I had received one long text message from her. I decided I will read the message later.

Joseph then told me that we need to get going because we are probably far from the highway. He also said we have to walk because the nuns had slashed all the tires of the bus we came with. Joseph admitted that he has no idea where exactly the highway is, and since there was no other form of residence in sight, we just had to walk down the dirt road following the bus’s tire tracks.

I suggested that we seal up the well with chains and metal like it was before. This was to make sure if that Kung Fu Panda demon is not dead, it’s a least buried down there with Nat’s body.

When we were walking away from the farm house, we noticed the bull standing in the middle of the dirt road. Joseph proposed that we ride the bull. I was reluctant. I didn’t trust anymore of Joseph’s suggestions after the cow dung incident, so I refused. But the bull didn’t seem to mind as Joseph climbed on its back and rode it down the road.

After a couple of miles, I got tired and joined Joseph on the bull’s back. We were moving very slowly and I knew it was going to take a long time for us to get back to the highway. So I decided it was good time for me to read Rebecca’s long text message.