Why I’m Still Stalking Her

I don’t know when I’ll stop. She’s catching on to me though, she’s getting smarter and she’s avoiding me. I’m not happy with this. I gotta keep my distance.

I learned so many things about her. I know things her own family wouldn’t know. I’ve grown around her. I’m changing for her. I know every last song on her playlist. I know every food she’s had and each thing that makes her crave it. I know which outfits she’s likely to wear and why. I’m becoming a pro at figuring out which mood she’ll jump to or be in. You can say that I’m studying her.

Some may ask,”How did you find a liking to her?” My answer is that it happened when we met in second grade. I was the first to walk her into her new class in her new school in this new neighborhood. I was her first friend. She was my first happiness. We did everything together, she made me want to come to school. Of course, with any friendship, it came to an end after she moved again. Luckily I stayed long enough to reunite with her in fifth grade. She matured. She caught my eye so quick. The funny thing is she didn’t recognize me. So I didn’t want to seem like a creep, as if I waited for this moment, so I watched her from a distance.

“How much of a distance?” Well… I live in the same apartment complex as her. I can watch her take her dog outside, take the trash down, and get into the car with her mother and sister. We still go to school together, but we have different classes. She’s been going to school by being dropped off lately. I can’t watch her at the bus stop, nor in the bus. As soon as she gets home I sit in the dining area at my house and watch her through her home windows. Her dog, Sheba, seems to have noticed me watching their house. Her play husband has noticed me watching her at school, but he doesn’t say much, probably for the best. He purposely plays with her hair, body, and emotions to make me jealous. It’s like he knows my game plan. That guy must be rubbing his “perfect bond” with her in my face. He’s moving this year, so I’ll get closer to her next year.

“What do you admire?” I love her sensitive, light caramel skin. Her perfect curvy body. Her contagious laugh. Her personality. Overall just her. I want her so bad. I crave her, I just want to…I can’t explain it. I lose myself watching her. I think of all the love I could give her. How I could satisfy that beautiful body of hers. Every last freaky thing on her to-do list. Her crazy hot kinks. She’s so willing to do crazy stuff, it makes you wonder how she’s a virgin.

“Do you talk to her?” I used to. She had a PlayStation before she got in trouble. She posted her gamertag on her Snapchat story. I added her, she definitely had no clue of who I was, but she wanted to get her friends list up a bit. She would always tell me how she’s lucky she met me, music to my heart. We would always play Rainbow Six Siege, GTA, CODBO3, and by we I mean her, her guy friends, and I. It wasn’t a frequent thing for me to join her and HER friends. She met a guy while we were in a party and a group of us were playing H1Z1. I tried talking to her more but it was too late. She started calling that c**t Justin her boyfriend. She knows he’s a catfish, but she just choses to play along like she doesn’t know. Sooner or later they’ll break up. They started dating in August.

“How’s the relationship between you two?” It’s one-sided. She doesn’t talk to me a lot. Sometimes we chat on Snap. I watch her story a lot. She barely mentions Justin so I’m guessing they’re fading. At school it seems like she’s recognizing my voice day by day. I stare at her often, she thinks it’s a joke, she stares back at me for a while then resumes her assignments. I love doing this. We only have algebra, ELA, and science together. We both have advanced classes and those contain extremely long class discussions. That’s how I figured out her goals in life.

“What about her life?” What about it? It doesn’t concern you. Soon it’ll be our life, her and I. Maybe our kids too. I overheard her talking about all these future baby names for her future sons and daughters. I really like 3/10 names. Malachi, Adondé, and Marcus. The other were Mordecai, Monté, Claude, Maurice, Timothy, Damien, and Claudine(the only female name). It’s obvious she wants sons, I’d be happy to provide anything for her.

“Do you think she’ll ever fall for you?” Eh, maybe. If I hang around her around the perfect times, then yes. She might get addicted to my company. I could possibly change her mindset on me. Instead of me forcing her onto me, I could get her to force me onto her. This could take a while to achieve of course, but I’m so ready to get her into my life. Even if I have to follow her after high school, into college, and into her new life.

She’s everything to me. I messed up my good reputation with her by stealing her house key back in 7th grade. I only did it to have it for her when she needed it, good way to be a life saver in her eyes. She said thanks, but she did that thing with her eyes. I could tell she was freaked out. She’s avoiding me. She can’t fully avoid me though, right??? She won’t find my hiding spots. I’ve seen so much of her that I won’t forget. That’s why I’m still watching her. Getting closer than before. Because I want her in my life forever. It’s funny because we have spring break this week and I see her picking out clothes for the bath she’s gonna take… can’t wait. I know for a fact that I’m not gonna quit out now.

  • Tristan Seaburg-Sweat

    Hope theirs a part 2

  • Sarah

    Not bad, I kinda liked it