When Life’s Lost Its Purpose

Now you’re all thinking that this is another fake story meant to scare you or your probably thinking I’m insane which even my dad thinks I am. Now so it wouldn’t surprise me if you didn’t. But before I continue you must first understand that my mother died when I was born. So my dad is a single parent. I’ll explain why this is important in a minute. Now that you understand this my story will make more sense of my problem.

So let me begin with how this all started. It was a nightmare slowly turning to reality. I’ve always had this dream where me and my brother were swinging outside, everything bright sunny and peaceful. You’d see an ice-cream truck and chase after it kinda deal. But the point is this dream feels so real. So you’re thinking how’s this scary its boring. But please stay and listen.

Every time a dream like this happened I’d catch a glimpse of a dead woman staring at me. Each time in my dreams she got closer and closer each time she did she became more sinister looking. I’d always break up in a sweat. So I went to see a therapist about it and she came to the conclusion I was depressed.

One day I went in for a check up with her and that day. I wish I hadn’t because when I entered something was off. A weird odor almost gagged me. I looked up and saw her. The dead woman. Her bones cracked slowly and each step she took the more bones I heard snap. I was scared when she said to me, “Hello,my boy.” I screamed and hit her with my book and she was gone. I looked to the floor as the nurse screamed at me and yelled, “What the hell!”

It’s been a year after that day. I’ve been locked up in an asylum for a long time days felt like years and she still haunts me. I managed to get on this computer to type this in. But it’s too late. She’s right behind me…


  • Stephanie Reynolds

    Poorly written and boring. There could have been a good story in there if it had been developed.

  • Rose Granger

    I was looking forward to a good story and this story really disappointed me